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7/24/2021 by Jeanne Rosenberg

It was very easy to file taxes with you. So easy to follow the instructions.

7/19/2021 by Bryan,R.

My Sister has been doing My Taxes for a couple of Years now with your Service...Very Professional guidance throughout this the whole process and set up...Thank You...

7/19/2021 by Mark A Dobuzinsky

I have been using your service for many years and have always been treated excellent. Your company is always there and makes sure you get it right. No hassles just facts and refunds. Thanks

7/6/2021 by Julie Miller

Excellent very best very easy no much cost this is outstanding keep using

7/4/2021 by Catherine C. Comer

Takes the hassle away. Very satisfied user.

7/3/2021 by Tammy therriault

You are so awsome thank you

6/28/2021 by K. L

My experience was exceptional

6/22/2021 by Kelly

Very easy to use

6/21/2021 by Crispin Barron

This was the first time using eztax, and, while skeptical, it was most convenient! Not to mention EZ! The wait was a bit uncomfortable, no fault of EZ though. I have received my return, and all is well. Thank you!

6/21/2021 by Chermaine Oglesby

This is the second time I've used this company to file my taxes and it is truly the easiest way to file. If I could type in my own rating, I would give 10 out of 5 stars!

6/20/2021 by Alan S.

Top notch...Prent was outstanding to work with!

6/18/2021 by Doug Nunnery

Very easy and quick process.

6/16/2021 by William Adams

Very easy and intuitive.. Make tax day much more bearable. The software does all of the work and eliminates the need to be a legal scholar for defining tax code.

6/13/2021 by charmaine

Professional and to the point also most secure. Thank You

6/11/2021 by Linn

Your the best. Very helpful

6/11/2021 by James langan

Amazing l0ve easy tax return

6/10/2021 by Sandra Ann Namchek

I really enjoyed working with eztaxreturn, cause it was easy and self helped and i never wirked with a company so fair and good to me and understands ,,,

6/10/2021 by Anne

So easy. Designed so well.

6/3/2021 by Terri

I gave the rating of a five stars because I like the fact that it assisted you along the way and explained the information that you needed to enter which was really helpful and I was able to get a refund and they also sent an email when the state approved everything so this is a wonderful site to go on if you need assistance preparing your taxes.

6/2/2021 by Kevin Graves

I was disappointed that it was not free for residents of Texas since we have been out so much money due to the horrible Freeze and the repairs that entailed,. The price was decent, however and I find it so much easier than the HR Block one.

5/28/2021 by Rosalyne

Wish I'd known about this years ago...stress free & very convenient.

5/26/2021 by Rachel Christenson

Awesome easy understandable dependable and fast!

5/24/2021 by Mary Ann

Been using them for years. No reason to try any one else, even had a couple of capitol loss lines this year and still got thru pretty much stress free! Don't know why you'd want to pay someone an exhorbitant fee,

5/23/2021 by Don Gintert

I have used eztaxreturn for several years and been very satisfied but due to the delays in processing this year I still have not received my refund after 60 plus days. Not sure if eztaxreturn is causing the delay but I will not risk using this service again.

5/22/2021 by Dawn Atlas

Redid with Turbo tax and got twice as much back. EZ did not do state tax! Would like a refund please!!!

5/22/2021 by Jerry

We've used several times and have always been glad we did. Not so with others that we've tried in the past. Thanks ezTax.

5/22/2021 by Clare Gorman

I have sent a question the the secure link two days in a row and have had not response, I am frustrated that I have not heard back.

5/21/2021 by Juanita Tirpak

So easy and convenient. Best site I have ever tried.

5/21/2021 by Mike

I have used eztaxreturn for several years & have found it to be very suitable for performing my tax returns. I highly recommend this product to anyone still doing their own taxes at home.

5/20/2021 by Eunice Gallardo

I've used EZtaxreturn before but this time around my situation was very complicated and customer service wasn't available. I struggled logging on every time I wanted access. I never received text messages codes and I've had the same phone number for over 10years. It was overwhelming. Customer service reached out to me two days later. Very inconvenient. I made a payment but apparently I was not done filing. Not fun at all.

5/20/2021 by Dina

Excellent format to assure tax return is complete , check and double check. Thank you

5/20/2021 by Renee

I have used EZTAX a few years & it is very user friendly. It is an excellent program for novice computer users like myself. Would highly recommend. Will continue to use.

5/19/2021 by Bryant Johnson

Great service

5/19/2021 by Frank Woodard

Easy to do with help when you need it.

5/19/2021 by E Guillory

I have used ezTaxReturn for a few years and it is easy as well as safe to use.

5/19/2021 by Lisa

Awesome !!

5/19/2021 by nick flowers

Tnanks, using EZ was a breeze and simplified an otherwise hectic task.

5/19/2021 by Jwally

Took to long to sign in my account But ez to use. Once I was in Had to request code 5 times

5/19/2021 by J Brooks

I've been using this platform for three years now and each year it gets easier and extremely user friendly.

5/19/2021 by Susan

I have been using ezTaxReturn for years and am very satisfied with the service. I do have one concern: While I know you have prompts towards the final pages that say "You haven't filed your taxes yet" the program allowed me to pay and print out my forms without submitting. I thought I had my taxes completed but actually missed the deadline. Can you create a way to prevent the program from allowing you to log out without a final acknowledgement that you still haven't finished? Thanks, Susan

5/19/2021 by Silvia

No problem navigating through the site; upload & precede of pages is fast with no stalling or freezing; automated help was excellent and made filing easy.

5/19/2021 by Rebecca

Been using for years. Never a problem. Have recommended to many friends and family members

5/19/2021 by Danielle

This software is user friendly, has easy to follow instructions and provided guidance at every step.. I will use it again and again for as long as I file taxes!!

5/19/2021 by Elizabeth DeVan

I always dread doing taxes, but ezTaxReturn helps to make it almost painless! I would highly recommend to anyone.

5/18/2021 by Deb H

There's a reason it's called EZTaxreturn, because it's EASY.

5/18/2021 by l.houston

great tool! easy to use...... been using eztaxreturn about 5-6 years i would highly recommend this to anyone

5/18/2021 by Charlie

No matter what types of income you have, deductions and more, this makes the filing process so much easier and quicker. Glad it's available for usage.

5/18/2021 by Mimi

very fast and helpful site to complete and e-file your Income Tax

5/18/2021 by John Doyle

I have used ezTaxReturn for several years now. It is very easy to use and it lets you stop in the middle or any place along the way and com back to it later. I stopped several times to look documents up and came back to it later - even the next day. It's cost is reasonable. I'll use it again next year..

5/18/2021 by Preston

I was very pleased at how easy it really turned out to be, using eztaxreturn to do my taxes. Relieved too.

5/18/2021 by Jacqui K

I have used every year since 2017. It has gotten ez-er and ez-er (lol) every year. I intend to continue to use because they have proven to me to be the best tax filing provider for someone with a small service business. Thank you, for making my life ez-er!

5/18/2021 by Alexis Givens

I love u all

5/18/2021 by Turner

Easy and affordable

5/18/2021 by Pat Dawley

Your software is good. Basically, you are a scam because you advertise free filing, but it's an outright lie and people don't appreciate being treated like that ! I have a super simple return, yet you charged nearly $30 to file. That is wrong. It may be legal, but it's wrong and i will never use your service again.

5/18/2021 by Janis

Very Easy

5/18/2021 by Terrence

This was a tremodous experience, thank your company for a job so well done. Agian thank you.

5/17/2021 by Margie W.

I do my own taxes, and love this place! Have used them for years.

5/17/2021 by Gary Leonhardt

Fast, simple and accurate way to file your taxes. Ive been using eztaxreturn for several years and have been extremely satisfied with their service. Great step by step instructions to assure you cover everything.

5/17/2021 by John McGowan

I find your service quite user friendly and easy to use

5/17/2021 by Carol VanOmen

ezTaxReturn is a great site to use and I would recommend it to anyone who isn't fond of tax time. Easy to use.

5/17/2021 by Becky

So quick and easy. Makes a hard job simple.

5/17/2021 by Hill Family

The ezTaxReturn software is easy to use, and got me a great refund. Cut my filing time down from 7 hours to 2. This is the 3rd year I used this software, so I love the convenience that a lot of the data needed for the return was pre-filled. Best of all, no spam for other products like I had with another tax software company.

5/17/2021 by D. Kelley

Worked great. Easy to use.

5/17/2021 by Leonard Sullivan

Second year and helped me through plus 70 easy is welcomed.

5/17/2021 by Ramon

Very professional

5/17/2021 by Maureen Bailey

Helpful for step by step instructions and answers to questions about which options are relevant.

5/17/2021 by G. Anderson

I love ezTaxReturn! It makes filing taxes so easy, I've used it for several years! Thank You!!

5/16/2021 by Michael Garvan

Thorough review of income sources and subsequent tax obligations. Easy sequence of pages to complete. Very user-friendly.

5/16/2021 by Rachel Christenson

Excellent website, clear, understanding, precise. Fast. Helpful.

5/16/2021 by Bee

Easy to use, gets everything right. Not expensive to use. Refunds are tracked also!

5/16/2021 by Gail

I really like this service! It is easy to use and I've done my taxes with them for years. Totally satisfied customer!!

5/16/2021 by Moniebay

If you do your own taxes, use EZtaxreturn. 4 years now and absolurely love their website. So easy and efficient. It holds information and points out everything I need to know. I use it for both FEDERAL AND STATE.

5/16/2021 by Janette Ransom

This is the sixth year I have used your tax filing system and each year I have been happy with how easy it is to file my taxes. Like most people, I do not like to file taxes each year and I know very little about tax rules and regulations. Using your system makes this difficult task much less foreboding to me and I am confident that by using your system, I will be able to easily and correctly file my taxes as I have done for the last 6 years.

5/16/2021 by Eva Reyes

Great experience, very easy to understand and user friendly. Do not be scared to do your own tax online as EzTaxReturn is here for you!!! Thank you so much EzTaxReturn.

5/16/2021 by Gail

After using Turbo for last 10 years I tried this site to try to get free federal filing and used a link for the free version. Well at the END of completely all info I'm surprised to learn I did not qualify although my SS taxable income was only $3400. Also I needed to file state in a non-resident state for a PT job. This site had a note at the END that they don't "support" state filling in non-resident states so I'm now having to fill out all the info again in another "free" site to file my state tax. Also the help functions on this site not easy to read or not enough help options. Thanks.

5/16/2021 by Cheryl Cavaleri

Cheryl Cavaleri

5/16/2021 by Joesph Palaka

Been using this service for years! It's very easy to navigate and use. I've had complicated returns in the past and did it with ease with this software. Going to continue to use it!

5/16/2021 by Naomi

Great service and step by step instruction. Very helpful.

5/16/2021 by Nick Shirey

fast,easy, and helpful if you dont know something. Definitely recommend.

5/16/2021 by jstepien

This was my second year with ezTaxReturn. If you are using a software once a year, you have to refresh your memory etc. But, after my initial re-training I was just fine. Thank you.

5/16/2021 by Donald Carter

Very easy , will continue to us ezTaxReturn Next Year !!!

5/15/2021 by Brenda C Haskell

The process is not complicated at all. It is easy to understand.

5/15/2021 by Cyn Straw

The best app I've used so and easier to follow than the others. So glad I found it!

5/15/2021 by Yoshiko Cnotes

Easier to follow than the other apps.....2nd year using it and very happy !

5/15/2021 by Reyna

I have used their service for years and my experience with them has been exceptional.

5/15/2021 by J. Cottoms

This was a good experience for me. The process was easy to follow, with no confusion. When I submitted questions, I was emailed in a timely manner.

5/15/2021 by James langan

Absolutly fantastic iloved evething about e z tax return i would recomend them to anyone thanks ez tax return

5/15/2021 by Kim

I've used several different online filing sites snd this one is the absolute easiest! It doesn't take forever either. I'll only use this one from now on.

5/14/2021 by Patty Fowler

Chrome browser continued to cycle me off via session timed out. I had to log in again to continue though each question. It behaved fine once a switched browsers. Otherwise a good experience. Maybe not the fault of eztax

5/14/2021 by Carl Lee Peak

Very quick and easy to use while being quite through. Will be coming back.

5/14/2021 by Bethany Hertzig is very easy to navigate and I'm so thankful for the years that you've helped me to submit and complete my taxes! It is so easy!!!

5/14/2021 by Mukesh

Very easy to use and very helpful. Not expensive and explained details. ??

5/14/2021 by Janet Sheldon

You made doing my state and federal taxes easy and quick. You take the worry out of tax prep.

5/14/2021 by Ricardo Chandler

Great service !!!!

5/14/2021 by Harry Woods

My 2nd year using this service...So-o-o easy! ????

5/14/2021 by C V Lundstrom

Always easy. Always trustworthy. Appreciate authenticity

5/14/2021 by Sandy

I have used this service for the past several years and it's so easy and convenient. A+

5/14/2021 by Gene

Easy and at a good price!

5/14/2021 by Mary Wright

I have been using ezTax for over 5 years. I like the ease in using, filing and knowing that my returns are filed. I would highly recommend this service.

5/14/2021 by Eddie

Used your service for years now. Still the best and easiest .Thanks for your help.

5/13/2021 by Denise

I have used this option to file my federal taxes for several years. This year however, I was given a credit (Recovery rebate credit) that I did not qualify for. The question was "did you receive the full stimulus payment & gave an amount of $1800". I answered "yes", which resulted in a refund. I am aware I will probably receive a letter from the IRS, indicating the error, requesting repayment of refund & subsequent balance due.

5/13/2021 by MlMurphy

Great Service

5/13/2021 by Cheryl

I will never use another tax preparation company, this is so streamlined, a child could use it. Seriously I am very pleased.

5/13/2021 by Dave

This is the 4th year of using ezTaxReturn to do my taxes so, yes, I like using them for my taxes. No doubt I will use them again next year.

5/13/2021 by Emy

I've been using ezTax for years and it's so easy to use, no complications and with great customer support!

5/13/2021 by Robert Craig

I have been using eztaxreturn for several years and it never fails me. Your tax filing service is just the BEST. Thanks much from a very satisfied customer.

5/13/2021 by Stan Misa

Easy to navigate and questions answered within 24 hours as promised.

5/12/2021 by Judy Moore

The best, and I told my Nephew about it and he likes it and now uses it. I wish I had known about it years ago, I would have saved money and time having my taxes completed. I highly recommend -ezTaxReturn.. Thank You for your great work making it easy to navigate your site.

5/12/2021 by Gail

I have struggled in the past getting all the information in and correct. This was so easy and hardly took any time at all.

5/12/2021 by Joe S.

Easy to use

5/12/2021 by Veeravanallur V Sundaram

Very Easy and very thorough

5/11/2021 by Sue Huggins

2020 tax return was my sixth with ezTaxReturn.. So easy.

5/11/2021 by Sonny Kielblock

Super easy. They walked me right through it and I got a big refund. I highly recommend them.

5/11/2021 by Jeff

Very happy using for 6 or 7 years

5/11/2021 by Thomas Armstrong

It just does not get any easier!

5/11/2021 by steve s

Genuinely insightful and easy. Excellent results.

5/11/2021 by Mario

simple to fuss no muss! See you next tax season.

5/11/2021 by Nancy Cimino

Excellent and exceptional program and service

5/11/2021 by Kenfal Hicks

Super helpful software and tbe auto filling and completion of needed forms is super helpful and a huge time saver. The self check feature and comments are also very helpful. As a repeat customer, I really highly recommend. your service!

5/11/2021 by Craig

Very impressed! Easy to use, much less expensive than Turbo Tax, and walked me through the new $10,200 rule for my unemployment compensation. Recommended!

5/11/2021 by Kevin McCarthy

Outstanding. Very comprehensive and easy to use.

5/10/2021 by EDWARD GRONSKI

I have used EZ for a number of years without a problem.

5/10/2021 by Rio

So very easy and well thought out process. They cover all the options I've ever needed, even with W2's, 1099's and direct pay contracting work. I've been using them for 10 years, and don't plan to stop!

5/9/2021 by Michele

Very ez

5/9/2021 by Rochelle

It was very user friendly.

5/9/2021 by Robert O'Reilly

It was fast and easy.

5/8/2021 by Stan Misa

Easy to fill out and service is excellent

5/8/2021 by Jack

This was my first time doing a tax return or taxes, and honestly in retrospect, I liked the process. Yes it was tiring since I had a lot of information to study on the fly, but the step-by-step guides were so helpful. Now the process next year won't be as difficult, I highly recommend using this website for a tax return if you've never done taxes before, it's very helpful!

5/7/2021 by Jafar

The service was ok. It said I qualified for free filing. NOT FREE. but after entering the all info you just want to be done and the pay now, pay now, not really free comes out. NOT FREE. I HATE COMPANIES THAT ARE UNTRUTHFUL. :(

5/7/2021 by Georgia Massucco

This is very helpful service. You get to choose if you want to do it yourself or choose some assistance with definitions to help you do it correctly!! Pretty easy to negotiate site!! ??

5/7/2021 by Mina

My entire family uses this because they walk you they every step and it's user friendly

5/7/2021 by Debbie Jackson

It was fast, easy, and reliable. And now I'm getting $600 that I did not know about.

5/6/2021 by James

Very easy to use, just answer the question

5/6/2021 by Judith Regenhold

I have been using your services for several years with good results. Much, MUCH simpler than trying to figure the forms out myself! Thank you!

5/6/2021 by Tom

Amazing and easy. Best bang for the buck!!

5/5/2021 by Britjette Mayfield

Fast and easy enough to do on your own. I've been using this platform for a few years now.

5/5/2021 by John c Boyd jr

Very well done. Simple to follow. Great job.

5/5/2021 by sandra f

easy and reliable!

5/4/2021 by James Hazel

Very poor I done my return February 28th and nothing still

5/4/2021 by Candy Galas

I have been using this program for 6 years and I am so happy I found them! Whenever I have a question they always get back to me right away with the answer. This year because of the pandemic things changed for me as they did for millions of us, I had concerns but EZTAX as usual helped me get everything I needed and deserved. Thank you EZTax!

5/4/2021 by Mary Maddox

Was super easy to use, I usually do free fillable forms from the IRS but this cut my filing time in half, so worth the $29 It cost. . I have helped family members on other tax sites but this is by far the easiest I have used yet.

5/3/2021 by William Peters

Ease of use, while being thorough . Quick and reliable

5/2/2021 by Pam

So easy. They are very helpful. Will use again!

5/1/2021 by Barbara Stanley

easier than last year

5/1/2021 by Lisa

One of the easiest tax preparation and filing I have ever experienced.

4/30/2021 by Monica Krejci

I have been using this service for over five or six years but I am disappointed because it cost me more each year to use I'm a returning customer and don't understand why I have to be charged so much

4/29/2021 by Charlotte Jones

This is my second year using eztax and I am once again very pleased as to how easy and quick it was. Thank you very much and see you next year

4/29/2021 by Amanda Martin

Very easy to use.

4/28/2021 by Tina Herron

You guys helped me get my taxes done at no cost to me and helped me figure out how to do it as i needed your assistance. Thank you for your help and for $1800 dollars.

4/28/2021 by Raelene

2nd year filing taxes for my elderly inlaws. Very easy process but wished it was free. Their income is very low and was disappointed that there was still a charge. We could have qent elsewhere for free but for the convenience choose to continue with ez taxreturn. Highly recommend a discount for seniors and or a returning customer discount. Will rethink filing next years taxes if there is a fee.

4/28/2021 by Gary

Very easy to use, and thorough process

4/28/2021 by Tom

Fast easy

4/26/2021 by Diana

So easy

4/26/2021 by Danny Leach

So easy, Ive used them every year since 2016

4/24/2021 by Dolores

Was very pleased Tubro tax was going to charge me a lot was very happy with eztax and was easy to follow

4/24/2021 by Dianne Hill

Very easy to use. I will be back next year!

4/23/2021 by Jackie

Easy, accurate and cost effective...loved it

4/23/2021 by Carla

Very easy and quick. Used this for several years now. Will continue using.

4/23/2021 by Lynn

Fast and easy to use

4/23/2021 by Don

Been using ETR for about 10 years and it's easy and efficient!

4/22/2021 by Thomas Campbell

It was much easier than I thought.

4/22/2021 by Michael Contreras

meticulous, accurate, detailed and easy!! thank you

4/22/2021 by Janine Murphy

Fast, easy and thorough.

