Get your refund on a prepaid card!
We've partnered with the best in the business so you can get your refund on a new VisaŽ Prepaid Card
  • No credit check
  • Use your refund to get cash at VisaŽ ATMs worldwide
  • Make purchases wherever the VisaŽ Prepaid Card is accepted
  • Pay for your return after you receive your refund
With your new VisaŽ Prepaid Card, you'll get these great benefits at no additional charge:
  • Online bill payment
  • Direct deposit
  • Card-to-card transfers
Getting your refund on a VisaŽ Prepaid Card is convenient and valuable:
  • It's separate from your bank account
  • You can reload the card with direct deposit from your employer or benefits program
  • You can reload the card at thousands of cash load locations
To get your refund on a new VisaŽ Prepaid Card, just choose 'Debit Card' when asked how you want your refund.

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