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4 smart money moves to make before adopting a dog
Pet ownership has many benefits but pets can be expensive. Before you fall in love with an adorable little puppy, you need to be financially prepared. Here are some smart money moves to make before adopting a dog.
Best places to sell your stuff online for extra cash
Have stuff you want to get off your hands? Don’t throw it away, get paid for it. With the help of a few sites/apps, you can declutter and make some extra cash. Our top picks don’t even require you to do any face to face meetups so there’s no stranger danger involved.
How to get good deals on wine
Nobody loves wine more than millennials do. It’s reported that they consume almost half of all wine in the United States. Drinking can be an expensive habit if you do it often enough. Fortunately, there are tricks thirsty millennials can use to save money on wine purchases.
America’s most bizarre tourist attractions
When you go on vacation, you don’t always want to do the typical sightseeing tours. Fortunately, America is full of strange attractions for those who prefer something more offbeat. Here are some bizarre places that will leave you with an interesting story to tell.
4 fitness apps that pay you to get in shape
Struggling to lose weight? Get paid to get in shape. Studies show that people have better weight loss success when there’s a financial incentive involved. If you’re ready to shed a few pounds and earn some extra cash, these are the apps you need to download.
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