June 2018 Newsletter

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Now is a good time to plan for next year’s taxes
Not too many people want to hear about taxes once April’s over. But there’s a good reason to get a jump start on planning for next year. Many of the tax rules have changed and some money-saving maneuvers that have worked in the past, may no longer work. It’s still possible to ease your tax burden and avoid stress.
10 human foods that are poisonous to pets
One of the most important aspects of caring for your pet is knowing what’s safe for them to eat. Typically, you want to stick to foods and treats found in stores like Petco or PetSmart. Feeding your pet certain human foods can result in serious illness or death.
How to get the most money for your trade-in
After months of scrimping and saving, you can finally afford to buy a new car. There’s just one problem, how are you going to get rid of the one you already have? To ensure you get the most money for your trade-in, here’s what you need to do.
4 steps anyone can take to become rich
There are approximately 11 million millionaires in America and you can join the list. Our strategy doesn’t involve winning the lottery or marrying into money either. Anyone can build long-term wealth if they practice good financial habits.
Quick fixes for common household problems
Even if you buy the most flawless house you can find, at some point repairs are going to be inevitable. Whether it’s a dead doorbell or creaky floorboard, something’s bound to fall apart due to normal use. Many home improvement projects are things you can DIY fairly easily.
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