4/22/2021 by Brandon Waker

Very Easy!! Been using since 2015. Easy to navigate.

4/21/2021 by Bryan Martin

It was easy and fast. Thank you.

4/20/2021 by SoomSoom63

I have been filing my taxes (state and federal) with ezTaxReturn for the last 5 years. At the risk of sounding cliche, it has been the easiest, most secure, and helpful system that I have ever used to file my taxes. The communication system tracking my submissions to the IRS and state system is excellent and it is easy to track the process of my tax return. It also houses all my tax return submissions. I highly recommend ezTaxReturn.

4/20/2021 by Oanh Pham

First time i file tax return online.Well,it is super easy and software guide a step by step to complete the file..That is great.THANK YOU

4/20/2021 by Eva

User friendly. Fast and affordable.

4/19/2021 by Shirley Coulter

Excellent and so glad no time-outs for a slow senior mom trying to help her son! Thank you!

4/19/2021 by Mary B

EZTax makes filing personal taxes easy. The site walks you through step-by-step and will even prompt a question or query if something is off - - - very helpful with stimulus funds for 2020! Thank you.

4/19/2021 by Manny A. Matheus

I was truly amazed at how easy to do my taxes were, i SALUTE you! Thank you soooo much, may the good Lord continue to bless you.

4/18/2021 by Cl


4/18/2021 by Ron B

Easy and only takes about 20 minutes! 3rd year in a row!

4/17/2021 by Herb

Great app!! Easy peasy.

4/17/2021 by Help me to the fullest

Everything is ok

4/17/2021 by Lillie Pearson

It was very easy to go step by step doing our taxes. Thanks for making it easy.

4/16/2021 by David

Very straightforward and easy. Also quick.

4/16/2021 by Robert

This was my first time filing on my own. It was so easy to follow the directions for the questions! I definitely recommend ezTaxReturn!

4/16/2021 by LULU

I have been using EZ for seven years. They take the guess work out of doing taxes. (especially this year). Whenever I have a question, they respond is less than 24 hours. Great outfit

4/16/2021 by Tammy

Was very easy simple to do, took no time at all. Website offers great explanations for what is deductible and what is not. No need to spend $250, when you can do it yourself, free.

4/16/2021 by Patti Wilson

I am a senior and you made it very easy for me thank you

4/16/2021 by Art

Been using this site for 10 years. Easy to follow guide, and works to get you the best return or no taxes at all if you qualify. I like it that your state taxes are also filed.

4/16/2021 by Denise

I've been using your service for years hoping that you would somehow improve it. It's very cumbersome and extremely time consuming to click through every screen when you need to go back to a previous section. Every year I say I'm going with another company because that clicking through screen after screen makes me want to screw my. Such a waste of time. FIX IT

4/15/2021 by Millicent Cousins

I would have never thought of doing my own taxes until I came across ez tax preparation. I love it!!

4/15/2021 by Brent Staulcup

Excellent product. There are cheaper online options for filing, but none as easy as ezTax. I've been using it for 4 years, and they take the time and worry out of filing. your taxes.

4/15/2021 by Ken

Simple. Tax filing for dummies. Perfect for me!

4/11/2021 by Fendall Williams

I had a little trouble at first when i filed at first...and now i am having the same trouble again. Because i know i filed but k can not seem t gain access to my account information. When i type a!l of my info and check my status with states that they can't find my info either. I know i have a refund coming but i cant get find my AGI because they say that they cant give me my info. I know you are associated with the.m. Can you guys possibly help me out by sending me an new email with this info so i can contact IRS and refer the infovto them. Because i never recieved my return and i can not remember what password i used. I beleive it was dne with my email.

4/10/2021 by Renata Salter

I haven't received my payment from 2 months ago?

4/10/2021 by Russell Seymour

I was disappointed when I completed a very simple tax return only to be charged a higher fee for a more complex return and then informed I could not file my state return for my mother in law who had passed away because it was a partial year return.

4/10/2021 by michelle parker

i was very pleased how easy and efficient your site was to work with and filing my taxes soooo easy.....thank you.

4/10/2021 by Kay Sappington

Been using them for about 10 years. Easy to use.

4/10/2021 by Paul Artim

Easy for an old man to get it done. Very helpful with problems. Thanks

4/8/2021 by Jan Nordstrom

Good job - but you charged your fee three times!

4/7/2021 by Bruce Taylor

You wait until we are about done to tell us we have to pay. Otherwise, a great site.

4/7/2021 by Ron

Extremely satisfied and happy with ezReturn. Quick,easy and very helpful in making process seamless.Highly recommend them and will definitelyuse again..kudos

4/6/2021 by Hillary

Great service, easy to use, very efficient!

4/5/2021 by Judy R Stoikes

Not very happy. eztax figured I would get a refund and the IRS is saying I owe money. Something not right here.

4/5/2021 by Cynthia

Simple Easy Quick

4/4/2021 by Linda

Very thorough and easy to follow. Would highly recommend using this site..

4/4/2021 by mary woyach

fast, and easy to use! will be using this site from now on to do my taxes

4/4/2021 by Glenn Bradn

use it every year, very easy to follow and quick. the support is also very relaible

4/4/2021 by Dophine Frazier

Super easy to follow! There is help there when needed. Very reasonably priced!

4/4/2021 by Dennis

Easy and fast!

4/4/2021 by D Aubry

We have used exTax several times and are pleased with your services. Support is always there and questions answered promptly.

4/4/2021 by Barbara Henderson

Excellent app

4/3/2021 by Gary Zehetmir

You provide a great (fast and easy) service). Thanks for being available for us.

4/3/2021 by RFobert H Morris

Very easy to use and customer service excellent.

4/3/2021 by Marcus washington

Nice and easy

4/3/2021 by Cynthia Thebeau

Your tax filing service is fantastic; very thorough! Easy to follow, quick filing

4/3/2021 by C Graham

Easy to follow thru when filing the tax. Cheaper than other places.

4/3/2021 by KHGraham

Very simple to fill out. Instructions are clearly understood. Guided me thru every step.

4/2/2021 by Laird P Mintz

This is the best service one can find. The difference between a mediocore or bad service and a great one is their customer service. They answered all my questions and much faster than I needed or expected. When I had to re enter my unemployment benefits to take into account the new legislation, it processed my re entry so easily and automatically. I just finished a grueling two weeks with the phone company and they are what I would consider a horrible company that lacks good uniform customer service. Even going to the dentist was more pleasurable. But having taxes done was a breath of fresh air and for that I am very grateful. I HIGHLY recommend this on line tax service. Laird Mintz

4/2/2021 by Hailey

Some trouble at first , but ended up quite well

4/2/2021 by Out of a rating ni. higher than 10. You get a 10 !! Thank You For Your Excellent Service

Me Ernie Ramsey !! My taxes were done by Ms Wilkson && yes I Love your Service

4/2/2021 by Frances

I had been paying a tax account from $100-160 each year to do my taxes. I finally decided to look for tax services on line and after reviewing many of these companies I chose eztaxreturn. I am so glad I did. I was walked through the process. By answering questions in simple terms, I have been able to file my taxes and get quick returns try bank account. I will use eztax for years to come. ??

4/2/2021 by Cyndi

First time using your service. Love that your softest is so user friendly, and that the process was easy and seamless. Thank you! I'll definitely be back next year.

4/2/2021 by Tom

Easy breezy

4/2/2021 by Cecil D. Goode Jr.

I have used your company for years without a problem but this year you made a $1200,00 error that the IRS notified me about. There was no penalty., and no you had estimated., which I didn't think was correct to start with, but you are the experts, so I didn't question it..

4/1/2021 by Bobbie Derschonn

Awesomely easy, nice layout with ease of use. Thank you so much, I recommend you regularly. Will next year.

4/1/2021 by Pat

EZ to use and at a good price especially with a coupon. It was $33.95 for both my Fed and State!!!

4/1/2021 by Sammie Blackwelder

very pleased with will be using them for my tax needs in future.

4/1/2021 by Marie

Excellent, very easy, way to file! I will be back

4/1/2021 by Rebecca Toney

I found this to be very easy to follow and I was able to knock out my own taxes in record time. I like this one better than the other two I've tried.

4/1/2021 by Ramon Thompson

thank you

4/1/2021 by Marlene Meistet

Such an easy way to file, especially because you are guided through the process!

4/1/2021 by Lavada

2nd year using. Great step by step, stress free fileing. Thank you!

3/31/2021 by lois fritz


3/31/2021 by Paul

easy to fill out our taxes

3/31/2021 by Anna

This is the first time I used this software. I ve been filing my taxes the old fashion way. A friend told me hes been filing with you for years. It was so simple anc easy i couldn't believe it. Thank you very much.

3/31/2021 by Pat C

I was a HR Block customer until a few years ago, they changed their format and it was no longer user friendly. I'm very pleased with EzTax preparation it's simple and very easy to master, I'll be back next year and after that. Thank you

3/31/2021 by Jake

Knew the new laws on unemployment even

3/31/2021 by Janet

My second year using this service. Recommend it highly.

3/31/2021 by Debra Newton

It was okay a lot of it was confusing especially at the end with that bank

3/31/2021 by Melody

I have never had any problems when I use Eztaxreturn.

3/31/2021 by Barbara

Easy, fast & reasonable prices for those who don't qualify for free. Refund higher than expected.

3/31/2021 by Ticia C.

It was not only my my first year to ever do my taxes myself but, My first year using ezTaxReturn also and it will be the only way I do my taxes from now on. It was super easy to read understand an answer every thing. If there was anything you didn't quite understand it was very easy to ask a question or read the prompts explanations for why you answer yes or no here or what you should put if you answer a question a certain way. I am very satisfied with the whole process and I was shocked that my refund was coming so fast to my bank account. I like how you could check the progress of your return and then it told me the date my refund was to be deposited. I know everyone pays different amounts to get thier taxes done but I paid 20 bucks to file taxes, yes mine are easy to do. My boyfriend paid 418 to get his done at h&r block this year. His taxes are easy to file also. He wished he listened to me an used ezTaxReturn and not h&r block. But he will not make that mistake next year.. Lol I definitely recommend using ezTaxReturn for filing your taxes!

3/31/2021 by Louie A.

Just because I added some self-employment tax information, it goes from free to over 30 dollars to file. Wow

3/31/2021 by Denis

Have been using this for about 7 years now. The Step-by-step option is BOSS especially if you dont know much about details. They wont let you miss a thing. Best tax return site in my opinion

3/30/2021 by Alana VanLuvender

No more stress. God bless you.

3/30/2021 by Henry Davis

maybe you could include Vermont state taxes next year!

3/30/2021 by K. Ashworth

Tried with other tax businesses and always had problems. EZ Tax got me taken care of and my taxes are now filed. *****

3/30/2021 by They make filing taxes almost pain free!

I've been using them for years. Will do it again next year..

3/30/2021 by Sherry Dyer

Good service

3/30/2021 by Laura Arehart

Easy, quick and free. Use this service every year.

3/30/2021 by Rod W.

Used this tax prep application for many years now. I appreciate the coupon codes for extra savings off the already low price. Keep up the good work.

3/30/2021 by Nii

Best tax preparation service and will use them again.

3/30/2021 by Justin fender

I found the program easy to use and the out come was good.But ..I know they didnt tell me at the beginning they didnt support my state tax,which really sucks,.now i have to find a different company that will let me only do the state,a pain in the butt it bottom line make sure it support your state!!!

3/29/2021 by Christina claudio

I would like thank you for your help. I would like to come back again next year. This service is outstanding.

3/29/2021 by Bernice Gordon

My first time using and it was so easy to navigate.

3/29/2021 by Monica Ledermann

Very good

3/29/2021 by Brian T.

With all the tax services emailing me every tax season, I stay with eztaxreturn. It's so easy to do. And when I have a question about an entry, I just need to click on the line and it opens a box to help me. I recomend eztaxreturn to all who hate doing their taxes every year.

3/29/2021 by Mary B

7 years in a row I've used this service. It's so simple and incredibly affordable. My information is saved and secured year to year. It only takes me about 30 minutes, and I don't dread doing my taxes anymore! Hallelujah!

3/29/2021 by Donna

Awesome! This is my 2nd year I will use eztaxreturn every year. Thank you


Easy to use, great product, only negative about the software is that you have to list every stock you bought and sold individually instead of just putting the total of your short and long sales in and be finished,, or being able to download from your broker site to make it more easy for the user, otherwise great product!

3/29/2021 by charles rice

All quite good except the inability to go back and correct errors anytime.

3/29/2021 by Gudalupe T Shea

Very helpful and pretty much easy to use

3/29/2021 by Dawn

So easy to use!!

3/29/2021 by Adam

Simple and easy to use. I was very satisfied with my service.

3/29/2021 by Steve Wood

I have been using for many years and have always been very pleased,with how easy filing taxes is, using them. I wouldn't use anyone else!

3/28/2021 by Kelly Huynh

I have used EZ Tax for 4 years. English is my second language, but with EZ Tax I have no problem! I have saved money and time on doing tax myself. Thanks a lot EZTAX. The name of it says it all.

3/28/2021 by Loretta

Great. Easy to use. I recommend ezTax to my friends. Takes the stress out of having to fill out all the forms. I have been using it for 3 years and will continue.

3/28/2021 by Laurie

Very easy to use. I've recommended to several friends and they are very pleased. This site makes everything simple and less stressful. Thanks so much!

3/28/2021 by Chanelle Reese

I have being using them for almost ten years. Life changing decision.

3/28/2021 by Sal

2nd year in a row I used E-Z Easy to complete my return Great job E-Ztax return

3/28/2021 by Michele

I used this program for many years. This service took the dread out of filing my taxes.

3/28/2021 by Rhonda Santana

I'm very satisfied with eztaxreturn. They make it easy for anyone to file. Maybe they should call themselves tax returns for dummies!

3/27/2021 by ARTHUR WILLIAMS

If Very helpful and was very easy to read and very easy to understand. I need you next year. I'll be sure to use you.

3/27/2021 by Kiana Correa

this is a good app to use

3/27/2021 by Shirley

Very good service

3/27/2021 by Nadine Oliver

Easy to use!

3/27/2021 by Yesenia

Im still waiting on my payment it says they send it the 24 i havnt receive nothing on my account

3/27/2021 by char

Easy to use but entered incorrect info on State tax return. Est. tax paid to IRS also entered on State tax return. Did not pay any est tax to State of California. So all the refund info in incorrect. Amended return? Don't know. Just more things to be anxious about.

3/27/2021 by Matthew Moore

It was just very user friendly; especially for me who really knows very little about the tax world. I love how I'm guided step by step. Easy and efficient. As Siskel and Ebert would say, "two thumbs up!"

3/27/2021 by John Wudarski

Been using for many years. Easy to understand and navigate. Assistance is there if needed. Recommend to all.

3/26/2021 by Jackie Brooks

Excellent, so easy, with easy to follow instructions. Sixth year using.

3/26/2021 by Christine

Easy, fast, secure. Used for about 4 years. They store your info so u don't have to keep entering same information each year.

3/26/2021 by Donald Kalina

I really like your service... You keep updated on the tax law...You walk me through each step while making sure I get the largest return... It's easy and cost effective... This is my 10th year... Thanks ezTaxReturn.

3/26/2021 by Noel Castonguay

Easy to do!

3/27/2021 by John W

Step by step is very user friendly , even for an old coot like me. I'm a return user and very pleased this time and time again. Thanks

3/26/2021 by Sharon Aiken

Very satisfied with the complete and easy understanding of the forms. Access was there if you needed to back up for an answer, Pleased with the preparation and knowledge supplied to me.

3/26/2021 by Roland

Excellent service.

3/26/2021 by Nice & Easy!

Like I said: I was nice & Easy!

3/26/2021 by JIMMY PATE


3/26/2021 by M C H

I have used this service for years. It is easy to complete your Federal & State taxes by following the prompts for information. I like the fact they also save the previous year's record. I have never had an issue where they were at fault.

3/26/2021 by Shirley Cheek

You did a great job. I give you a 5 star rating.

3/26/2021 by bennetteporter

Love yalls services! Fast friendly!

3/26/2021 by Bobby C

Simple, Easy, Great!!

3/26/2021 by R Gooden

Easy to use especially since I used it earlier. Worth cost.

3/25/2021 by Alice

I will use from now on. They were user-friendly and a fraction of the cost that TurboTax was. I'm mad at myself for not finding them sooner.

3/25/2021 by Nelson Bazan

It's like your father carrying you and holding your hand. Thanks a lot, people of EzTaxReturn!

3/25/2021 by J Patterson

Easy to use and very reasonable cost!

3/25/2021 by William Zemko

Great indeed!

3/25/2021 by Beatrice Phelps

Thank you... good job!

3/25/2021 by BASANT LAL

I have been using ezTaxReturn for the last six years and am a very satisfied customer. ezTaxReturn guides me step by step to process both my Federal and State tax returns. Thank you ezTaxReturn.

3/25/2021 by Diana

Although I'm a wimp and usually have a friend of mine chaperone me through the process, we have no issues with using/navigating the site. We'll be back next year. Thanks!!

3/25/2021 by Debbie

Such an easy inexpensive site to use. I have been doing mine and my sisters taxes this way for going on 8 years and I wouldn't use anything else.

3/24/2021 by Looking forward to refund

I had a great experience! Program was easy to use and I had a positive experience. Thank you so much, looking forward to recieving my refund!

3/24/2021 by Jimmy Riley

Easy walk thru process and appreciate the follow ups.

3/24/2021 by Aleyda Acosta

This is my third year using ezTaxReturn, It is very easy to use.

3/24/2021 by Dion Bradley

Very great service!

3/24/2021 by Michelle


3/24/2021 by Tawnee Collins

It was good and quick.

3/23/2021 by Judy

I have used this tax service for many years and always gotten quick and good results. Highly recommend them.

3/23/2021 by BS

Excellent; Covered all bases!

3/23/2021 by R Hackett

So-o-o easy! Keep up the great work!

3/23/2021 by Chaney

Easy and simple - I use you every year!

3/23/2021 by Roger

Used this site for many years without a hitch.

3/23/2021 by Yasmeen Abdullah

Been using this service for almost 15 years and I have no complaints. Easy to use, helpful tools, never had any issues.

3/23/2021 by Kelly

Easy to use and doesn't take long.

3/22/2021 by Krisgg

This is my second year doing my own taxes, and also using ezTaxReturn. Easy, peasy! Done in less than an hour; why did I worry and procrastinate?

3/22/2021 by Angela Sings

Excellent service!

3/23/2021 by Pacita Santos

It was so easy . I wish I have known of the service availability before . Thank you. Do you know how I can renew my drivers license without making a trip back to US? I am lockdown in The Philippines and I won't be back there until Late April .

3/22/2021 by Clark

I like the way I'm guided through the process. It's smooth and takes away confusion.



3/22/2021 by Donnie Arnold

ezTaxReturn was quite helpful. It helped me through step by step instructions, and made it almost effortless. It was a great app I'm glad I used it.

3/22/2021 by PamC

Thank you for making this dreaded task quick and easy. Will definitely use again next year!

3/22/2021 by Bria B.o

I have filed both my Federal and State income taxes for the last four tax seasons. I love the fact it is easy to navigate. I will use it again.

3/22/2021 by Manx Russell

Thank you, nice app, thanks!

3/21/2021 by Lois Fritz

Doing Great!

3/20/2021 by Daniel Garcia

This site was very easy to navigate through, however it doesn't tell you which states are free or not until right before you need to pay and submit. I feel that is very misleading. Expesually because i went to the IRS site because i was informed you can do your taxes for free. Nope not with these people. I paid the 30 bucks because i did all that work and did not want to go somewhere else and do it all over again. It was a federal tax return yet because i lived in Texas it was not. TurboTqx does it for free. Should have stayed with them and saved 30 bucks. Never again with this website.

3/20/2021 by Michael Hihn

I haven't received my $600 or my $1400.

3/21/2021 by Michelle

Very easy !!!!

3/21/2021 by Luis

Very easy and follow the instructions. Strong security.

3/21/2021 by John

First time user. Great service!

3/21/2021 by NILESH PATEL

Very easy and understandable system with clear cut instructions, we can easily file.

3/21/2021 by Dave Mason

A really simple and easy to follow tax program for uncomplicated returns. it even files your state taxes for you.

