March 2019 Newsletter

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Tax Facts and Money Matters
March 2019
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What Tax Deductions Are No Longer Available?
Thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, you can expect big changes when you file your tax return. The standard deduction has been increased and some itemized deductions have been eliminated or reduced.

Need cash in a hurry? Don’t borrow this way.

Some people have no choice but to borrow money. However, not all loans are created equal. There are some that will have your wallet begging for mercy.
Tax Tips for Single Parents
Filing taxes requires planning as a single parent. You want to avoid any mix-ups about who’s claiming the kids and take advantage of beneficial tax breaks that can lower your bottom line.
How to Save Money When Ordering Takeout
When that craving for pizza, tacos or Chinese hits, it’s hard to say no. While indulging occasionally won’t ruin your budget, ordering out multiple times a week will.
8 Secrets for Booking Cheap Flights
More than 2.6 million people fly in and out of U.S. airports daily and we want you to be one of them. Here are some strategies you can use to save some travel money.
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