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Even if you buy the most flawless house you can find, at some point repairs are going to be inevitable.  Whether it’s a dead doorbell or creaky floorboard, something’s bound to fall apart due to normal daily use.  Fortunately, many of the home improvement projects you’ll face are things you can DIY fairly easily.  Here are some quick fixes for common household problems.


Problem #1:  Slow-draining sinks

Sink draining slow as molasses?  Grab a box of baking soda and a bottle of vinegar.  Dump a ½ cup of baking soda down the drain followed by a ½ cup of vinegar.  Give it a few minutes to foam up and do its thing.  Then wash it down with some hot water.


Problem #2:  Squeaky doors

Normally, when doors start squeaking people run for a bottle of WD-40.  However, there are other household items you can use to get the job done.  For instance, petroleum jelly, cooking oil or a bar of soap.  Simply, remove the hinge pin from the door, coat it in the lubricant of your choice and slide it back in.


Problem #3:  Ants are taking over everything

As the temperature begins to rise, its not uncommon for ants to start making their way into your home.  An easy way to keep them away is to spray lemon juice or clove oil around windows, doorways and any other suspected entryways.


Problem #4:  Stinky garbage disposal

If you’ve scrubbed your sink a million times and still can’t get rid of that rotten smell, your garbage disposal is probably to blame.  First, you need to get rid of any gunk that may be trapped in there.  To do so, throw a large cup of ice and a ½ cup of kosher salt into the disposal.  Then turn on the blades.  Both items will work together to dislodge the residue.  To ensure the funk stays away, grind up pieces of lemon, orange or grapefruit in the garbage disposal.  These natural deodorizers will keep your home smelling fresh.


Problem #5:  Washing machine shakes or moves

Having your washing machine drift across the room during the spin cycle is a sign that the legs may need to be leveled.  Peek under the machine to see if it’s standing firmly on all four legs.  If it’s not, you’ll need to adjust the legs accordingly.  In most cases, the legs can be turned by hand.


Problem #6:  Doorbell button doesn’t work

Usually when you come across doorbell issues, it’s the push button that’s died on you.  Fortunately, it’s not that complicated to fix and the low-voltage wires means you won’t electrocute yourself.  Begin by removing the screws holding the doorbell in place.  Disconnect the wires and touch them together.  If the doorbell rings, the push button is the problem and you can swap it out with a new one.


Problem #7:  Toilet has a weak flush

There are a few reasons why a toilet won’t flush properly.  The most obvious being it’s clogged.  Items like baby wipes, face wipes and sanitary napkins say “flushable” on the label but are known to cause plumbing issues.  Play it safe and throw them in the trash after each use.  Typically, you can clear a clogged toilet by using a plunger or toilet auger.  Another reason for a weak flush is the water level in the tank being too low.  Check to see if it’s set to the manufacturer’s water line.  If not, raise the fill valve to the proper height which is approximately ½ inch from the top of the overflow tube.  The final culprit behind a weak flush is the flapper.  If the flapper closes too quickly, you need to adjust the chain so there’s minimal slack (¼ to ½ inch).


Problem #8:  Creaking floorboards

Squeaky floors driving you crazy?  You can fix this common household problem by locating the noisy boards and sprinkling baby powder on it.  Pour enough so that it gets into every nook and cranny.  This will lubricate the boards and stop the annoying sounds.