3/21/2021 by Tom

Could have used better explanations of various entries. Also, would like a "running tally" of what you owe or overpaid as you move through income then deductions then credits etc. Base Price is very competitive.

3/21/2021 by Jennifer Evans

Great, thank you and see u next year.

3/20/2021 by Maggie

My first time filing my taxes myself! This program made me feel like a pro! I will absolutely use them from now on!

3/20/2021 by Josue Nieto

Easy to understand. Very user friendly. So glad I found this service. No more headaches come tax time. Love it!!

3/20/2021 by Erin

Kiss the Day Hello & Kiss them good night too.

3/20/2021 by Jonathan Cowser

Every free service tried to charge me or wanted credit card information. I will be using and telling my friends and family to use eTaxReturn.

3/20/2021 by Kureel

Simple, fast, and easy for anyone!

3/20/2021 by Corey

It was great I would refer to any and every one.

3/20/2021 by Herbert Tussing

EzTaxReturn was very easy to use. Noor was a great help. Thank you!

3/20/2021 by Tony Widemon

Very Good. Easy to understand.

3/19/2021 by Alexia

Easy to use.

3/19/2021 by Marilyn

Very easy to use.

3/19/2021 by Rachel

Great site!

3/19/2021 by Anthony McCuiston

I really appreciated the ease of filling out each page. The site also allows you to get help if needed without losing your place while trying to access personal information to complete the process. Thanks eztaxreturn!??

3/19/2021 by Joseph Wells

Always a great easy job.

3/19/2021 by Joe M.

Super quick and really easy to follow.

3/19/2021 by Randall Hill

It was a good and helpful experience. It was my first time that I have done this.

3/19/2021 by Robert Burkhart

I do my taxes here every year and the service could not be better!

3/19/2021 by Sonya Jackson

The process was easy and it didn't take long.

3/19/2021 by Sandra Grose

Very easy to follow along, I would recommend this site to everyone.

3/19/2021 by Linda

So easy! Takes a lot of my past stress out of filing!

3/19/2021 by Kelly

Quick, easy and reasonable.

3/19/2021 by Elaine

Great as Always, been using ezTaxReturn for years.

3/18/2021 by Neil Rawlings

Very easy!

3/18/2021 by Abdallah

Easy and helpful!

3/18/2021 by Paula

It was super easy and fast! Thanks ezTaxReturn people!

3/18/2021 by Hector

Very easy to understand and very helpful



3/18/2021 by y wiseman

I tried at least 4 or 5 other servers but ezTaxReturn was the best.

3/18/2021 by David

I have been using this software for about 10 years now. I've never had a problem with it. It is easy to use and guides me step-by-step through all of the processes. I used to work for a local tax preparation company and could manually fill out my return if necessary but, I find comfort in knowing that the software is always up-to-date with the latest changes and I know that my return is accurate and that I have not overlooked a recent change.

3/18/2021 by William Hickman

Very easy to use and understand!

3/18/2021 by Karen

ezTaxReturn... what can i say... there is no better. So easy to follow and it's quick and easy. I will never use another website for my taxes. And let's not forget how affordable it is.

3/18/2021 by Raymond Ouvry

I am 82 years old and they made it easy for me.

3/18/2021 by Ralphie_Boy

I found this service easy and professional! ??

3/18/2021 by Jim

Have been using for years! Always great, makes everything easy!

3/18/2021 by Ms. Smith

I've used your ezTaxReturn website for over 10 plus and all except once I have not had any complaints. I will continue to use ezTaxReturn because it is so user friendly and reasonably priced.

3/17/2021 by Reynaldo F Calub

Easy to navigate....

3/17/2021 by franz

very easy to use

3/17/2021 by Reginald

Phenomenal! Love it!

3/17/2021 by James M.

Have used ezTaxReturn for the last few years. Excellent, reliable, and user-friendly. Highly recommend.

3/17/2021 by Jane McCarthy

So easy and self explanatory. Use it every year.

3/17/2021 by Bruce Williams


3/17/2021 by Karen

Very easy process.

3/17/2021 by Julie

Incredibly easy, free and fast. Thank you ezTaxReturn.

3/17/2021 by Rae L Evans

The very best, very easy and complete. I recommend everyone to try it.

3/17/2021 by Mariatzepeda

Great and fast! Loved it!

3/16/2021 by Austin Gerber

Was blessed with being accepted maybe an hour after I filed for the credit rebate.

3/16/2021 by Solomon Oduro Mintah

Very easy to use and it is fast and accurate.

3/16/2021 by Leida Torres

Great and helpful!

3/16/2021 by Jerry

I've been using ezTaxReturn for years and they've always been great. Even though my taxes are simple, I always use the step by step format just to be certain nothing is missed. Thank you!

3/16/2021 by Judy

This was my 3rd year using ezTaxReturn. It is very user friendly and cost effective. I highly recommend it.

3/16/2021 by Richard Burkhart

You are great!

3/16/2021 by K. Boyles

This is my second year using this service. It is easy and very helpful. Thank you.

3/16/2021 by Debra

So easy to use. Have used this company for some time and recommend it.

3/16/2021 by Nancy

Very easy to navigate. Was able to get my taxes completed in less than an hour!

3/16/2021 by Nina Carr

Taxes can be stressful for me but ezTaxReturn made it simple and easy to understand. I don't have complicated taxes to do, so if that's your case, I would recommend ezTaxReturn. If your taxes are more involved, I can't speak to that. :)

3/15/2021 by Bruce

The software is easy to use for what it does. I'm disappointed that I can't file a non-resident state return, which I will need to do every year from now on. Therefore, I can no longer use this service.

3/15/2021 by Deborah

It was a pleasure using this site for our taxes this year. We have used Intuit TurboTax for 8 years. This is the first time we have used this site to file our taxes. It was very easy & fast to file here & the cost was way cheaper as well. We will be here next year to file again. Intuit TurboTax is History for us now. I rate this as AWESOME. !!!! ????

3/15/2021 by David R Espinoza

It was very easy to navigate get completed. Easy steps walk you through it. Recommend for anyone. Thanks ezTaxReturn!

3/15/2021 by Frank Thomas

Easy, quick, pain free.

3/15/2021 by K.B.Kelly

Guided session was easy to understand.

3/15/2021 by Kayla S

Very fast and easy to work through each step. Switched from TurboTax this year and I will definitely be using ezTaxReturn next year.

3/15/2021 by Alice Caldwell

Awesome, easy to use, I will continue using ezTaxReturn. You should try it.

3/15/2021 by Javis Stancle

Makes it easy as 123, my 12 year old son can do it.

3/15/2021 by Teresa

Good and Easy. Thank you.

3/15/2021 by Ken Johnson

I have been using for 6 years and it is the easiest program for filing taxes.

3/15/2021 by Hattie

Extremely Helpful!! I've used this program for the past 5 yrs. and I plan to utilize it for the foreseeable future!

3/15/2021 by Philip Burch

Very good.

3/15/2021 by Ray and Holly Bauer

Your service is great!!!

3/15/2021 by Linda

Great to have an interactive app. Like having my own personal tax advisor.

3/15/2021 by Easy

Excellent service. Fast and efficient.

3/15/2021 by Camacho

I've been using ezTaxReturn for a very long time. Simple, efficient. Still using them. Affordable and easy.

3/14/2021 by Kenneth Lawhorn

Easy to follow instructions. Quickly used.

3/14/2021 by Constance

Great and very easy

3/14/2021 by Steve J

Extremely user friendly, and thanks again this year for all your help!!

3/14/2021 by Denise Ingram

I have used ezTaxReturn for 6 years. It's very user friendly. I will be using it for my son's taxes this year. Great app, great service!!

3/14/2021 by Sylvia Dunbar

I applied for the free edition of your tax plan, but ended up having to pay $29.00 because mine was not a "simple return", Since it only took me 10 minutes to finish the form, how much more simple could it be? My rating of one star is, in my estimation, more than generous.

3/14/2021 by T.R. O'Connell

This is my tenth year using ezTaxReturn. It continues to improve. This was the fastest I've filed. I highly recommend ezTaxReturn.

3/14/2021 by Rick d H

I have used ezTaxReturn almost as long as I haven't used a dial-up internet connection. ezTaxReturn isn't free for me but then for those of us who remember the paper booklet with forms, either mailed or available at The Post Office, and filing with an ink pen while flipping through the damn book to find instructions, schedules, deductions and all the other crap then it becomes obvious why I don't mind paying for a crap reduction service. Now I can do a very easy tax return. ? ? ? ? ?

3/14/2021 by Derrick

You guys were very helpful and thanks a lot have a blessed day.

3/14/2021 by Franklin Riley

I like the service I got from ezTaxReturn

3/14/2021 by richard f vasquez

love the simplicity of the software. easy to use and good options too

3/14/2021 by Patricia Raynolds

I have used ezTaxReturn for at least 4 years and they make it easy and thorough.

3/14/2021 by Dawn

Every year I dread sitting down to do my taxes. However, when it's over I always say, "That wasn't so bad!" All thanks to using ezTaxReturn, like I have for the past 15 years at least. I would hate to have to use another service.

3/14/2021 by Petra McMaster

Very easy to understand and to navigate through the process. The fee to file was very reasonable, cheaper than other tax services.

3/14/2021 by Richard Eye

Takes the hassle out of tax time.

3/14/2021 by Sherly

Prompt professional and excellent service.

3/14/2021 by tiny


3/14/2021 by Janice Shelton

Very user friendly.

3/13/2021 by Charles

ezTaxReturn did a good job for me!!

3/13/2021 by G Gallop

Many years filing and always a great site ! This year posed most challenges , Covid, unemployment, Retirement checks and Social Security checks! A lot! Still, all very do able! Great help . Easy to follow and always thorough at a fair price.

3/13/2021 by Charles is the place to go!! Great job!!

3/13/2021 by Paula J Rumsey

Very easy to use! Great instructions! I never knew this site existed! Thank you!

3/13/2021 by Lori

Love how it stores your information for next year. Easy and efficient.

3/13/2021 by Scott Wilson

I've been using ezTaxReturn for 3 years now. Very easy to use and great follow up in keeping you informed about your return. Also you can view and download your present and past returns. Really great product at a fair price.

3/13/2021 by Anil Pokharel

Very helpful and easy instructions. Will continue using it.

3/13/2021 by Barbara McDermott

Easy to understand and work with.

3/13/2021 by Martine Bourdeau

Easy to use, excellent, affordable!

3/13/2021 by MK

Returning customer since 2015 and will continue to be. Experience exactly as the company name - EASY to read, understand, follow, go back to review, update as needed. Certain info retained from previous filings which is a convenience! Very affordable service. Thank you, ezTaxReturn.

3/13/2021 by Antoine T Anderson

Awesome Customer Service. Easy platform.

3/13/2021 by Larry Don

We have used ezTaxReturn for years and love how easy you make it. The price is so reasonable and you even give discounts for repeat users! Thank you for your superb service.

3/12/2021 by Harper

I've used ezTaxReturn for years... it's accurate, quick and easy.

3/12/2021 by Ed R

OUTSTANDING! 3rd tax year I've use your service, fast and easy.

3/12/2021 by Bernadette Dallam

I found the process to file very thorough and it was very easy to navigate through your online tax filing site. Used your site in 2019 and based on that information it was very easy to navigate thru the 2020 return.

3/12/2021 by Eddie Lamar

Excellent Service :-)

3/12/2021 by ho

Very easy to process my Tax Return, it was a useful tool. Thanks!!! I try to use ezTaxReturn year over year.

3/12/2021 by David J Johnson

Been using ezTaxReturn for 6 years, very easy to us, have had no problems. Good system.

3/11/2021 by Bill Kauffman

2nd year using ezTaxReturn and both times it was very easy to manipulate and we got our refund quickly. Thanks!

3/11/2021 by Laurie

I've used ezTaxReturn many times. The first time I put it off until the last minute because I was dreading it. Of course once I started it was so simple I never put it off again. Just gather up your documents and you'll be done before you know it. You will need your Annual Gross Income from last years taxes the first time with ezTaxReturn. After that they will keep track of everything for you. It's awesome. The second year there will be several things auto filled for you so no need to retype everything every year. I paid their standard fee for several years which was always a low price. Now that we're retired and the taxes very simple we get to efile for free. Nothing better than free. Super accurate as well. Never had a problem. Don't put it off. It's so easy.

3/11/2021 by D. Gregory

Simply the best!!!

3/11/2021 by Jamesbova

It was very easy no trouble. Thank you very much.

3/11/2021 by Amanda M

ezTaxReturn is the best! I have filed my own taxes using ezTaxReturn for about 6 years. As a total layman who is extremely confused by tax codes and process, let me tell you that this is SO EASY to use! Very helpful, explanatory, quick process, and cost effective. I love ezTaxReturn!

3/11/2021 by Valerie

Very easy and fast to use. Customer service is very helpful and knowledgeable. Been using them for 3 years now and will continue to use them in the future.

3/11/2021 by Sandy

Easily the best tax company to work with. So easy and they guide you step by step

3/11/2021 by Mona Sandoval

I've used ezTaxReturn for the past 3 years and appreciate the ease and accuracy. It's nice to have the previous year's information available. Thank you!

3/11/2021 by Jerry Harwell

Very helpful service!

3/11/2021 by Donna F

They made the whole process simple and easy-I look forward to using them for years to come!

3/11/2021 by Larry Urich

It was so easy and fast! I'll never use anyone else!

3/11/2021 by Amanada

They make Filing Taxes very easy and simple.

3/11/2021 by Tom

I love ezTaxReturn! With the new tax laws that Trump put in, I couldn't itemize anymore (and of course my tax bill went up). I used TurboTax for 15 years but about 6 years ago I noticed that they tried to trick me into spending money on options that I didn't need. I stopped 3 years ago and switched to ezTaxReturn. What a relief. This program is so much better than Turbo I wish I had switched years ago. Thank you ezTaxReturn for making it so straightforward without any tricks.

3/11/2021 by Debra Lauricha

Very easy and I have used you for several years. Thank you.

3/10/2021 by Timothy

I have used ezTaxReturn year after year. I used it again and I am very satisfied!

3/10/2021 by Douglas

Having to almost always file a non-simple return I wish I didn't always have to pay $40 for one little change that I have to figure out.

3/10/2021 by Richard Corbin

It is very pleasant to use eTaxReturn! Makes a distasteful job more approachable.

3/10/2021 by Nick

Very simple and fast.

3/10/2021 by Judi Bergh

They were so helpful, knowledgeable and very prompt in answering questions. I highly recommend ezTaxReturn!

3/10/2021 by Aretha Coleman

Great system to use for filing taxes. You can either do it yourself through the program or have help through the whole process. Because uhhh some of those questions if not all? That Tax Lingo? can be hard to interpret. The fact that they are aware and will give you definition for what the question means in my tax situation is extremely helpful.

3/10/2021 by Cheryl Richardson

Have been using ezTaxReturn for many years easy and very helpful never had any problems and will continue to use them great service.

3/10/2021 by Rob

It was fast, simple and easy to follow all instructions and help. Thanks.

3/10/2021 by Greg Cognetto

Very easy and accurate.

3/10/2021 by Keith Rine

This is so easy to use and now my daughter uses it too.

3/10/2021 by Demaris

Easy steps to follow from beginning to the end

3/10/2021 by Jay

This is the second time i have used ezTaxReturn. It is very very easy.

3/10/2021 by Dora Hogan

Very excited to know i can still get my stimulus. Thank you

3/9/2021 by Dean

Ez to use, pun intended.

3/9/2021 by Evangelita Soto

Best tax filling. I would recommend to anyone.

3/9/2021 by Wallace Malcolm


3/9/2021 by Charles W Murray

Have used ezTaxReturn for years. The walk thru with automatic data from last years makes for both Fed and State filing a breeze.

3/9/2021 by HED

Used ezTaxReturn for the third year. I find it easy to use and efficient.

3/9/2021 by Joyce Roberson

Great site. Third time using!!

3/9/2021 by Donald S. Bailey

Thank You, be back next year.

3/9/2021 by Katherine Delano

I have been using ezTaxReturn for many years and always have an easy time filing. If I have questions, there are explanations that you can view, or e-mail ezTaxReturn customer service.

3/9/2021 by Melissa

Easy to follow

3/9/2021 by B franken

Awesome app!

3/9/2021 by DHouse

They make it easier and easier every year. Just wished I knew I was Expected to pay a fee before I completed all the information. I really didn't have a choice at that point, so I paid. Apparently, it goes by state and I moved from Cali to Oregon and now have to pay to file. Oh well, good website, anyway.

3/9/2021 by Bernadette

3rd or 4th year in a row - love it - walks you through, very thorough! Thanks!

3/8/2021 by HYung Moon

Very good!

3/8/2021 by Susie Huffman

It was easy to use and I enjoyed the experience.

3/8/2021 by Randall Shifflet


3/8/2021 by Erin

Quick & awesome!

3/8/2021 by Helen Reiser

Easy but pricey

3/8/2021 by Reta Rios

Made it easy and made me feel confident using the walk me through it option.

3/8/2021 by Don Jackson

That was too easy!

3/8/2021 by Bryan

Amazing service

3/7/2021 by Maggie White

I have used this application multiple years and am very pleased with it. I also recommended it to a friend who reported that she was also very pleased with it.

3/7/2021 by GARY

Been using ezTaxReturn for about 12 years and it gets easier to use each year.

3/7/2021 by Melvene

I like the process. It make it easy to do your taxes.

3/7/2021 by Earl Meirhofer

Great price, easy and simple. Thank you

3/7/2021 by Annabeth

I have been using ezTaxReturn for years. Always simple and guides me through step by step when necessary. Especially tricky for 2020 with the pandemic and unemployment.

3/7/2021 by Mark Kole

Fast and easy!

3/7/2021 by KSwan

I've used ezTaxReturn for 8 or 9 years consecutively. It's a terrific service that walks you through step by step or allows you to go at your own pace. It's efficient - notification comes in a timely manner.

3/7/2021 by Betty


3/7/2021 by Dana LaRock

ezTaxReturn is easy to use, & convenient, no appt. needed. Its also probably the best deal around.

3/7/2021 by G McLin

The fact that I can click on words and phrases for a deeper understanding, along with the built-in forms make the ezTaxReturn site easy to use.

3/7/2021 by Crystal

Very easy.

3/6/2021 by John Cooper

Thank you ez!!

3/6/2021 by Cass

I had so many questions on how to do my taxes this year. I had four W2s, two 1098 forms, and so many questions... I was led through every step and made it so easy! I highly recommend ezTaxReturn.

3/6/2021 by William Root

I am very impressed with how easy it was to get my federal and state tax returns prepared and filed. Also, I received both return checks in just over 2 weeks from when I filed. I will definitely be a returning customer next year.

3/6/2021 by Annette White

Always quick and easy step by step, love your service!

3/6/2021 by Deborah

My first time doing my own taxes. They made this very easy to understand/ Great company!

3/6/2021 by Tom f

Fast and easy

3/5/2021 by Rita Henderson

Lives up to their name. Easy to follow the process and the customer service, if needed, is excellent.

3/5/2021 by LTaylor

I'm 110% satisfied with this service its outstanding, very easy to use and a trusted site. This is my second year filing my taxes in this site and I couldn't be more happy and appreciative for the service. Thank you for your assistance.

3/5/2021 by Rodrigo

Great and very streamlined tax service. Like it better than TurboTax.

3/5/2021 by alvaro quinchia

very easy

3/5/2021 by ida M odorizzi

Process went smoothly

3/5/2021 by Wingate

Used ezTaxReturn for several years and am very satisfied with service. Will continue to use for taxes.

3/5/2021 by Walter Lorenc

I needed help because my spouse passed. Cheryl, was very helpful in helping me complete my return. I highly recommend ezTaxReturn.

3/5/2021 by SHERRIE


3/5/2021 by Mamadou

Very easy, convenient, and fast confirmation from the IRS. I've been using ezTaxReturn for many years and never have a problem. Thank you.

3/4/2021 by Kindra Kozlovsky

Your app was a bit touchy and if I took to long to fill something in, it logged me out! I had to log back in three times just to file because time kept running out. You advertise as being free to file but just because I got a savings credit you decided I had to be charged full price. I though that was wrong! You gave an easy to follow app but I won't use you again my friend used the irs website and had exactly the same as mine and she filed for free!

