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Smartphone. Tablet. Desktop.

We’re mobile friendly and make doing taxes convenient, easy and secure. Start on any device – Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop – whenever, wherever it’s convenient for you.

Get interrupted or need more information to finish? No problem. Your work automatically saves when you leave. Log back on any device and continue where you left off. No hassle. No stress.

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FREE phone support.

It’s no fun calling customer service, navigating automated menus with robotic voices, listening to lousy music and waiting on hold for an agent whose first language is not English.

That’s why we ask you to tell us what you want, we confirm your phone number, we research your history, and we call you personally with the answers you need. No frustration, no waiting on hold. It’s one more way ezTaxReturn makes doing your taxes fast and easy.

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Biggest possible refund, guaranteed.

Want to lower your taxes and increase your refund? We help you take advantage of deductions and credits you may otherwise forget. Not a great record keeper? No worries. Our step-by-step guidance asks about life events and prods you for forgotten expenses.

Bottom line, you’ll get an equal or bigger federal refund than you’ll get from any other program or professional tax preparer. We guarantee it.

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Ready. Set. Go.

Sometimes the hardest part of preparing your return is knowing where to begin. Other programs ask you what forms you need and what types of income and expenses you have before deciding which program you need.

With ezTaxReturn, there are no confusing program choices. Just create an account, start your return, and let us guide you. We won’t confuse you, and we won’t charge extra for the forms you need to get the biggest possible refund.

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Better. Faster. Cheaper.

It’s true. With ezTaxReturn you get more features and benefits and a faster, easier tax filing experience, all while paying less than for other online tax programs.

What’s more, there’s no upsell and no bait-and-switch like you see in competitive programs that lure you in with FREE promises.

Instead we offer honest, upfront pricing and a Best Value Guarantee!

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No forms. No math.
No tax jargon.

If you’re like most Americans, ezTaxReturn is likely the quickest and easiest way to do your taxes. There’s no math, no forms, no stress and no tax experience needed to do your taxes in about 30 minutes.

You get step-by-step guidance, expert help to find deductions and credits, and guaranteed 100% accurate calculations.

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