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Tax Facts and Money Matters
October 2019
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6 Red Flags That Will Trigger an IRS Audit
IRS audits rarely happen. Out of the 196 million returns that were filed last year, 0.5% were audited. The best way to stay out of trouble is to learn the red flags.
25 Interesting Tax Facts from the U.S. and Abroad
There are many strange things that have gone down in tax history. We’ve collected a list of interesting tax facts for your enjoyment.
How to Avoid the Most-Hated Airline Fees
In 2018, U.S. airlines raked in nearly $5 billion from baggage fees alone. Don’t let annoying fees ruin your travel budget, use our tips to avoid them.
4 Ways to Pay off Your Mortgage Early
There are strategies you can use to speed up the mortgage payment process and save on interest. If you’re ready to own your home free and clear, here are the best ways to pay your mortgage faster.
5 Tips for Paying Your Bills on Time
Making late payments can damage your credit score and raise your interest rates. You need to find ways to do better and we have some tips that can help.
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