3/4/2021 by charles fengler

very easy way to do tax returns

3/4/2021 by Joanna Gaylord

I don't like doing my taxes, but with exTaxReturn it was less difficult than it might have been. Thanks for your help.

3/4/2021 by Jane Glenn

I never planned to do my husband and my taxes but have been using ezTaxReturn's services for four years now and with their help have been able to do our taxes and feel comfortable about doing them.

3/4/2021 by Ronnie Theus

Great system. Tried turbo tax, this was much simpler and easier.

3/4/2021 by Doris Belle Isle

Easy to use and a good experience every year! I'm happy with this filing service.

3/4/2021 by Aaron

Been using EZ for years... never had an issue.

3/4/2021 by Sue M.

Easy, stress-free and fast! Love it !

3/4/2021 by LC Reece

My return was pretty simple and it was easy to file. Like that there is NO math involved. Would recommend.

3/4/2021 by Jay Duffy

ezTaxReturn is very easy to use and understand. Questions are answered in short order. I highly recommend this website!

3/4/2021 by Lauri

Nice, easy to follow program. Price was reasonable. Thank you.

3/4/2021 by Kevin

They live up to their name - it's very easy and well organized. I didn't even know about the pandemic deduction but the software automatically took care of that and got me an even larger refund then I would have expected. Don't hesitate to purchase!

3/4/2021 by Kim Nussbaum

You did an excellent job at filling out my taxes for the year of 2019 and 2020 yet I have not received my taxes I have not had anything approved and this is Thursday March 4th and I'm beginning to worry is there anything I can do?

3/4/2021 by S Williams

Quick and easy, Thanks!

3/4/2021 by Raja Khoury

Very happy. Thank you.

3/4/2021 by Mark Cologne

Taxes made simple and easy to do.

3/4/2021 by Michelle Boutin

Very easy to navigate!! Simple and dosen't take long!!

3/4/2021 by James O

Great program. Tax filing easy. All ages and Incomes. Reasonable price and well structured..

3/4/2021 by Yvette

ezTaxReturn provides simple step by step instructions on finding the information from my W2 to fill in on my tax return. It didn't take me long to complete both my federal and state tax. returns. It's also nice that the information is electronically sent on completion. This is my 2nd year using ezTaxReturn.

3/4/2021 by D. Mack

So easy to use. I have used the other tax sites that we are all familiar with and is the very best. Fees are reasonable as well. They make sure you get every penny back that you deserve.

3/4/2021 by Margaret

It is so helpful I just wish that it would do the Minnesota state tax.

3/3/2021 by Joe Call

The best out there.

3/3/2021 by Nanuli

Excellent . Easy and fast for use

3/3/2021 by Rachel Ryan

Easy and fast!

3/3/2021 by Michael J Thill

Very good

3/3/2021 by Diane


3/3/2021 by Kevin Ward

Outstanding service been using this tax services for last 7 years. I can state they go above and beyond for customers satisfaction always ! I'm a customer for life. Thank You ezTaxReturn for making tax filing a simple task each year! Sincerely Kevin Ward

2/13/2021 by Ruth Trosclair

Was very easy and the communication was a 10. The only negative was it was my understanding it was a referral from IRS.GOV that was supposed to be free but the charge was minimal. I think that for Seniors it should be free

3/2/2021 by Grace

I am disappointed for the following reason: 1. Price goes up every year. 2. I was unable to populate forms with data from the last year. 3. There was not error check.

3/3/2021 by Charles

They walked me through step by step and made tax time easy

3/3/2021 by Tonya K. Carpenter

It was very simple, if you needed more info it was available & it didn't take a long time. My brother actually told me about them & I'm very satisfied. Thank you

3/3/2021 by Joyce Woods

So user friendly.. Doing taxes is kinda nerve-wracking but ezTaxReturn makes it less stressful. The stored information is so convenient. I've been using them for 6 years and never a problem.

3/3/2021 by David

Fast and very helpful!

3/3/2021 by sharon

I am not computer savvy, but this was not complicated at all! It walked me through the whole process. Thank you.

3/2/2021 by Sal and Marianne

Easy tax program to use. ezTaxReturn gets all 5 stars.

3/2/2021 by V. Clay

Fast. Easy

3/2/2021 by Tyrone Brown

A bit long but well done.

3/2/2021 by Pam Henderson

Very easy and convenient to use

3/2/2021 by Zannasmith

It's a life saver, fast, easy and good.

3/2/2021 by Margo Bacon

I'm very satisfied. Use them all the time.

3/2/2021 by David Loomis

So Easy

3/2/2021 by Loren James

Was very user friendly.

3/2/2021 by Michael W.

This has been heaven sent. After being overcharged, audits, and small returns without proper explanation. This has been the most seamless process you could ever imagine. 30 minutes and your done. The IRS actually recommends this site. 3 years strong, I have received good returns, no audits, and I have done it all by myself. They make it so easy a 16 year old could file they're taxes.

3/2/2021 by Robert Denton

I've been using ezTaxReturn for 16 years, and have always been pleased with the service. Their software is easy to use, and guides you through the whole process flawlessly.

3/2/2021 by Scott

Excellent service. Fill in the blanks and your return is filed. It couldn't be easier!

3/2/2021 by Larry T Judd

Very Easy and User Friendly

3/2/2021 by Heather

I've used ezTaxReturn for the past 5 years. Always an easy process and economical.

3/2/2021 by Shannah


3/2/2021 by Shirley Norris

I've been using them for years and its great! Fast and easy to use! I will continue to use them!

3/2/2021 by Tim

I have used this service for the past five years or so. They make it so easy.

3/1/2021 by John Jones

Great. Helped me a lot, outstanding.

3/1/2021 by DEBRA CARLSEN


3/1/2021 by Sandy

Very easy to use. Highly recommended

3/1/2021 by Dr. CC

Simple, helpful and thorough. I m a repeat customer - I think this is my fourth year. using ezTaxReturn for filing my Federal and state taxes.

3/1/2021 by Wendy Boutilier

Excellent tax preparation site. Easy to use highly recommended

3/1/2021 by Clarke

First time user and with all the changes the pandemic brought last year, I loved my experience filing my taxes this time around!

3/1/2021 by Arun

Support in entering information was was prompt and helpful. Filing cost was very reasonable.

3/1/2021 by Gary B.

Thorough, professional, easy to use.

2/28/2021 by Paul Warren Arsenault

Like almost everything I do, it took me about four times as long as it should have. That, however, has much more to do with me than with your website. I started around 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. Pacific standard Time and filed x 10:00 p.m., last night. For me, that's pretty good. I'm glad you know that my return will be filed in about three weeks and I hope to see you in the mail shortly thereafter. thank you very much for your service and your partnership with the IRS and the price was right, too. ?????? Thank you. ?????

2/28/2021 by Debra H of Piedmont AL

Extremely easy to follow instructions. All the help you need. They follow up with you through out the process until you receive your return. THANK YOU EZTAXRETURN!

2/28/2021 by Angel Toro

Outstanding service!...prompt tax refund!...keep up the great work.

2/28/2021 by Anthony Spencer

Simply and easy no hassle filing.

2/28/2021 by Ryan

Very easy to use and understand

2/28/2021 by Erich P Weibel

This is really, really easy, congrats, your software is fantastic

3/1/2021 by Chuck E

I also have been using ezTaxReturn for years. I'm done with spending hours upon hours doing my own returns. It's just so easy to enter the information. Lots of help readily available and mistake checking built in.

3/1/2021 by Bonnie Zavoral

Been using ezTaxReturn for 12 years now. It's easy and detailed. Thanks for your good job. Bonnie

2/27/2021 by Foxrivervalley

For 2020, I was supposed to be able to deduct charitable contributions (limited amount) without itemizing deductions - this option never showed up.

2/28/2021 by Mary S

I've been using them since 2016 and have never had any issues. Easy to use step by step guide. Highly recommend!

2/28/2021 by Robert Fernandez

Thank you for helping us. We have been using you for years.

2/28/2021 by Mike Brooks

Step by step very easy to use follow

2/28/2021 by Kathy

I found this website to be extremely user-friendly. I would recommend the site to anyone.

2/27/2021 by William l Barker

why cant i get a copy and why does no one want to talk to anyone its like you dont want to be bothered your service was fine but your bedside manner sucks you give a phone number wait a while and say your to bust to take the call bullpuckey

2/27/2021 by David Simmons

It was not as easy as other providers I have used in the past. Furthermore it was NOT FREE FREE FREE as it is spewed out, every third ad on my computer. You should say right up front , that if you have Covered California or some other form of ACA, which tens of millions of people do, it's going to cost you 40 bucks. FREE FREE FREE is BS BS BS

2/28/2021 by Sandra Stiemke

Have used for years and always have been satisfied. Very helpful answering questions.

2/28/2021 by Edward L Clock

This is my first year using As it turned out I made an error on my federal tax return where I almost paid twice. I contacted the customer service department and corrected my error. I can't say enough how much that meant to me, It would've been a $3,415 error that they fixed. THANKS.... ED Clock

2/28/2021 by Dy

ezTaxReturn is the site for tax filing. I have been using them for 9 years and am just satisfied every time. Thank you.

2/28/2021 by Delphine

Step by step the best!

2/28/2021 by Delores L.

I've been using ezTaxReturn for years. Very easy to use. Love the service and the price.

2/27/2021 by Beverly Burch

Good experience. Got me more money than turbotax free would have, so that was very positive. Thanks.

2/27/2021 by Judy Jacobs

Excellent - Been using for several years. Always efficient and easy to follow guidelines. As a retired tax professional, I wish I had had this service when preparing returns!!

2/27/2021 by Davan Usraek

Fast and easy explained very well and help through every step if needed.

2/27/2021 by Don Owens

Quick response to my questions, and easy to understand step by step direction. Thanks for the help.

2/27/2021 by Eugene

It was so user friendly. Smooth sailing. I highly recommend.!!!!

2/27/2021 by John Connelly

As usual very good. Instructions are easy to follow, explanations good. The best part they are up to date on changes and they guide through the entire process. Thank you

2/27/2021 by Gloria

Fast easy to understand each step and most of all free of charge, in one word wonderful

2/27/2021 by Mark

Easy and convenient to use. It even caught a few errors I accidentally made. It makes filing a breeze.

2/27/2021 by Richard Wagner

Absolutely an outstanding performance as usual. I have been using EZTAXRETURN for may years now and as always you guys are the best!!

2/27/2021 by frank gaide

Fourth year in a row I've benefited greatly from using ezTaxReturn...! Easy to follow with excellent results.

2/27/2021 by James Nesta

I've been using ezTaxReturn for years with never a problem. It has always been the quickest, easiest and least costly way for me to do my taxes. I love not having to keep piles of files for my taxes, with ez's electronics archives of my prior returns.

2/27/2021 by Co

My fourth year using ezTaxReturn and very pleased with how easy it is. Not very with it when it comes to taxes so I let them walk me through it. Will be using them again.

2/27/2021 by Shawna

They good

2/27/2021 by Tyler

Excellent site. Especially if you are new to doing taxes or even may need a little help this site got it all.

2/26/2021 by Michael Sharon

I especially liked you emailing me to tell me I had not finished and filed my tax returns.

2/26/2021 by Geraldine Koehler

Can't understand y anyone would go to H and R block, you make filling taxes enjoyable. And I do tell people about your great service.

2/26/2021 by Rilda lumpkin

Easy and consumer friendly.

2/26/2021 by Kanedra Jones

Excellent service

2/26/2021 by Jim Mignerey

Have used last six years! Excellent, efficient, easy, accurate, fast!

2/26/2021 by Kirsten Stibolt

Quick & mostly easy to use. I used them last year and was thrilled at the ease and quick action they take in sending our forms to the State & Gov. Thanks for a Great experience!

2/26/2021 by Kerry O'Keefe

Hands down and thumbs up, definitely the best. I've used for many years and I'm so happy with them.

2/26/2021 by Dwd

Quick and easy to understand

2/26/2021 by Ernie

My 4th year coming back! Thank you for making this stressful process really EZ!

2/25/2021 by DrewB

This is my first year using this system. I've never had an easier time filing taxes!

2/25/2021 by Richard Peterson

Always easy and always fast. The price is reasonable as well.

2/25/2021 by Janet

Thank you!! So fast and easy!

2/25/2021 by MD DC

Easiest way to file your taxes. Can't go wrong.

2/25/2021 by Mariann Clark

I've been using this website for more than 10 years to e-file my taxes and I have always been pleased with the service. Super easy to use and I love that it automatically imports my information from the previous year, as well as stores copies of my previous filings i have done through them.



2/25/2021 by Connie

VERY easy to use! I have used it for years for numerous people and find it so worth the small fee they charge!!

2/25/2021 by Dennis Biggs

Once you get all your information in then you find out it is $39.95 because you have Social Security is taxable or your you've got the retirement income so then it becomes a complicated return.

2/25/2021 by Jim

Fast and easy

2/25/2021 by Silvia G

This company is amazing! I have been doing my taxes with them for the past 4 years. They walk you through the process as you move forward the pages. It is super easy and very efficient to file taxes thru them, plus they are IRS certified

2/25/2021 by Michael O Buterbaugh

Very easy to use, we received our refund in 2 weeks! ! Very happy with the website!

2/25/2021 by Bob

Easy instructions and fast filing. I feel very safe using your service.

2/25/2021 by Renee Butler

I loved it very easy to use.

2/25/2021 by Pauline Reese

Very easy to use.

2/25/2021 by Dave Kirk

Very easy to use, guided me through very smoothly! Prices are very fair!

2/25/2021 by Mike B.

Very smooth. Nice system. Keeps and compares LY info. Bought the Audit Insurance; probably won't need it. Did not buy the re-file insurance, I could do that on my own. By my estimation we were going to have to PAY more. Instead we got $197 back. Thanks ezTaxReturn!

2/25/2021 by Ethel P

I was terrified until your site told me that you would be with me thru each step. Thank you, for making my experience a easy and a great experience. I recommend your online site to my family and friends. Thank you

2/24/2021 by Gali

Easy to use. Fast. Love the confirmation email about my refund being accepted or not by IRS.

2/24/2021 by Rick

Simple and easy to use. I liked the walk through style of entering the data where the software would prompt you by showing you all catagories so you did not miss anything. I didn't think I should have paid to file my federal taxes though and I dont remember seeing a cost advertised if you didn't qualify for the freebee. So I was a little disappointed to go through all that entering data and then be told at the end how much it cost. Maybe my mistake.

2/24/2021 by Keri

Very easy to use.

2/24/2021 by Michaeljackson

Very prompt, honest, helpful and mine was free, no worries mate.

2/24/2021 by William Mathews

I have used ezTaxReturn for several years. It worked even better this year 2021, especially the downloading and printing of the return went much smoother than in the past. Info saved by ezTaxReturn made the process of logging in payers etc. quicker. It is great and it is reliable.

2/24/2021 by Libby

Favorite for years!

2/24/2021 by Lin

I got old since I started using this service 6 yrs ago at age 84, but it still works well for me.

2/24/2021 by John Corcoran

Great walked me through everything, simple and easy.

2/24/2021 by Michael

ezTaxReturn went the extra mile to retreive my tax return for a necessary correction before it went on to IRS for reveiw. They have always been very prompt with answering questions. The forms are handy and straight forward to use. Much of the same information from the previous year is automatically populated onto the form--a great time saver. I've used ezTaxReturn exclusively for at least ten years without any audits or rejects from IRS.

2/24/2021 by Rafe

I had made a mistake but couldn't figure out how to fix it after I submitted. Maybe not possible. Overall it was an easy process.

2/24/2021 by Jonni Dingle

The process was wonderful and I appreciate the assistance in expediting it. But, I have been checking and although the IRS has received my return, I have not received my refund and yes, I added my bank information believing it would be deposited by now. I have so many bills and need the money.

2/24/2021 by LaTonia Parr

Easy & fast

2/24/2021 by Lawrance

You're a misleading people and very dishonest with tax payers when I start doing my taxes during the month of January you posted at the IRS site FREE federal and state taxes (Wisconsin) federal was for free but until today Feb 24 when Wisconsin tax authorities were able to accept taxes at the last page you make me pay $19.95. You don't do this to tax payer you're very dishonest.

2/24/2021 by Donna W was fantastic to use. It was very easy and quick. I was walked through the steps. I was amazed. I loved it. I will be returning again next tax season. Thank You so much

2/24/2021 by Linda Kelty

Fast and easy

2/23/2021 by Susan

Been using them for years, simple, easy. And if you need help or information they're there!

2/24/2021 by Barbara Clayton

Filing was easy to prepare and receiving my refund within 3 weeks.

2/24/2021 by Dorothy

Service is very good and easy to use.

2/24/2021 by James Starck

Very easy to use.

2/24/2021 by Frank Buswell

Great software! Very easy to use!

2/23/2021 by Jason E

Real easy to use. Thank you so much.

2/23/2021 by Carol Beech

Very easy and helpful

2/23/2021 by lee may-smith

Very easy to use. The step by step instructions are extremely helpful. I feel confident that all my entries are correct when all is said and done. Thank you for this helpful service!

2/23/2021 by Michele L Clemente

The forms self filled based on last year's info, the walk through is clear and easy, availability for assistance is very helpful, cost was reasonable and fair, and it was quick and easy! I've used ezTaReturn for three years now and will continue to do.

2/23/2021 by Timothy Samuel

Great tax service, we use ezTaxReturn return every year.

2/23/2021 by Herb

Easy to use, highly recommended eztaxreturn!

2/23/2021 by Paulette

I completed my taxes using ezTaxReturn and the service was Awesome! I also received a IRS confirmation that it was accepted. I highly recommend using ezTaxReturn!

2/23/2021 by Sam Muffoletto

I've used them for the past three years now and I'm VERY PLEASED!

2/23/2021 by Cyndy

Easy to use. Happy with the experience. The year 2020.

2/23/2021 by Greg F

3rd year with this platform. Works for me.

2/23/2021 by Sandra Vargo

It was fast and easy. Also easy to navigate!

2/23/2021 by Michael Hazelwood

Easy to understand and we are so thankful to have a fast, efficient way to get the taxes done!!

2/23/2021 by Bailey Denney

Great application.

2/23/2021 by Darek Houston

The best tax website in the business.

2/23/2021 by Donald A Hong

Was a little skeptical at first, but everything went smooth. Received my return quickly.

2/23/2021 by Ronald Munnil

I have used ezTaxReturn before and always found it easy to complete. Thank you.

2/23/2021 by Gary Dietz

Very good and very helpful ,great job!

2/23/2021 by Chrissie

It has been almost 10 years since I started using EZTAXRETURN.COM and I am very pleased with the service they provide. Their platform makes the filing easy. The price is very reasonable. I just hope they'll continue their line of work in spite of the many changes that are going on in the business world.

2/23/2021 by Brandy

I've been using to do my taxes for the past 6 years and I've never had any issues I highly recommend them!

2/23/2021 by Jim

Easy in and out experience, I couldn't figure out some of the options and their customer service was fantastic! Highly recommended! Thank You !

2/23/2021 by Thomas Sauvageot

I liked ezTaxReturn because they were easy to work with. There was an issue that we easily worked out. I submitted my return a week before February 12th and everything went smoothly and received my refund on February 23rd.

2/23/2021 by Rich S.

This was the first time I decided to use an online service to do our taxes and I am glad I chose to use ezTazReturn to do both our Fed and State returns. I am very happy with the overall service and for a first time user, it was very straightforward and help was readily available if needed.

2/23/2021 by JOHN A HELLER

First time user. Fast and easy to use. Very helpful if needed. Fast filing and quick return. Less than 2 weeks.

2/23/2021 by Barbara J Spiker

I have used your site for the past several years. It is very user friendly and I will continue to use it.

2/22/2021 by Katie

You made it soooo easy !

2/22/2021 by Vlad

I've been doing my taxes on ezTaxReturn for many years with absolutely no problems! It's easy.

2/22/2021 by Tyree Payne

This was a great tax return program to use

2/22/2021 by JAMES


2/22/2021 by Richard Tuisku

I've used the service for several years...excellent.

2/22/2021 by Hazel

The best tax filing experience I've ever had. The process was efficient, clear instructions and stress free.

2/22/2021 by Gloria Layton

Very easy to work with now I'm just waiting on its to have me my refund.

