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  1. The word “tax” originates from the Latin verb taxare meaning to “estimate, evaluate, appraise and assess.” Sin Tax
  2. A “sin tax” is levied on goods considered harmful such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, soda, coffee and gambling.
  3. There once was a “crack tax” imposed on illegal drugs in Tennessee.
  4. Some states tax candy unless it contains flour so Kit Kat lovers are safe.
  5. In California, food from a vending machine costs an extra 33 percent in taxes.
  6. Double amputees in Oregon are eligible for a $50 tax credit.
  7. If you own a TV in England, you pay an annual television tax but if you’re blind you’ll only need to pay half.
  8. Citizens of the Cayman Islands do not pay income taxes.
  9. In New Mexico, non-dependent centenarians are exempt from filing and paying income taxes.
  10. The Whistleblower Informant Award is money paid to people who inform the IRS of persons who fail to pay taxes.
  11. In 1696, King William III of England imposed a tax on windows that lasted 156 years. Window Tax
  12. In 1882, there was a vote in Maine to “tax blueberry lands based on its value and income.”
  13. New York has a sliced bagel tax. An uncut bagel is tax exempt but any preparation subjects it to be taxed.
  14. In Alaska, there is a whaling captain deduction even though whaling in the U.S. is illegal.
  15. If you feel the desire for body art, piercings or laser hair removal don’t go to Arkansas or you’ll get taxed.
  16. There was a Playing Card Tax in Alabama for anyone who purchased or sold a deck of cards.
  17. Buying something from a vending machine in Pennsylvania? You may be subjected to their state tax on air.
  18. Kansas imposes a tax on tethered hot air balloon rides. Un-tethered rides are considered tax exempt transportation.
  19. Liquor-filled candies do not qualify as food in Colorado so there is no exemption for this sweet buzz.
  20. Texas’ tax-free weekend will not get you a break on a belt with a buckle. That accessory item is taxable. Texas Belt Buckles
  21. Roman emperor Vespasian imposed a urine tax on the distribution of urine from its public urinals.
  22. In Texas, there was a $5-per-customer “pole tax” to be enforced by strip club owners who serve alcohol.
  23. In Maine, a non-resident can buy a watercraft exempt from sales tax as long as the craft leaves the state immediately.
  24. In NY, haunted houses are subject to sales tax. However, ghosts are eligible for various exemptions.
  25. Utah has a Sexually Explicit Business Tax that is applied on everything from admission to drinks at strip clubs.
  26. In the state of Virginia there’s an excise tax for every sheep or lamb that’s sold. Happy Lamb
  27. Need to move dirt around in New Hampshire? The excavation tax will cost you $0.02 per cubic yard.
  28. In South Carolina, you can get a $50 tax credit for donating a deer carcass to charity.
  29. Moving to Alabama? You’ll pay a Confederate Veterans Tax even though all Civil War veterans are long dead.
  30. Louisiana has an annual Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday that exempts eligible purchases of firearms and ammunition.
  31. In Arizona, blocks of ice are taxable but ice cubes are considered a tax-free food.