2/22/2021 by Sue

I like ez taxes, I just dont feel like it is free as advertised

2/22/2021 by Elaine

I have been Using ezTaxReturn for YEARS - with NO PROBLEMS!!! I won't go anywhere else for filing taxes. It's ffast, efficient - EASY to follow!

2/22/2021 by Robin

Excellent service!!! I recommend it to everyone! My return was a simple return, but the best I have utilized to date. Thank you!

2/22/2021 by Juan


2/22/2021 by Phil

Your software is as user friendly as most of the others but you charge way too much for your preparing a rather easy federal and state tax return. OLT works just as good and is half the cost of yours. Next year I will most likely move over to them.

2/22/2021 by Antonia

This website helps you step by step if you are unsure of how to file your own taxes!

2/22/2021 by Edgardo Callelero

This is my second year of doing my taxes on ezTaxReturn and will be doing this every tax season. Filing is so easy, so user friendly and above all it will cost you less. I love ezTaxReturn. ??

2/22/2021 by Bill Dunn

AWESOME service

2/22/2021 by Kathleen A Young

I appreciate being walked through every part of the return. I feel confident that I'm getting the best possible return.

2/22/2021 by Michael

I've done my taxes through here for the past 5 yrs. The price is very responsible. They're really trust worthy and if you don't know what you're doing they will provide help.

2/22/2021 by Michelle Decarlo

Easy to complete. No fee. Accurate e-file results with IRS.

2/22/2021 by Ed M.

Completely satisfied, and the online help for questions I had was rapid, accurate, and very helpful.

2/22/2021 by DDSDWS

Found this tax service to be great! Thanks!

2/22/2021 by Kevin

Great customer service, and a thorough walk-through on the e-file taxes. Definitely would recommend.

2/22/2021 by Sharon R Campbell Marshall


2/22/2021 by LoLo

I have been using ezTaxReturn for years, I've always been very satisfied. The directions are very clear and easy to follow. The fee to file is also very reasonable. It's been nothing but great results for me, I will be a customer for many years to come. Thank you for offering such a great service.

2/22/2021 by Melanie

Our family has been using ezTaxReturn for 4 or 5 years now. Prior to that we paid more than 300 dollars to have our taxes prepared and sometimes issues and errors as well. Still had to gather up all the same stuff in preparation, but now it's just so much easier, cheaper and faster. Our refund is back in our pocket a lot quicker and have not had one problem. A great company.

2/21/2021 by Ronald Davidson

Excellent online tax preparer. Simple and easy.

2/21/2021 by Kathryn

Easy to use. You can choose complete guidance or go on your own. There were no hidden fees! Federal filing was completely free!

2/21/2021 by Jonathan

It was rather easy filing my income tax return. Just following directions and bam, you are done.

2/21/2021 by Stacy Sutherland

I would like to thank ezTaxReturn for creating a site so easy to use. I had no confusion whatsoever while filing my taxes and found the task quit enjoyable thanks to ezTaxReturn. You guys are the best... thank you ezTaxReturn.

2/21/2021 by William Shepard

Very easy to understand. Great support people. Thanks for everything.

2/21/2021 by Chad

Good price, fairly simple approach- just answer questions & input your information.

2/21/2021 by Zachary Parker

Thank you!!

2/20/2021 by Pablo Arias

Great help!!! Thanks!!!

2/20/2021 by Dianne

So easy to use, they cover everything, will use again next year! Thank you ezTaxReturn!

2/21/2021 by Alicia

For some reason, I am having to wait to e-file my state return, even though my state has already started accepting them. Although this site is not waiting to charge me the hefty fees! There is no phone support and just nonchalant email correspondence.

2/21/2021 by Tom

Very easy and very simple to follow instructions. I will be back next year!!!!

2/21/2021 by Joyce Tanzillo

First time user and found the experience wonderful and fairly easy. I really didn't know what to expect at first, but overall found the process efficient and had encountered absolutely no problems. Would definitely use again!.

2/21/2021 by Julie Huerta

This system is very user friendly and I would recommend it to anyone needing to file your returns asap.

2/20/2021 by Carolyn Lisle

Excellent, easy and fast. Quality service for several years.

2/20/2021 by EDITH

Great help! Thanks

2/20/2021 by Joyce Anderson

I have used exTaxReturn for a few years now. Easy and self explanatory. Used customer service this year and got an answer back right away backed up by data and IRS instructions entries. Rates are reasonable. Having a coupon helps also,

2/20/2021 by Eric Bustamante

Very satisfied with the results, always simple, easy, understandable and effective.

2/20/2021 by J. Mitchell

The program was quick and easy, just what I wanted!

2/20/2021 by John

Very easy to use. Also, the step by step of each part of my taxes was the way to go and easy to understand

2/20/2021 by Dave G

Very easy procedure. Step by step instructions, as well as easy to understand instructions. I have been using for years and highly recommend.

2/20/2021 by Tiffany

They were amazing. When I needed help they helped me out. I found out about them from a Facebook status. I'm glad I did. I would be sure to use this service in the near future thank you ??

2/20/2021 by Fredia Doody

Easy process. Very satisfied

2/20/2021 by DOUGLAS

I've been using ezTaxReturn for the past 4 yrs and will continue to do so. As the name implies its easy to use and affordable. Any questions that I had were answered timely and professionally. I highly recommend this program and have done so.

2/20/2021 by Lorie Gennette

I love that they guide me step-by-step. Very explanatory and helpful. Been using ezTaxReturn for years.

2/20/2021 by Shay

There were a few snags in the beginning, but once those got fixed, it went ok.

2/20/2021 by James Discolo

Reasonable price. Only problem was that the system "timed out" too often.

2/20/2021 by Del

Used this service for years. Completely satisfied.

2/20/2021 by Deborah Funk

Easy to use and great service

2/20/2021 by Jimmy

Easy and fast

2/20/2021 by Zakhery Robinson

Quick and easy. I was extremely surprised and pleased !!!

2/20/2021 by Gerri

I had a minor problem with tax form and they immediately fixed it and tax form was accepted by IRS. I highly rate them.

2/19/2021 by Rubie

Very easy and fast. Just plug in information asked for and let ezTaxReturn do the rest.

2/19/2021 by Rebecca

So easy! Questions very clearly answered if I did not understand what I needed answers for.

2/19/2021 by Wilbur Courytain

At 92 Years of age, I let you guide me all the way. Very easy to follow. Thank You

2/19/2021 by Elena B

Easy and fast.

2/19/2021 by Chaz Pinkston

Y'all were more helpful and the easiest to do taxes with more so than anyone else. Don't change a thing with your tax stuff. Though it is difficult to get a refund check up info in real time.

2/19/2021 by Denise Russo

didn't get my return been 22days not happy

2/19/2021 by Donna

Very easy process!!

2/19/2021 by martin ness

very easy to use efficient and very timely

2/19/2021 by P.R.

I was able to enter my information and e-file with no problems

2/19/2021 by Mary

I've been using ezTaxReturn for years. They are easy to understand and use.

2/19/2021 by Robert E Vallad

The return was EZ and went very well. I may have filed wrong in past years because I did not get near as much back last year as I did this year. I've been with ezTaxReturn since 2016 and it has worked very well for me.

2/19/2021 by James S Phillips

Very easy site to use! Actually helped me pickup several deductions or credits that I would not have found myself. Definitely would recommend to others!

2/19/2021 by eric

excellent. thank you.

2/19/2021 by Rettagliata


2/19/2021 by Terry

Excellent service (timely and quite easy to use).

2/19/2021 by Randy Sullivan

This is the way I do my taxes every year!

2/19/2021 by Monte Hendrix

Thanks for helping me with my taxes y'all are awesome and y'all did a great job and yes i will be back in touch with y'all next tax season.

2/19/2021 by James Zanzucchi

Excellent! Clear, simple, easy to use... Even included Schedule B, when other programs told me I needed to upgrade to the deluxe version! Thank you.

2/19/2021 by Lyssa

This is the second year I have used ezTaxReturn. I would never use any other service. The way they guide you through it is amazing! I will be using this tax service next year.

2/19/2021 by Calvin Bartels

Fast and easy to use.

2/19/2021 by Kyah

Quick n easy.

2/19/2021 by Bernadine Ramos

Well I thought it would be difficult but all in all it turned out great even if I needed help it was there at a click and navigating back and fourth was also very easy so I liked it so much. I helped a couple if friends to do theirs also with no problems. I would definitely recommend ezTaxReturn to anyone and everyone that asks me and even recommend it if I overhear anyone asking someone else ,thank you so much for making my life a little bit easier in these times.

2/19/2021 by Ted

Great and no service charge, thank you

2/19/2021 by Lu

I found the site very hard to follow and understand - I do not understand computer language _as a senior it took me 2 days to complete my 1040 SR but that is better than paying someone

2/19/2021 by Adam Okrasinski

It was soooo easy, I couldn't believe it!! Better than others that I checked into. Thanks for making filing painless.

2/19/2021 by George Sanders

I have used your appt for years to do my taxes. I find it about a 4. I have problems each year when it comes time to add my wife's SS w2. It takes me some time to go to it after I have interred my W2.'s. I have to hunt and it finally goes to it. Don't know what I did but it finally shows up. Besides that I find it easy to use. Would recommend it to my friends.

2/19/2021 by Mr Tony

Easy step by step free federal e-file, Thanks so much.

2/19/2021 by Donnetta

User friendly.

2/19/2021 by Ahmir

Very easy to use and very informative.

2/19/2021 by Catherine Slocum

The entire process is extremely easy to use and the guided questions put you at ease. Very reasonably priced also.

2/19/2021 by Kevin Phillips

Great fast and easy

2/19/2021 by Andrew Bramble

Was very easy to understand.

2/18/2021 by Paul Serle

Very neat, and concise. I would definitely recommend it for all.

2/18/2021 by John Patrick Dixon

As many have already stated, it was easy to navigate, and fast.

2/18/2021 by Reynaldo Ong

fastest... error-free...

2/18/2021 by Irene Byrd

3rd year using this app and its great! no problems using it.

2/18/2021 by Dan Saunders

Very easy to navigate thru multiple screens. Pre-populated saved data is a huge plus.

2/18/2021 by Michael J Kitkowski

EASY EZ to use, helpful when in doubt. Thank you.

2/18/2021 by Raul

Made it very easy to use and comprehend. I have used other tax services before but this one lives up to its name. I highly recommend this tax service to everyone. Thank you.

2/18/2021 by Joe DiMartino

Doing my taxes with ezTaxReturn is so easy. My third year doing taxes with them. I highly recommend!

2/18/2021 by Angela Bowen

Love your service. Filing taxes has become a pleasure, thanks to you.

2/18/2021 by Karen E Altamirano

I can't believe how easy this was to do. I will definitely come back for next year taxes!

2/18/2021 by Larry

Great service & very easy to use. Thanks

2/18/2021 by Eric Duncan

Very quick, and efficient!

2/18/2021 by Mary

Ez and free love it 2 yrs in a row.

2/18/2021 by B. Gilani

Very helpful with prompting. Did not take long.

2/18/2021 by Seagraves

Have used your online service and very happy with the easy process.

2/18/2021 by John Lorigan

First time filing online, ezTaxReturn made it quite easy. A couple of hiccups only because it being my first time. Half way through had to time out wasn't sure if what I had done would be saved, checked with support and they quickly assured me it was. Will likely use again, very satisfied.

2/18/2021 by Andres Reyment

Excellent, fast and easy. Thank you!!

2/18/2021 by Teresa

Super easy to use! We were terrified for years to do our own taxes, but this was so easy, helpful support. Love it!

2/18/2021 by Sandra Kebberly

I am not very good about filing taxes. Had a few issues which your staff helped me with immediately. Very happy with the results. Thank you.

2/18/2021 by Evelyn

Easy to follow, I don't need to go school just to learn tax prep. Thank you ezTaxReturn.

2/18/2021 by BENJAMIN STORY

Great, fast and easy. Thank you

2/18/2021 by Walter Moss

Very easy and comprehensive.

2/18/2021 by Carole Clair

Thank you for making filing our taxes so simple. Being able to simply fill in the information on forms 1099-R and 1099-int instead of the whole form was super. Been using your system since 2018 and we will continue.

2/18/2021 by Fred Homan

Boy, was this easy. Excellent.

2/18/2021 by Deborah McEvoy

Very easy and fast

2/18/2021 by Richard

Very good at walking me through the process and eliminating any questions .

2/18/2021 by Cynthia Desilets

Easy to use. Walks you through all aspects of the return

2/18/2021 by Josephine M. Palomino

Excellent app. So easy and expeditious.

2/18/2021 by Kellie Newsome

Super convenient, simple process!

2/18/2021 by Andrea Lopes

So easy to navigate. I have used ezTaxReturn for several years. All the information is in the system, just put in the new figures and just like magic!

2/18/2021 by Carol cooke

I have used this service for a number of years, absolutely love it !! It is so simple to use and navigate! I have never had a problem at all! Thank you!

2/18/2021 by Tom

Easy and informative saved me money

2/18/2021 by Judith

Easy & fast!

2/18/2021 by Loyd Neisler

This is my second year using this service and I have found it very easy to follow and would recommend them to anyone

2/18/2021 by The Best!

So easy!!! My return was relatively simple but did include capital gains - no problem! I've used Free File before and this was by far the best option EVER! They even made entering all that W-2 info easy. I am actually looking forward to next year's taxes.

2/18/2021 by Frank Lentine

It was pretty easy. Just had a few questions that we weren't able to find answers to.

2/18/2021 by OneP

My family and i have been utilizing ezTaxReturn for several years now and no issues as of yet.

2/18/2021 by Mike

In at least 15 YEARS of doing my taxes online this is BY FAR the EASIEST tax program I have ever used!!!!! WILL use it for many years to come! I used to work for a " big name " tax service many years ago and this was almost as easy as they're program (when you work for them).

2/18/2021 by Jacquewyn Chambers-Martin

Very easy, very quick process. I got my taxes done in less than 30 minutes!

2/18/2021 by Gigi

Great, fast and easy. Thank you

2/18/2021 by Jerome

Very easy , very fast , very good.

2/18/2021 by Laura

Exellent. Love this service, affordable, fast and straight forward. Thank you. I can easily and quickly do my own taxes i simply love it


thank you very much for assisting for the first time in filing my federal income tax return. I'm happy that the IRS accepted my tax return.

2/18/2021 by Lexi

Super easy, efficient.

2/18/2021 by Kate

Excellent and Easy!

2/18/2021 by Kimberly N.

I am not a tax filer, so I am so grateful you offered up the rebate credit form 1044. You made it very easy to apply and very quick response when I has a question. Thank you and God Bless!!!

2/18/2021 by Susan L

I've been using this online service for 5 yrs or so... always a good experience.

2/18/2021 by Mark Anthony McCullough

You make life so much easier when I am doing my taxes. If I make a mistake on a certain page, you will not let me advanced to another page until I correct it. I feel so safe doing my taxes with ezTaxReturn.

2/18/2021 by Raymond and Carolyn Smith

Been using your service for several years. Very good. Thank you.

2/18/2021 by Mark Frick

The entire process was quick and easy.

2/18/2021 by Ernie DeSantolo

This was great! So easy ! It took the pain away from doing taxes. I recommend it to anyone. It also saved me a lot of money since I didn't have to take it to an accountant. It was fun too. I think I'll even do it for some family members. Thanks

2/18/2021 by Lorraine

Thank you so very much for making this process easy to file my taxes. Thank you again

2/18/2021 by Melisa

Filing with EZtaxreturn was quick, easy, and best of all free!

2/18/2021 by Patty

Easy to follow. I used the guided version and it was very helpful.

2/18/2021 by Bernard Koltiska

Very easy to fill out for the first time. Over all a good process.

2/18/2021 by Constance C.

I've been with ezTaxReturn for years. Always easy, super fast refunds. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

2/18/2021 by Lisa W Hall

Excellent and user friendly!

2/18/2021 by J Burns

It was ez.

2/18/2021 by Penny

Very quick and easy. Self explanatory.

2/18/2021 by Michael

I found your program found me money! I'm accustomed to doing my own paper filing. NOT NO MORE. Thanks a bunch. And your reply to my inquiry was fast! I'll definitely recommend your product.

2/17/2021 by Rickey Childers

This was the fastest experience I've had doing my taxes myself! Thank you!!!!

2/17/2021 by Donald Millican

Very easy to use.

2/17/2021 by Holli Beeching

Always easy and fast. And I already have my refund, yep 2021 is starting off fairly decent. Thank you ezTaxReturn.

2/17/2021 by ShaVon

I had a great experience. I had no trouble at all. I give you a 5 star rating

2/17/2021 by Robert

Very easy and quick to do my taxes!! Already recommended ezTaxReturn to others!!

2/17/2021 by Gary

Fast and easy.

2/17/2021 by Tabathi Williams

I will definitely use ezTaxReturn again. Thank you ezTaxReturn!

2/17/2021 by Mary Lou Hughes

I've been using ezTaxReturn for many years. It makes the process of filing tax returns a manageable, and for the most part, a relatively less unpleasant task. I love being guided through each step, knowing nothing will be missed. Thank you!

2/17/2021 by Bobby Valencia

I give you all a five star rating.

2/17/2021 by Wayne

Great service and easy to do.

2/17/2021 by Maurice Collins

East to follow and any mistakes could be fixed right away. Thank you!!!

2/17/2021 by June

Got help where and when I needed it, again, this year!

2/17/2021 by Ellison Samuel

It was fast and easy and it covered everything.

2/17/2021 by Kim

This was an easy to navigate site and it wasn't hard to understand at all! My only problem was that I was looking for a site that I could do my taxes for free and when I got to the end I was shocked to have to pay $43! I think next year I will go somewhere else!

2/17/2021 by David McIlwain

This is the second year we have used ezTaxReturn for our Federal and State returns. So easy and intuitive. The site guides you through the process step by step and has prompts for any questions that may arise. I will recommend it to others and continue to use it in the future. Once you use it, your account stays on file and that makes the following use so much easier as all of your personal information is already stored, available and prefilled in. Also reasonably priced.

2/17/2021 by Bill Barr

You make it so simple. Thanks

2/17/2021 by Sarah

5 stars for Federal, easy fill in the blanks. Chose not to use State as $9+ to file and I owe zero tax and zero refund.

2/17/2021 by Michael

Simple, fast. Couldn't be easier.

2/17/2021 by Larry

Very fast

2/17/2021 by Lisa

I normally have my taxes done, but decided to give this site a chance. I would of given them a 5 star, but I didn't find it as user friendly to on my cell, my PC was easier. Also I had a couple of questions and they have no customer service right now on phone. By the time they got back to me I figured out the answers.

2/17/2021 by Karen

This was the first time I used ezTaxReturn. It was very simple and easy to use. The use of the help tabs when I got stuck helped a lot as well as the details given to assist in filing. The only thing I did disapprove of is when I got to the end of my preparation and ready to file, I had to pay a fee to process and file. I believe there was a miscommunication when I first received the email from informing me that as a Veteran I could file my taxes free (both state and federal). Nevertheless, it was a good experience using this tax organization. Next time I will pay close attention in reading the criteria for filing. Thanks a bunch eztax . It's been a great experience.

2/17/2021 by Gary D

Fast and easy to use. Highly recommended.

2/17/2021 by Diane

Easy ,simple, even for someone not so computer savvy. Now if you could only make getting a covid vaccine shot this easy everything would be great.

2/17/2021 by Hoang

I have been using ezTaxReturn for 2 years. For the first year I received more refund than I thought and for the second year I had questions related to changes in my income; they did send me the answer real fast. Thank you.

2/17/2021 by Omana Philip

Thank you so very much for making this process easy to navigate and file my taxes. I am not a tech savvy person and so was very reluctant to try. Also appreciate the support you provide. Was very helpful as the response was very quick and got answers to all my questions in no time. Thank you again

2/17/2021 by Ethan Jay Hermanson

Excellent! EzTaxReturn is really free and it makes filling your taxes simple. I love how EZ it was using this site.

2/17/2021 by GHB

Entering information was very easy. Also, liked the add'l option to get help or not. I chose to not get help with features and it all worked out fine.

2/17/2021 by Lupe Moe

Fast and easy to follow. Thank you for making it simple. This is my third year to use eztaxreturn. All my information wtas in their system. Yay for eztaxreturn!!!

2/17/2021 by Alan

I think it's the easiest tax software available, very easy to use and understand.

2/17/2021 by Greg Ekstam

very straightforward

2/17/2021 by Nancy

Easy Peasy and fast

2/17/2021 by Tee

Absolutely easy!! The guided process was awesome!!

2/17/2021 by Jonah Falcon

No fuss, no muss in filing the last 2 years with these guys.

2/17/2021 by Paul

Very EZ to one yet....will be back next year

2/17/2021 by Lasonia Johnson

It was fast and easy to understand, I was able to enter my deductibles with no problems. Thank You

2/17/2021 by Leita

This was my first time using ezTaxReturn. It was fast, and very easy. I will definitely use them again!

2/17/2021 by R M

I tried the other free tax preparer in vain. Since I have zero income they would not process it. With ezTaxReturn it went flawless. Thanks, highly recommended.

2/17/2021 by Mary Cruz Jimenez Peguero

Excellent service

2/17/2021 by Walid Abul-hawa

Easy, thorough and best of all, free.

2/17/2021 by Laura C

I've used other tax prep services and this one was the easiest and the best! 5 stars!

2/17/2021 by Carmelita Menard

easy and great to do, love it 😀

2/17/2021 by Mariea Law

User friendly

2/17/2021 by Jan

Easy to use and convenient. Liked not having to use step-by-step directions which made it faster.

2/17/2021 by Gerald Johnroe

exTaxReturn puts HR Block and Turbo Tax to shame. The software is very friendly and easy to use. And the price is right. I have been using this for a few years and will continue to use it, I have told many family members and co-workers of this easy and accurate tax tool. Thank you all.

2/17/2021 by Evie Pairitz

Very easy and I have used them for years.

2/17/2021 by LONNIE


2/17/2021 by L. Faye

Easy and truly free (federal) if you earn the qualifying income. No tricks. Step-by-step instructions for this of us who need it and an I-know-what-I'm-doing option for those who are more tax return savvy. It was as easy-breezy as tax filing can go.

2/17/2021 by Pat

Second year using ez. Fast and easy. Haven't had a problem yet.

2/17/2021 by Suresh Vakil

Good services. I wish they have call in phone service where you can get in person help in real time.

2/17/2021 by Anthony

This is the first time doing my own taxes & I can't say too much except it was easy with ezTaxReturn.

2/17/2021 by Maekel G Messele

The best software I have ever used filing my tax returns. I used Turbo Tax and H&R Block before, but this is the best of them all so far! Thank you very much!

2/17/2021 by Brenda

I've been using this tax service for a few years now and it is fast, east and simple to use, plus it was free for me to use. Thanks, using this free service really helps a lot of us.

2/16/2021 by Lois

Very easy! Thank you!

2/16/2021 by Kimberly Chambers


2/16/2021 by Happy

This was fast and easy to use.

2/16/2021 by Jerry King

This is my third or fourth year using ezTaxReturn. Never a problem, quick and easy. Satisfied customer here!!

2/16/2021 by Tim

Very easy to use and found some deductions that I was able to use.

2/16/2021 by Phaulette Wood

Very satisfied.

2/16/2021 by zhmcneal

Their service is excellent. I have used their service for years.

2/16/2021 by N Blake

Been using your service for over five years and find your site very informative and easy to navigate. Great site!

2/16/2021 by Brian Martinez

Easy to follow thru and complete without problems. Thank you.

2/16/2021 by Rob

Super fast, super easy, best ever.

2/16/2021 by Carolyn

ezTaxReturn is very thorough and easy and walks you thru all the steps so you don't miss anything. I will continue to use it every year.

2/16/2021 by Susan A Lehman

I was my first time e-filing and it was very user-friendly and pretty simple.

2/16/2021 by Evette

Quick, easy and accurate

2/16/2021 by Keith Snail

Super easy and quick to use!

2/16/2021 by DONALD DUDLEY

Very easy to use - good service. Would recommend to anyone.

2/16/2021 by Lynne Longpre

I have been using ezTaxReturn for years. It has made filing my tax return fast and ez. My daughter is now a believer too and files her return using ezTaxReturn.

2/16/2021 by Dennis

I have used ezTaxReturn for several years and have always had a wonderful experience... I will be back again next tax season.

2/16/2021 by Bernard Brown

Very quick and easy, excellent

2/16/2021 by Alice Covington

First time I ever used ezTaxReturn. It made me doing my taxes very easy. I'm a senior citizen. Thanks so much!

2/16/2021 by Charles Johnson

Easy to use! A little more typing then i like, but i managed.

2/16/2021 by Cheryl Adams

For a person who is "technologically challenged" I had no problems following your instructions. Excellent job. I was disappointed that I had to pay $29.00 because of odd reasons......

2/16/2021 by Sharon Crone

Very easy to use.

2/16/2021 by Guy Nese

Much easier than paper form method. ezTaxReturn is the first software I have tried. It was easy enough for the simple return I filed. I would like to try it on a more complex return.

2/16/2021 by John Hocher


2/16/2021 by Janis

Overall experience was easy and simple to process.

2/16/2021 by Shaon

Very easy for me to use. Thank y'all for everything.

2/16/2021 by Karen Gillam

Good service.

2/16/2021 by Ricky1


2/16/2021 by Christopher

Very easy, cannot be easier.

2/16/2021 by Susan D

This is my fourth year using ezTaxReturn - fast, simple and stress-free. Highly recommend.

2/16/2021 by Brad Sharlow

Excellent site for returns. Very easy to navigate, and I liked the automatic calculations. Hope you're available next season.

2/16/2021 by Connie

Promptly answers questions in an easy to understand manner.

2/16/2021 by Shara

Super easy and efficient with step-by-step guidance. It's almost like my return did itself!

2/16/2021 by Sarina

Awesome! I just don't like that there are ads that have to load at the bottom of every page and and slightly slows down the process. If you have fast internet then it may not be a bother for you.

2/16/2021 by Tiffany A Seidel

Everything was quite easy to use.

2/16/2021 by C Crown

Very easy to use. Good communication.

2/16/2021 by Jane

Really easy to use, Thank you for helping me with my problem.

2/17/2021 by Blair Sorrel

You did an excellent job! Please keep up the great work!

2/16/2021 by Rose B

Have used ezTaxReturn for a few years. Works great for me.

2/16/2021 by Charles Ralston

Easy to use, does not take long, and quick and understandable answers to a couple of my questions.

2/16/2021 by Kathy Robertson

Made this so easy I could even do it.

2/16/2021 by Wanda Smith

I have been using ezTaxReturn for quite a few years because I find that they are very helpful, have good instructions and very timely. I would recommend them highly

2/16/2021 by Willis Bell

Love doing it this way!! WAAAAY cheaper and easier than a certain other Tax service. If I need a form that is not handy, I save it, find the form then get back to it at MY convenience!

2/16/2021 by Carl or Teena Sterlachini

Great and easy to work with. This is my second year filing. I will use again next year thank you!

2/16/2021 by Sandi

Have been using them for years. Unbelievably perfect!

2/16/2021 by Y Holmes

Such an easy process using ezTaxReturn. The questions were simple to answer, I was able to get all my forms uploaded and felt at ease doing my taxes here compared to other tax services/sites that constantly pop-up tax experts to help and they don't, but want you to pay ridiculous amounts to upgrade to the deluxe, then the other deluxe and then the other deluxe. ezTaxReturn was straight forward and reasonably priced.

2/16/2021 by Kim Brown

Totally love the ease and comfort of knowing your there and will help do our taxes !! Thank yall!!!

2/16/2021 by Johnny H

ezTaxReturn has been an Awesome Tax filing system for me over the last 7 or more years ?? Wouldn't go with anyone else; they have a great value and affordable IRS protection plans if you opt for one! I say two thumbs up ????

2/16/2021 by Mr. VALMONT

This site is to be recommended to anyone who is willing to file his/her taxes the right way. I sincerely appreciate your efforts ( ezTaxReturn Staff) to stay up to date with the latest IRS publications and news. Thanks again! Mr. VALMONT

2/16/2021 by William J

Very easy to follow.

2/16/2021 by Corbin

ezTaxReturn is by far the easiest and most straight forward I've ever seen!

2/16/2021 by Diana Harrison

Easy to follow and they got the same numbers I did.

2/16/2021 by Debra M

I have been using ezTaxReturn for 4 years. I haven't experienced any problems.

2/16/2021 by Glen Mischka

Your program was easy to use, the only disappointment I had was that I didn't find out that the Wisconsin return was not available until the very end. At this point I have not gotten an answer as to when it will be available.

2/16/2021 by Jerold Holman

Fast and easy, see you next year. Thanks

2/15/2021 by Debra Pine

EzTaxReturn was great on filing federal taxes. I will not use them on state taxes. I am qualified for the low income tax table. Your system does not apply this information and would result in a payment owed. I filed my own state taxes using the correct tax table.

2/16/2021 by Thomas Epp

Excellent customer service.

2/16/2021 by I. Williams

This was my first time using ezTaxReturn. It was very easy to use. They provide step by step instructions.

2/16/2021 by Carolyn

This program is very user-friendly and a lot cheaper than the program I have used in the past.

2/16/2021 by M L Stephenson

ezTaxReturn really took the difficulty out of filing.

2/16/2021 by Lillie H Clark

My first time using and I was amazed by the way it was so easy and I really enjoyed it, I will recommend everyone to use it. Thank you!!!

2/16/2021 by Larry

ezTaxReturn is an easy and efficient way to file your taxes. The user interface is very well done.

2/16/2021 by Giulio Gentile

The best 5 STAR online filing service you would ever need. State and Federal returns. Customer since 2015.

2/16/2021 by Fred

The federal return went well. It's now February 16th and they still don't support the Wisconsin return. I'm not sure what the hold up is but I wont be back next year.

2/16/2021 by Barbara Jean Walker

Wow. Really easy. I started with free Turbo Tax and when I got to the part where I was to add NEC income, they stated that was not supported in the free version and I needed to pay $40 to file with NEC. I closed out Turbo Tax and searched the IRS site for free tax support which supported NEC and found ezTaxReturn. I am glad I did, Your product was great besides supporting NEC.

2/16/2021 by Andrea Smith

I have been using you guys for the past 5 yrs. and it has been great, no problems.

2/16/2021 by Cheryle T

App is very easy for anyone to use, from a total novice to an experienced tax prep users!

2/16/2021 by JAMES


2/16/2021 by Robbie Johnson

Great Experience, Hassle Free. Thanks.

2/16/2021 by Chris

So easy, it only took 25 min.

2/16/2021 by Jim

Very easy as they walk you through the process step by step.

2/16/2021 by Amy Becker

You have an awesome user friendly site, it really helps with making filing my taxes not only simple but much less stressful. Thank you ezTaxReturn!

2/16/2021 by David Braun

This was the fastest and easiest tax filing website I have ever used. I don't know why others can't be this way. I definitely will use it next year.

2/16/2021 by Angel

It was really easy and understandable. Thank you!

2/16/2021 by Dewitt

Very easy and thorough, thank you.

2/16/2021 by Kay

Love ezTaxReturn!!!!!!

2/16/2021 by Gregory

Easy self help.

2/16/2021 by James

I have been using ezTaxReturn for 6 years! Very convenient, easy to use and reasonable pricing.

2/16/2021 by William Gruby

Very easy to follow.

2/16/2021 by Geno

It is a little work although it is very simple it is better then waiting on appointments and paying someone else. Thank You for this app. It is overall the best!

2/16/2021 by Yvrose

Love it

2/16/2021 by Kimberlee

Wonderful and easy as always

2/16/2021 by Carrie

Filing was very easy. This application was so convenient and easy to use. Thank you for your service!

2/16/2021 by JB

Multi-year repeat customer.

2/16/2021 by Geneva Beasley

It was fast and easy. Thanks.

2/16/2021 by John Edinger

Easy to use. Clear instructions. Rapid response.

2/16/2021 by Edgar A. Gutshall

Excellent and easy. Was guided throughout the process. Professionally done. Thank you.

2/16/2021 by Kaye

Have been using ezTaxReturn for years. Always very satisfied.

2/16/2021 by James

ezTaxReturn is easy to use thank you for making so easy.

2/16/2021 by Stephen

Absolutely amazing. Being walked through the tax return process just like with a tax prep business, and for a fraction of the cost! Makes doing taxes easy!

2/16/2021 by Annie Chambers

Very, very easy to use.

2/16/2021 by Dspencer

Very easy and stress free.

2/15/2021 by Kyle109

I have used this website for years very disappointing to be charged for one form different from before. I do at least 6 different people's taxes through here and suddenly had to pay for the 3 I have done this weekend. Very disappointing. Thank you for asking.

2/15/2021 by Rich Bastard

Pros : price is right, got the job done. Cons: No auto-filling for W2's, Some head scratching as to what figures where required and why on several lines. IE... amount of my annual high deductible for the year??? and some other vagueness around the HSA section.

2/16/2021 by Carol Payne

It was so simple and easy. I couldn't believe how easy it was and the help that was provided was absolutely amazing, thank you.

2/16/2021 by Debbie & Michael Rigo

Thank you so much! Not good on tech stuff & wasn't sure I e-filed correctly. Messaged you a couple of times & you got right back to us! All good with IRS. As far as I know. Really need all Covid $ we can get, low income & grateful for all. Thanks again.

2/15/2021 by William Heiland

I liked the easy of use of the tax preparation software. And how you are walked through your tax return. The one problem I had was that there was no notice of cost to prepare one's state return.

2/15/2021 by Gary

This site is great. Another Free Provider wanted $80 since a 1099-nec was issued, which was largely offset by expenses. Instead this provider Was Free and a refund of $29 is being issued. Thanks ezTaxReturm!

2/15/2021 by Cindy

Very easy to use, been using for years.

2/15/2021 by Jo

Easy! Quick. Painless.

2/15/2021 by Kelvin

Easy filing with ezTaxReturn.

2/15/2021 by Emilio Caiz


2/15/2021 by Helene Martinez

Excellent service 👍. Thank you.

2/15/2021 by Jose Rodriguez

ezTaxReturn is easy to use they guide you through every step.

2/15/2021 by Pat

ezTaxReturn makes filing taxes so easy.

2/15/2021 by Beazy

site is super easy and very intuitive. It takes any guesswork out for you

2/15/2021 by Herb


2/15/2021 by Rosalind Pratt

It was very easy to file my taxes, no complaints at all. Thank you.

2/15/2021 by Gary Tuneburg

The process was quick, easy to understand, and the results were very favorable. I will definitely be using them again!

2/15/2021 by L. Millner

It was fast, easy, and reliable. Thanks, ezTaxReturn!

2/15/2021 by Tamie

So easy. Excellent.

2/15/2021 by Barbara Mears

Easy and quick - highly recommended.

2/15/2021 by Sharon

Very easy.

2/15/2021 by Marcus Duncan

Made filling tax easy, and simple. Great job keep up the good work.

2/15/2021 by KJ

Awesome & quick service

2/15/2021 by Jimmy

Quick and easy. Great communication as well. Very satisfied, thank you so much

2/15/2021 by Joe makes filing federal income tax return smooth and reduces the chance of error.

2/15/2021 by Edna

Easy and quick they help you step by step.

2/15/2021 by Dale R. Butler

Sucky. You didn't deduct our dividend and you mistakenly sent a credit for the stimulus check when we weren't supposed to get it.

2/15/2021 by Jim Giacobone

So simple to use, they help all the way.

2/15/2021 by Paul B Daniels

I have used ezTaxReturn for several years and it has always been so easy and very fast. Will continue to use them from now on.

2/15/2021 by Sylvie Pennaforte

The process was easy to follow and provided ample information to fill out the different fields. I submitted a question after the filing and received a prompt and helful response. Thank you!

2/15/2021 by Larry Clayton

Have used this program for several years now, Very easy and explains things to you along the way. Have never had any issues. Thanks, Larry

2/15/2021 by Jim

I have been using them for years..always easy and reliable.

2/15/2021 by Francisco Rodriguez Jr.

Just like last year. I was very satisfied. It was really easy, and the results were just great. No problems what so ever. Thank you ezTaxReturn.

2/15/2021 by Ferd Beer

Fast and easy. Very concise.

2/15/2021 by Bill

Very thoughtful design.

2/15/2021 by Chris Bennett

Made filing absolutely painless, bravo ez

2/15/2021 by Andrew

Very professional.

2/15/2021 by jirayr

It was very eazy, the best.

2/15/2021 by Carol Goguen

I have used you for many years. Very pleased with your service.

2/15/2021 by Deirdra

Excellent job of helping and delivering my tax information.

2/15/2021 by Peggy Hemenway

Very easy, better than the 1040free

2/15/2021 by Ruby Leali

I am very happy with ezTaxReturn, they process my return very easy and the results were fast. I will always use this service for future tax filings.

2/15/2021 by Shelah

Easy-to-use. User-friendly.

2/15/2021 by Cheryl Schorr

Your site was very easy to navigate and also quick to process my return.

2/15/2021 by Ortencia Sorrell

Simple process.

2/15/2021 by Mindy

We've been using ezTaxReturn for years and will continue to use them. It is a very easy to use and understand!

2/15/2021 by Robert A Young

It was very easy!

2/15/2021 by Vicki Green

It was a very easy process, great.

2/15/2021 by Kathleen A Rodgers

I was so relieved by how easy "ez" it was to do my tax return. I'll be back next year. 🙂

2/15/2021 by Betty Brown

Y'all have made it so easy for a nonprofessional to file their own taxes. It's so easy to go through the process. Thanks, great website.

2/15/2021 by JB

Made it easy to file - 4th year I've used it.

2/15/2021 by Bill Allen

Very easy and fast.

2/15/2021 by Betty C Courtney

Very through and helpful. First time user and will use it again.

2/15/2021 by Sue A Day

Overall very easy.

2/15/2021 by Sandra Hennessy

I have been using ezTaxReturn for some time now and find it very easy and quick to deal with. They process my returns quickly and accurately.

2/15/2021 by Wallace Ream

Easy to use. Will use again next year.

2/15/2021 by James

Just like you took me by the hand all the way through to the end.

2/15/2021 by Roberto Martinez


2/15/2021 by Lisa Clark

Great place to get taxes done no problems at all.

2/15/2021 by Veronica

Easy to do and fast.

2/15/2021 by Deborah Howe

Been using for 4 years - so simple and well-worded so you understand exactly what to fill out.

2/15/2021 by Denise Howard

They made my tax filing so easy and fast, I will continue to always use them. They anwsered all questions and made my searches simple...Thank You

2/15/2021 by Ron

I am a ' first-time-customer and was pleasantly surprised with the whole process : fairly straightforward ... with helpful ' prompts ' ... as I needed them. I plan to use this service next year.

2/15/2021 by James Gildea

I have used several different free tax return sites over the years and without exception ezTaxReturn is the fastest and simplest to use. They do not throw in all the unnecessary questions and never ask you to upgrade. In addition if you need to make a change or just review your return it is very easily done, I would, and have, highly recommended the use of ezTaxReturn.

2/15/2021 by Simone Renee Blackmon

Software is very easy to maneuver through. Explanations for more understanding throughout the process. Tried another software because it was recommended through my employer and free to the employees. Did not like it and was hard to go back for correction without starting the whole return over. I am glad I was able to come back again.

2/15/2021 by Deirdre Cook

I've used you'll for years. You do a great job every year.

2/15/2021 by Sara Wright

The site was so easy to use and walked me thru everything I needed to get my taxes done stress free!

2/15/2021 by Suz

So simple love to use you guys!

2/15/2021 by Elvin

Easy to use yet seemed thorough

2/15/2021 by Sharon Clement

A good free service; did pretty well for a return that involved itemized deductions and multiple retirement annuities and income. I wish my state tax return supports were available sooner.

2/15/2021 by Tammy

Enjoyed using ezTaxReturn it was very easy to use.

2/15/2021 by Sandy

Quick and easy. Will definitely be using again.

2/15/2021 by Stormin

Have used this service for the past decade and have been one hundred percent satisfied. I'd recommend them to all my family and friends!



2/15/2021 by happyuser

It was so easy to follow the steps and I am receiving more than I thought! Thank you for the help and getting me money back! AWESOME!!!!

2/15/2021 by David Smith

Easy to use step by step. Glad to find a tax return that was easy and free

2/15/2021 by Sharlotep

Very easy too use

2/15/2021 by Victoria


2/15/2021 by Mike

Wow! I have never done my own taxes before and was scared but OMG was that easy and what's more is it was FREE! THANK YOU!!!

2/15/2021 by Edward Karecki

Easy, informative process from beginning to end. Very senior friendly.

2/15/2021 by David Butler

I have used ezTaxReturn for several years. Each year I have been pleased with the service. My refund is accepted by the IRS. I have had no problems receiving the refund. The incentive of 15% off the charge encourages me to go back to ezTaxReturn.

2/15/2021 by Darell

Quick and easy.

2/15/2021 by K Dragoo

Very easy to use.

2/15/2021 by Zak MT Standridge suggested several tax filing options. Let me say that TAXACT and EFILE are both misleading services, and are not truly free in most instances. They will try to charge you $29.99 & $26.99, respectively. EZTAXRETURN is the absolute CHAMPION of free e-file tax services and thanks to EZTAXRETURN, my stimulus will be direct deposited in a week or so. I'm serious when I say that I spent weeks trying to navigate TAXACT and EFILE, and those services were dead-ends which wanted me to pay 30 buck and Seriously, folks, EZTAXRETURN! About 6 minutes, I was done!!! Where has this service been the last 40 years? MAYBE I'd get a paper check in 6 - 8 weeks. It was a JOKE!

2/15/2021 by Patricia

it was a snap... and great communication to boot!

2/15/2021 by Gayle Putnam

I'm a senior citizen who has not filed for a couple of years. I had to file to recover the stimulus check that I didn't receive. I was worried because I thought it was going to be so confusing. The prompts provided were so very helpful. And I only spent ninety minutes completing the return. Thank you so much for making it easy for me.

2/15/2021 by Chris

I like this free tax service because I had problems with the other ones software it kept timing out.

2/15/2021 by Leonardo

Exactly how is says EZ👍

2/15/2021 by Leah Deline

2nd time using, nice and simple....

2/15/2021 by Willy

I would never do my tax any other way.

2/15/2021 by Lilibeth

This is my third time to use ezTaxReturn. User-friendly. Very good customer service.

2/15/2021 by Les Judd

First time filing on line. It went very smooth. Easy to follow instructions. Great job!

2/15/2021 by Dennis P.

Had already completed my tax returns with TurboTax. Refused to file with them due to $120 filing fee. Went to ezTaxReturn. Just as simple as TurboTax. I think tour fee was $29.00. You have just gained a new customer. See ya next year!

2/15/2021 by Debbie

Easy to complete, easy to follow, easy to review!

2/15/2021 by John

Used this sight for years, have always had great service. Really easy format.

2/15/2021 by Ted Roberts

Fast and easy.

2/15/2021 by Stanley Brewer

Fast and easy.

2/15/2021 by Amanda

Will definitely use again.

2/15/2021 by Dexter Brown

Easy to use, great.

2/15/2021 by Enidbert

Good and easy program.

2/15/2021 by Brent Paterson

Great service.

2/15/2021 by Tom Kudwa

Fast and clean. Didn't ask a couple of my 1099 questions.

2/15/2021 by V.A.

After struggling with the IRS free filing website decided there must be an easier file for free site. Gave this site a try with my 2019, sooooooo pleased!!

2/15/2021 by Richard

Excellent. Guided easily thru the form!

2/15/2021 by Janet Dean

EZ to do.

2/15/2021 by HR

There is no easier TAX preparation.

2/15/2021 by Wayne B. Conway

Fast, easy, definitive and secure.

2/15/2021 by Kenneth Kovzelove

Thank you very much for you help. I had no problems while using It was simple and intuitive!

2/15/2021 by Cathy

Very easy to follow. Very easy to make corrections. Very easy to file electronically. Great option to use multiple accounts for direct deposit.

2/15/2021 by Robert Dunmire

This was truly easy and lived up to its name sake. Thank you for all the help!

2/15/2021 by Arleen

Easy to use, fast and secure, third year using ezTaxReturn love the ease customer friendly.



2/15/2021 by Gail

I use it every year. It really is so simple and the price is reasonable.

2/15/2021 by Patrick Brown

Excellent, easy to use, Thanks!!

2/15/2021 by Tracy chavez


2/15/2021 by Melissa lysak

It was real simple and easy and it walks you step by step.

2/15/2021 by Linda

This was the first time of me filing my taxes and ezTaxReturn made this such an easy thing to do. I was nervous doing this myself, but will not hesitate to file them next year using ezTaxReturn. Wonderful service.

2/15/2021 by ROGER CHEATHAM


2/15/2021 by Mildred

Very user friendly, it was so easy that I couldn't believe it. thank you EzTaxReturn!

2/15/2021 by Quintin Greer

Outstanding service and I will make it my go to place every year.

2/15/2021 by Ronald

No bull. Easy preparation and very reasonable to file.

2/15/2021 by Ronald Barker

First time using, had to file taxes because we were omitted from last stimulus package. I don't normally file because our income is so low, but this system very easy even for older people.

2/15/2021 by Sue

I have been using exTaxReturn for many years. I have always found it to be very easy.... never had a problem. Highly recommended.

2/15/2021 by Pam

Excellent service and I have used different sites, this is a keeper.

2/15/2021 by R

Very easy. Step by step. Affordable and fast acting customer service. Thank you for taking the stress out of doing my own taxes.

2/15/2021 by Bonnie Bowe

This was so easy. Much better than Turbo Tax. Walked me through everything. Will definitely use this again next year! Bonnie

2/15/2021 by C. R.

Very fast and efficient! It even walks you through step by step while you're doing your taxes. Best tax service ever, highly recommended!

2/15/2021 by Harmonyunity

I had 5 sources of income this year, including 2 self-employment sources. I was thrilled to do it correctly myself. Thank you so much. So easy!!

2/15/2021 by Kristen Segina

I love EZ tax return! Quick, easy and stress-free tax filing. I would recommend it to anyone.

2/15/2021 by Ken P

ezTaxReturn made filing my taxes a very pleasant experience. I used the automatic fill in form just by me entering my numbers from my w2 form. The entire process was user friendly. The system does most of the work. My sister recommended ezTaxReturn to me and I'm very glad she did.

2/15/2021 by Paulette B.


2/15/2021 by Anne

Fast, easy and affordable. This is the third year of using ezTaxReturn and I can't imagine doing it any other way again.

2/15/2021 by Jeff McFarland

Easy as Sunday morning.

2/15/2021 by Jay Riggins

Very fast and reliable.

2/15/2021 by Erica S.

I've been using this service for the past five years. Very simple & easy to follow. I recommend to everyone.

2/15/2021 by Connie

Excellent program that is so easy to use......could not be more satisfied. Thank you for designing it in such a straightforward manner and at a reasonable cost. I will continue to use it for years to come!

2/15/2021 by C Sanon

Super fast, exceptionally easy and #1

2/15/2021 by Tonya

This is my first time using eztaxreturn. It walked me through every step. Fast, easy, reliable. Would recommend and will use again! 100%

2/15/2021 by Vonica

It would be much better if the software t supports a 1099-DIV with a Foreign Tax Credit, which could lower total taxable income.

2/15/2021 by Ronald Coleman

My review of ezTaxReturn is easy! Most important for me is being accurate, and easy at the same time. Also I get a refund. How good is that! Doing my taxes with ezTaxReturn, made me feel good the rest of the day, and the day after that. I woke up the following morning feeling good. I accomplished something using ezTaxReturn.

2/15/2021 by Tyrone Acosta

Outstanding from beginning to end!!!!

2/15/2021 by Richard Perrin

very easy and simple to complete! Bravo!

2/15/2021 by Don C

First time user, but not last time. Had several questions answered in a very timely manner with a through explanation.

2/15/2021 by Tye

Exceptional service!!!

2/15/2021 by Carter G Battaglia

Great experience with EZ Tax!!!

2/15/2021 by Lori

I wish it would provide support a 1099-DIV with a Foreign Tax Credit.

2/15/2021 by Dennis Armstrong

Very complete and clear, step-by-step process with explanations where needed.

2/15/2021 by Peedidhe

On Point About their BUSINESS.

2/15/2021 by Kathy Freyta

Site was easy to use. Followup via email on return status is very helpful. I am a second time user and will probably use ezTaxReturn again.

2/15/2021 by Murchel

First time using ezTaxReturn and first time filing online. Very easy and I will recommend it to others. I will definitely use ezTaxReturn again next time.

2/15/2021 by Shirley

First time I have used this system. Will certainly use it next year. It was easy, no problems and everything was so clear. They took care of everything. The best.

2/15/2021 by Don Martin

Very easy to use and fast.

2/15/2021 by Mark Casali

Awesome app I've recommended it to several people already

2/15/2021 by Lester Lee Doane

Very easy to use.

2/15/2021 by Terry Freysinger

Fast, easy. I've been a customer for many years.

2/15/2021 by Anita

Fast and easy to use.

2/15/2021 by Cyndy

Easy...Helpful...Fast...Very pleased.

2/15/2021 by Douglas Quinlan

Fast & easy to use. A+

2/15/2021 by Leas

Was fast, easy, approved promptly, and website is fairly easy to use with guidance to directing client through to IRS website for finding bout when refund will arrive. However, the IRS website doesn't always work.

2/15/2021 by Tiffany Presswood

This was the best site I have ever used to do my taxes and was easy and walked me through every step every question all the way to the very last question. It also made sure to get every detail put in to get my max refund back and it is one that everyone should use. I recommend using this to anyone of any age. Thank You so much

2/15/2021 by SHAWANA HEATH


2/15/2021 by Enona

Unfortunately it does not support a 1099-DIV with a Foreign Tax Credit, which could lower the total taxable income.

2/15/2021 by Kim

ezTaxReturn is easy to use and it is very good in calculating the Qualified Dividends and Capital Gain. However, the short coming of this software is that it does not support a 1099-DIV with a Foreign Tax Credit.

2/15/2021 by Philip Mendes

Quick, easy and very easy with the step by step instructions. I have used ezTaxReturn for 10 years. Would and have recommended to anyone.

2/15/2021 by Susan Nelson

You guys are amazing. I tried other companies that were to difficult and too long to even get through the app, but with you guys, it was simple, quick and informative. Thank you guys sooo very much!

2/15/2021 by TBrown

Received quick service

2/15/2021 by Betty Ann Snuszka

I did it! Thank you for walking me through it with this app.

2/15/2021 by M Ruiz

Fast and easy thank you so mucho !

2/15/2021 by Tanya Staggs

So quick & easy to file!

2/15/2021 by Olivia

This is my second time using ezTaxReturn and just like their name it's very easy, user friendly and I would recommend this system to others to use.

2/15/2021 by Connie Stuter


2/15/2021 by Gary Stringer

fast. thank you.

2/15/2021 by Renato Sison

They made e-filing very easy.

2/15/2021 by Dennis Hamlin

This is the first time I did my taxes online. It was easy and fast. I will do this next year. Thank you !

2/15/2021 by Marcia

Great way to do your taxes. Easy to understand and complete.

2/15/2021 by Michael Mount

They made doing my taxes so easy and fast!

2/15/2021 by Jerry Duke

Thank you extaxreturn. I have been using your service for several years and I rate you as five stars. Easy to use and fast results.

2/15/2021 by Daniel

Was quick, simple and easy to e-file. Have used ezTaxReturn in past. Same then as is now. I use the walk thru guide, never had any problems. Definitely will use again. Thanks

2/15/2021 by Ed

Very easy to work with.

2/15/2021 by Willie Carter

That was easy enough. Thank you.

2/15/2021 by Stuart Spainhour


2/15/2021 by Antonio Fransico Darras

2nd time we use ezTaxReturn easy to follow they help you from start to finish. We highly recommend.

2/15/2021 by Tom

Great service. Easy to use and accurate for both Federal and State Taxes.

2/15/2021 by Carol Vanderwerf

Definitely user friendly and secure

2/15/2021 by Dolores Bleam

So easy to use. Totally trust worthy. There are explanations for about any question you could have. This is the 3rd year we have used this.

2/15/2021 by CJF

Great company!

2/15/2021 by Abel nevarez

Excellent service. Very impressed. Thank you for the prompt reply. Highly recommend.

2/15/2021 by Richard Patterson

ezTaxReturn is much more than just easy, they're very fast, professional and courteous also!

2/15/2021 by Eduard Belyat

I tried a few other sites before checking yours. I believe yours is the best designed and most comfortable.

2/15/2021 by Donna W.

It was very easy. I Loved it. I will recommend it. I will definitely use it again.

2/15/2021 by Keona Benitez

Fast, secure easy-to-use.

2/15/2021 by John H

Easy process. Biggest tax return.

2/15/2021 by Mel

Cheaper than the other well known online tax return company and easier to use!!!!

2/15/2021 by Randi

I comparison shopped against other companies listed. This one won because they didn't automatically upsell, easiest to use and info, wound up with a bigger refund. The customer service follow up also outstanding.

2/15/2021 by Very helpful

Very helpful.

2/15/2021 by Jim

Great tax software, easy to use. Customer Service Answered my two questions promptly. I plan on using ezTaxReturn again next year. Best of all my Federal tax return was free.

2/15/2021 by Joseph Ruff

Thank you.

2/15/2021 by Chevis

Initially, I was very nervous to try out the service or even attempt to do my own taxes. However, their step by step instructions really put my mind at ease. I will definitely use 'eztaxreturn' in the future!

2/15/2021 by Theresa Meacham

I have been using this app to do my taxes for quite a few years. It's easy and affordable; much cheaper than paying someone to do what I can do myself.

2/15/2021 by Janet Brulz

Excellent online service. Any questions I had were answered. The program was very user friendly.

2/15/2021 by Donald Lee

Y'all are awesome.

2/15/2021 by Bria J Wiley


2/15/2021 by LaVerne Yocom

Excellent system - I have used your program for about 10 years, and have had no problems from IRS. All you need to do is follow simple instructions and things fall in the right places!

2/15/2021 by W. L. K.

Through and fast, and easy to use!

2/15/2021 by G Mavrik

Very easy to follow. Thank you for offering this process to recoup 2nd stimulus benefit not received.

2/15/2021 by LUCKY BUXXX


2/15/2021 by carol morgan

i give you 5 stars fantastic and easy to use

2/15/2021 by J.Frescholtz

pretty simple pretty easy, thanks for getting me a better refund, then our previous tax employees

2/15/2021 by Ernest Campbell

Great fast service

2/15/2021 by Gladys

Easy, fast and secure! My third year filling out the taxes with eztaxreturn.

2/15/2021 by Otis jackson

You all were very helpful awsome job

2/15/2021 by Regina stout

Very satisfying

2/15/2021 by Lisa Jackson

I love this software!!!! I had been using a different more well known tax filing system which was more complicated and was NOT really free. It was also lots more expensive to file state taxes. This is much better than TT.

2/15/2021 by Roma Potter

Left five stars and thumbs up emoji (doesn't show up in excel when I try copying)

2/15/2021 by Nigel Clark

Really good tax preparation app I will tell people about it, I will make use of it again

2/15/2021 by Paula

I always went to a tax office to do my taxes but last year I tried myself on EZ Tax return and It was great, step by step instructions and very easy to navigate. Thank you!!

2/15/2021 by Cornelius Ester

Excellent customer service, helpful with steps that become misunderstood, and great guidance in resolving those situations.

2/15/2021 by Golynda Powell


2/14/2021 by lin

absolutely wonderful. . painless!

2/14/2021 by Susan Wade

Thank you.

2/14/2021 by Jan Johnson

Very easy. Great options dependent on my knowledge. Will use again

2/14/2021 by Brigitte L.

Easy, fast, and accurate - highly recommend.

2/14/2021 by Deb Gustafson

This was so easy, that I would like to use it from now on. I first tried a different provider and I quit it (it was confusing), so I tried yours &. I loved it!! Thank You!

2/14/2021 by Earl A Decker

Excellent service. Easy & quick instructions.

2/14/2021 by Andrea A.

So easy to use, and the company is very good about staying in touch regarding the status of your filing. I will never use anyone else!

2/14/2021 by Rahman

Very helpful with easy way to file your tax return free if you qualify. I recommend their service.

2/14/2021 by Otis Lee

Easy steps

2/14/2021 by VCB

Easy step by step process! Excellent!

2/14/2021 by Mike Coady

Easy to follow easy to use

2/14/2021 by Jeffery Oldewurtel

Thank you you guys for everything!!!!! And my son says thank you also.......

2/14/2021 by Ronald Ewing


2/14/2021 by Deborah Ross

So fast and easy. I am older and I had no problem filing my taxes. Thank you!

2/14/2021 by Irene

Very easy to file taxes fast! thank you!!!

2/14/2021 by La

The step by step process was very easy to follow and complete. Thank You

2/14/2021 by Mary Baber

The very Best of the Best to file taxes. Thanks for for doing a super job!

2/14/2021 by Philip Tinsley III

EZTAXRETURN's services and data are EXCELLENT! EZTAXRETURN's information helped Me prove to the U.S. Department of Treasury that the IRS was at fault and owed Me three (3) years in back tax payments! Please maintain your EXCELLENT service!

2/14/2021 by Melissa

Accurate and fast

2/14/2021 by Brad Sharlow

Excellent experience. Easy to navigate and step by step instructions. Thank you for a great experience.

2/14/2021 by Classie

I have been using ezTaxReturn for the last three years. I had an issue getting into my account and it was kind of difficult to get back in. So, I went over to turbo tax to just file through them. I am a single mother with 3 kids and I worked and am qualified for EIC. Using turbo tax, they quoted me under the least amount I should get for EIC. I didn't go through with filing and thank God I didn't! I patiently went through ezTaxReturn's identity verification and it was worth it because now that I filed through them, I'm getting back $6,500 more than what I would've gotten had I went ahead with turbo tax! ezTaxReturn asked way more questions during the filing process and I answered every question honestly and accurate. I feel like they are trying to get you as much money as they can! Not to mention, I heard that people who filed last year using TurboTax have still not yet received their stimulus checks! So yea, stick with ezTaxReturn!! I will keep coming back every year!

2/14/2021 by Joyce

You make this process so easy

2/14/2021 by Susie N

Easy and straightforward

2/14/2021 by Michael

Fantastic service!

2/14/2021 by Marion Wheeler

fast,easy, prompt filing. Questions answered promptly and effectively. Highly recommend this tax filing servicewivh I hve used for two years.

2/14/2021 by Lashun Taylor

Fantastic,you did a wonderful job!

2/14/2021 by CLS148

Had I not filed I would not be getting this year's stimulus. Thank you for making a dreaded experience not so dreadful at all. See you next year.

2/14/2021 by Cheryl

Thank you for partnering your service with the IRS. I had never e-filed my tax return until now.. And I have to say it was an extremely simple process especially as the system asks pertinent questions so as to complete the forms properly. From beginning to end the process took only an hour. Highly recommend your service!

2/14/2021 by Cindy

This was such an easy way to file my taxes. It is quick and easy. It helped me by filing out a lot of information and figuring out what I have coming back. Thank you for your help and making this such a pleasant experience.

2/14/2021 by Sandi Cornettsandi

I have used EZ tax return for YEARS!!!!! IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!

2/14/2021 by Deborah

User friendly and easy the follow.

2/14/2021 by Thomas Murray

A big thumbs up!!

2/14/2021 by Creshonda Smith

EZ Tax Return makes it easy to find taxes by sitting your info from the the previous year access guiding you every step of the way. I highly recommend their services.

2/14/2021 by Charles

Easy filing and very fast

2/14/2021 by Betty Anding Franks


2/14/2021 by Andrea

Easy to use, great instructions and wonderful customer service

2/14/2021 by Sandi Cornett

I am very happy with filing my tax return!!!

2/14/2021 by Andrea

Easy to use and greet customer service

2/14/2021 by Fred

Not what I wa very easy and painless.and fast

2/14/2021 by gpaalonzo

Tax season is naturally a time for misgivings and puts one on high alert for scams. ezTaxReturn alleviated much of that by providing information that explained each step, and continued contact that gave me piece of mind.

2/14/2021 by Deborah Saylors

I love how easy and fast it was.

2/14/2021 by Fred

Real easy

2/14/2021 by Steve

Outstanding service! I have used ezTaxReturn for years and have never been happier with a Tax preparer. If you have questions, they have an answer for you in a matter of hours.

2/14/2021 by Carla

Easy and efficient.

2/14/2021 by Betty Phillips

So easy, correct and secure

2/14/2021 by Rhonda Hogan

Fast and easy! Wow!

2/14/2021 by Al K

Super tax service: Professional, reliable, easy, accurate, and fast. I strongly recommended it for all tax services.

2/14/2021 by Gloria Sansby

Amazing , eay and fast. Would give 10 if vould.

2/14/2021 by Dejuan Kernall

The help of doing my taxes made it easy for me

2/14/2021 by than

very easy and friendly

2/14/2021 by Brenda D,

First time to use. Took you thru each step to fill out. Felt good about it when finished. Thx

2/14/2021 by Ema

First time user, it was easy and accurate.

2/14/2021 by Charley Williams

Outstanding I have had them transmit my taxes to the IRS for the last 7 years

2/14/2021 by Dwight

exTaxReturn reduces the stress of filing taxes each year ... fast & easy process. Thank you!!

2/14/2021 by Gene Ceccato

This is an excellent tax site - easy to follow and the best rate for what I needed to complete for the IRS! Thank you!

2/14/2021 by Jerry weiss

Easy and fast

2/14/2021 by Joyce

Very easy to use!

2/14/2021 by R. Cunningham

Easy to follow instructions and file. Very good follow up on status.

2/14/2021 by Lulla B Mazzarella

Very easy and accurate

2/14/2021 by David H. Wood

I found your service to be excellent, accurate and quick. Will use your services again in the future.

2/14/2021 by Jacqueline

Great, haven't had n e problems.

2/14/2021 by Lil Bit

Amazing. Everything went well. I had a question and they responded quickly.

2/14/2021 by Tawanda smith

Y'all did wonderful I appreciate everything y'all done

2/14/2021 by Jeremey H

This site was so easy to use and navigate. It only took a few minutes to process all my info.

2/14/2021 by Jalessa Willis

I have been using eztaxreturn since 2019 and it never disappoints. I just love it!!

2/14/2021 by Joanne

Just answer the questions and they will do the rest. Easiest tax return I ever did!!

2/14/2021 by AC

Im single make little money i filed my taxes in 20 minutes got back a great return and it cost me 20 dollars...more money for me..yay.

2/14/2021 by Richard Gray

I have used this service for several years with nothing but successful results.

2/14/2021 by Nishikii


2/14/2021 by alan anthony miller

It was very easy with the step by step assistance. Thankyou ezTaxReturn.

2/14/2021 by D Corral

Easy and very adorable, i have use eztax for the past 8 it.

2/14/2021 by Cheryl leonard

So easy and quick. We use them every year, very pleased

2/14/2021 by Lawrence Guraly

Perfect in every way. Secure, simple step by step directions.. Fast customer support and IRS acknowledgement. What more could you want.

2/14/2021 by sam

The best tax service easy to fill out with no problems.

2/14/2021 by Sara boyd

Fast and easy

2/14/2021 by Gerald Walkins

EZ makes it Easy. Walks me through What could be a difficult experience.

2/14/2021 by Lynn

Fast and easy. I've tried a few other online tax return services, ezTaxReturn is the best one.

2/14/2021 by Margaret Hutchinson

Pretty easy to do and have used EZ Tax for several years and am completely satisfied.

2/14/2021 by Tom

very pleased. user friendly

2/14/2021 by Carl Swenson

Very easy to use and safe

2/14/2021 by Great fsst and very easy

Fast very easy i will use again for sire

2/14/2021 by Janet

I've been using ezTaxReturn for several years and, as always, easy to use.

2/14/2021 by Christiana Nance

I appreciate the help you gave me in filing tbis federal tax form to receive my economic stimulus check. I am a senior on sicial security and i vf was very stressed out about not receiving my deposit. You giys walked me through the steps and helped me. Thank bgg you God bless you and your staff!

2/14/2021 by MIKE MAHAN

I use EZ tax return every year. It is always easy and fast and accurate and their updates are are always on time.

2/14/2021 by Dolly Nagy

Why would anyone go to a tax preparer to file their taxes rather than use your exceptional services. Great job!!!

2/14/2021 by Leon Falardeau

Easy to use. Accurate.

2/14/2021 by Pat Hartzell

This was the easiest and most complete tax filing software I've ever used! It was easy to understand and I plan to use this software next year as well. Thanks for a terrific program!

2/14/2021 by RAUL OMAR ÁVILA


2/14/2021 by J Collins

First time user, very fast and clear, highly recommend this site.

2/14/2021 by Gnome King

They were very quick, efficient, easy, secure, and not too costly.

2/14/2021 by Dr.Wilson

Awesome!Easy to use!

2/14/2021 by Troy Holman

I am one who remembers handling paper documents and fretting about mail relay. EZ Tax Return has eliminated those concerns for me, and I am grateful.

2/14/2021 by Lisa Carothers

Was very easy. Turned in and accepted within 36 hours. Very good experience.

2/14/2021 by Art

The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is I wasn't sure about the whole filling on line but the irs doesn't want to deal with paper. So I did my taxes on paper then found out about the irs aditude. e z tax return was one of the irs choices turned out to be a good choice, I will use ez tax return next year it was easy to use and they will step by step you through everything.

2/14/2021 by ERNEST30

Great customer service and easy to file your taxes. Very satisfied. Excellent job! Thanks.

2/14/2021 by Delmar

EZ, really pleased

2/14/2021 by M&DP

First time user. I was so stressed about having to file for the Recovery Rebate Credit and ezTaxReturn made it so simple with their step-by-step instructions. I had manually filled out the IRS worksheet for this credit and was THRILLED to see that my numbers matched when ezTaxReturn calculated everything since math isn't my strong suit. Whew! Would highly recommend.

2/14/2021 by Anthony J Gurski

site was easy to use and helpful

2/14/2021 by Paul

Having used EzTax for several years, I keep coming back. Well organized, easy to use, and covers all of my concerns.

2/14/2021 by Danny

it's fast and easy outstanding!!!

2/14/2021 by Penny

I had done my taxes manually first and it took forever with the various forms but then I went online to file it directly online and it was quick with the forms and actual with the numbers. I then used it to file for a friend and we will both be using it next year, which will probably be even easier if it stores the info from this year and all we do is make whatever changes needed. We only filed Federal.

2/14/2021 by Kathy Byrum


2/14/2021 by Brian N

I have filed with you guys for 4 years now and everything is always quick, easy and accurate. Love the site

2/14/2021 by Ginger

So easy! Why havent used this before!

2/14/2021 by Peter Glassman

Easy to use, thorough, and I qualified for the free service.

2/14/2021 by Rich Turner

Outstanding and fast.

2/14/2021 by Harold

Very pleased with promptness and support

2/14/2021 by Nannette

This is the very first time I filed my own tax return. Your system walked me through each step carefully & gave suggestions too. There really wasn't a way for me to mess up! I didn't receive the second stimulus & that was a big reason for having to file a return this year. I followed the instructions quite easily! Thank you for this free service! I will be back next year!!

2/14/2021 by Charles Willingham

Easy to use, step by step guidance. Excellent to use.

2/14/2021 by Allen

Easy and fast. I really appreciate this service.

2/14/2021 by Susan

This is probably the fourth year i have used your product. I would give you 5 stars if it wasnt for the program locking up during the process of finishing the return. It was frustrating and added 30 minutes to what should have take 5 minutes at best.

2/14/2021 by pj

Easy to use. Just put in your info and it does all the math for you. If you have a question it'll give you all the info you need to make your decisions. Done both mine and my wifes on this site.

2/14/2021 by Dee

Quick and easy! Been using eztaxreturn for several years. No complaint here.

2/14/2021 by Ronald Coleman


2/14/2021 by Natasha

Been using the last two years and love it.

2/14/2021 by david


2/14/2021 by Mike C

Third year in a row I've used them. Wouldn't use anybody else.

2/14/2021 by Kathleen L. OBrien

Awesome ! If I need you next year. I'll be sure to use your company! Thanks so much!

2/14/2021 by Lois Fritz

Very helpful and was very easy to read and very easy to understand.

2/14/2021 by E Krasts


2/14/2021 by Dsanders

Site Very easy to navigate...and assistance is provided, if needed! Thanks!!

2/14/2021 by Faith

Very easy to use.

2/14/2021 by Robbie Hayes

I'm super excited about this app omg you guys are absolutely amazing

2/14/2021 by AD

This is my second year using this site and I am pleased and impressed with the ease and confidence in filing my return. Customer Service is outstanding.

2/14/2021 by Bernadette T. Won Pat

The ezTaxReturn application is simple and self explanatory. It is user friendly and provided excellent support. I am extremely happy that it was made available via the IRS. Gov web page. Thank you to the ezTaxReturn Team for there excellent service and support. Truly appreciated.

2/14/2021 by Alex Peters

Been using this site for many years now. Always as expected and SUPER easy to use. Thank you!

2/14/2021 by Lisa Leader

Very user friendly

2/14/2021 by Pattie Collins

I always use ezTaxReturn for my federal taxes. They have a secure system that is easy to use.

2/14/2021 by Martha Estrada

Tax time is stressful and a little scary. Thank you for making filing my return easy to understand and less stressful. My experience with ezTaxReturn went very smoothly and I received a refund this year!!! Thanks to you. I am recommending your service to my family and friends. Thanks again!

2/14/2021 by Clevtoria

Outstanding customer service. ezTaxReturn online tax return filing made it so much easier to file my taxes.

2/14/2021 by Linda Wilson

I have used ezTaxReturn for the past 5 years and I am very satisfied with this tax service. I just log into my account and it gives me step by step instructions that are easy to understand. I will continue to use ezTaxReturn for years to come.

2/14/2021 by Debra Crider

Very easy and convenient.

2/14/2021 by Pamela C Mack

It was easy for me to file with ezTaxReturn. I'm older and widowed and computer programs can be confusing at times, but your program is not.

2/14/2021 by Consuelo

Outstanding service and very easy if doing taxes online. Highly recommended.

2/14/2021 by Karen J

Excellent, very efficient, fast and easy to use.

2/14/2021 by John Ciecierski

Fast ,easy, safe you do an excellent job. See you next tax season.

2/14/2021 by Margaret Neil

Good job

2/14/2021 by Kathryn See

Perfect transaction! Very easy to use, and received my email of acceptance very quickly. Would definitely use this site again!

2/14/2021 by Joy Safrit

My second year using ezTaxReturn. It is so easy to file and I will definitely be back next year. Never had a problem.

2/14/2021 by nanzrae

I have been using ezTaxReturn for years. Couldn't be easier. They provide answers to questions all the way through the process.

2/14/2021 by Theodore Cawoski

I had an issue when I first tried filing. I presented a question to the ezTaxReturn Team that portion was explained and updated. I've been using them for many years. Totally satisfied with their application and step by step procedure. Must try for a simple and easy way to file!

2/14/2021 by Ken

Very easy to use, that's why I use it every year.

2/14/2021 by Mark Irving

A job well done.

2/14/2021 by Jessica

Easy process!

2/14/2021 by Victor Klamm

The experience was fine so no complaints since the return has been accepted by the IRS but doesn't it also have to be approved by them also? I usually use Free File Fillable Forms to file but my income was much lower due to the fact that I did not have to take an RMD in 2020 so ezTaxReturn worked very well. Thank you.

2/14/2021 by Tracy Shuck

Thank you for helping for no charge since I'm on SSDI for filing.

2/14/2021 by Marcie

Very easy and simple.

2/14/2021 by Donald Clements

No problems with your instructions. I feel I learned a lot by filing with EZ TAX. Thank you.

2/14/2021 by Elizabeth Gould

It was easy, it was fast and best of all, it was simple enough that I could understand all the steps. Thanks ezTaxReturn!

2/14/2021 by Robert Maxwell

Was easy to use.

2/14/2021 by Nelson

Works great and easy to use. The help me tools are very useful.

2/14/2021 by DMP

EZ Indeed! They helped with my stimulus payments that I never received. Even the 1st one. Highly recommend.

2/14/2021 by Warren

Fast and Easy plus Accurate

2/14/2021 by Claudia


2/14/2021 by BK

I almost enjoyed doing my taxes this year. The "interview" process is very well-worded in clear and understandable terms... one hint read something like "If you are not absolutely sure you have this then you probably don't, check NO"... Also, the "I've done this before" option is brilliant. I'm a relatively simple filer. I have mortgage interest and a rental property. Highly recommended.

2/14/2021 by Raymond Lavigne


2/14/2021 by Junelle

ezTaxReturn is the best filing app ever. Answered all my questions and things I didn't understand.

2/14/2021 by Jules In Pennsylvania

Perfect. This is the 3rd year that I've filed with ezTaxReturn and they're the best that I've ever used. No complications at all. Just enter the info and they calculate. I even got to take the new exemption of charitable donations. ezTaxReturn is EasyPeasy. You can even go back in and make changes.

2/14/2021 by Patrick Marsh

Fast, efficient, professional and very easy.

2/14/2021 by Albert ten Cate

Easy forms to fill in and clear instructions.

2/14/2021 by Mary

First time I changed from paper and mail-in forms to online filing. Very user-friendly! Easy to follow instructions, good flow of forms, simple follow-up to check status. The whole process took less time than expected. Definitely recommended!

2/14/2021 by Jim

Very easy format to follow.

2/14/2021 by Gary F Seaman

Easy to use. Walks you through the steps easily. Five stars!!!!

2/14/2021 by Ed S.

Fast, correct, easy, secure. I'm done!

2/14/2021 by Olufemi McDowell

Fast. Easy. Secure and self explanatory.

2/14/2021 by Phyllis

You have been my "go to" tax option for over 5 years. Thanks for keeping it simple.

2/14/2021 by Gregory Hardy

They made filing simple and easy.

2/14/2021 by Christopher Evans

ezTaxReturn is wonderful! it's easy and it's accurate! They helped me step by step or I can do it on my own. If you need to talk to someone they have a contact number. So I have everything at my finger-tips. Thanks ezTaxReturn!!

2/14/2021 by Betty Nutter

So easy and quick. I've used EZ many years.

2/14/2021 by George Mark Schau

Will continue to use your service and recomend to all I know.

2/14/2021 by Shed

Great and easy. Just wished u offered $0 for state for lower paid people.

2/14/2021 by Clement C Williams

I liked the feature that remembered my last year information. IE W-2, 1099-R, etc.

2/14/2021 by Michael

It was so easy to do even the step by step method, I am retired and only had to do this in order to get my stimulus money this time. Where were you guys years back when I had to file yearly on other sites that took me hours to complete? GREAT WORK GUYS.

2/14/2021 by Susan

Have been with ezTaxReturn for many years and love the customer service, it is wonderful. Thank you to all the staff! Everyone does a great job!!

2/14/2021 by Norell Swain

Great, fast and extremely easy tax service!

2/14/2021 by Les

Fast EZ and Honest!

2/14/2021 by Heather

Great software, easy to use and really was free to file federal returns unlike other websites.

2/14/2021 by Jonathan Grimball

I filed on line but the app was easy it showed me step by step and had some one on chat if I needed them. Thank You.

2/14/2021 by Michael

Fast and easy

2/14/2021 by Cynthia Pfluger

Believe this is the third year using ezTaxReturn to file our taxes! Great experience, fast, easy to understand and most helpful if you have any issues! Love ezTaxReturn!!!

2/14/2021 by GLMc

The help group ultimately corrected the mistake of double counting my charitable contributions, which would have resulted in an erroneous filing. However, it took several queries by me before it was resolved. It was like they were trying to answer my question too fast without really determining what I was inquiring about. Do they get paid by quantity of responses given, rather than quantity of issues properly resolved. Repeating that they did ultimately resolve my issue after several communications, which I am glad about.

2/14/2021 by D

Very quick and they have 21 years with the IRS!

2/14/2021 by Frank D Chini

It was easy and fast

2/14/2021 by Martin

Their name says it all, 5 stars.

2/14/2021 by Angelia Gilleard

Very convenient. Loved it, fast.

2/14/2021 by Donna Green

Easy and quick return process highly recommend.

2/14/2021 by Sharon

Workable website. Easy and informative.

2/14/2021 by Kenneth Deane

Been using your service for a number of years. It always works well and is easy to use.

2/14/2021 by Brian Bedsole

Awesome service. Fast. Easy. IRS recommends. E files for U.

2/14/2021 by MCN

Reasonably priced, easy to complete.

2/14/2021 by Dwight Coleman

excellent program fast response

2/14/2021 by Evelyn de Jesus

It was an easy, fast and accurate tax filing experience. Outstanding service.

2/14/2021 by G Purcell

Thorough, easy to use. I recommend ezTaxReturn.

2/14/2021 by Hollis Begaye

Good service

2/14/2021 by RUSSELL CANNON

Easy to understand form, for rednecks like me. Great service!

2/14/2021 by Randi


2/14/2021 by Brinda

When I ran into a problem... They were there to help me out... I'm glad for that.

2/14/2021 by Wilkerson

Outstanding service

2/14/2021 by Sara

So glad I switched to ezTaxReturn!

2/14/2021 by Syed

I am very very satisfied, 100%. Thank you very much. Syed.

2/14/2021 by Sean

Very simple process to walk through step by step.

2/14/2021 by Scott

Been using ezTaxReturn for a number of years. I find it very easy to use and it lets you decide the method you want to use to do your taxes.

2/14/2021 by Daphne

It was a good experience! Very simple and easy to do. Their response time is also fast. I have used ezTaxReturn for the last four years, good service.

2/14/2021 by Celia

Hassle free!!!

2/14/2021 by Candy

Fast easy accurate with ability to go back if I had questions about something. All in all a very good service

2/14/2021 by Mercede

It was very fast and easy thank you

2/14/2021 by DCPeeps

Very easy to file - easy to follow and answer questions

2/14/2021 by Kathy

I have used ezTaxReturn for several years and always a good experience.

2/14/2021 by Lan Nguyen

Very good job, see you again!

2/14/2021 by Candis

Always love working with ez tax. Been with them for years. Love how now the simple tax is offered for free with the options to help protect you for a very reasonable fee.

2/14/2021 by Robert E Kappes

I have used this for two years now, and would not use any other service.



2/14/2021 by Margaret Manafield

The best is ez tax.

2/14/2021 by Laurie

Excellent! I use their service every year and never worry.

2/14/2021 by Marvin

easy to use

2/14/2021 by Fred

Ez says it all

2/14/2021 by Ma lUisa

Super fast, easy I really like it.

2/14/2021 by Danielle

I have used ezTaxReturn for over 10 years. It is a great service , as it walks you through step by step to complete your taxes. Easy and economical!

2/14/2021 by Will

These guys were efficient and helped me thru some problems. I thought my filing would be simple, but, when they weren't, ez walked me around the difficulties and made the necessary inquiries w the ITS to make all the data correct and complete. The results are max returns and comprehensive assistance. Very happy w the personal attention. Professionally engaged and friendly in making it happen. Also, their website steps are easy to follow, so whatever hesitations u may have, you're gonna find their walkthrough a relief. Appreciate you, ez!

2/14/2021 by Kim

Your on line tax return was much easier than the others I tried.

2/14/2021 by Jeanne Piper

Awesome! Very easy to use!

2/14/2021 by Rita Rendon

First time using. Extremely easy and self-explanatory.

2/14/2021 by Ruben

I have used ezTaxReturn for the last 5 years. The forms are easy to fill out the it's great when they show me deductions I didn't realize applied to me. I am a very satisfied customer and will continue using ezTax with great confidence that I am getting back all the money due me.

2/14/2021 by Wanda

ezTaxReturn walked me through my tax filing process for the second year. Very easy and quick process. I would recommend ezTaxReturn to anyone.

2/14/2021 by Donald Wayman

What could be easier than ezTaxReturn?

2/14/2021 by Summer

quick, easy, and reliable

2/14/2021 by Harold Buffington

easy file was easy

2/14/2021 by Marc Palmer

I've been been doing my taxes for about 10 years with ezTaxReturn. I'm very satisfied.

2/14/2021 by M. Ross

So easy to follow.... the best, quickest way to file taxes I have ever experienced. Thank you for the help.

2/14/2021 by NJL

Have used ezTaxReturn for several years. Always easy to use. Great at keeping you informed.

2/14/2021 by Don Swain

Excellent--everything was direct, easy, and complete ! I'll do it again !

2/14/2021 by Merle Baugh

easy to use and easy to make corrections................

2/14/2021 by Tim Trott

Used many different services over the years and this is the one I will return to next year. What else can I say?

2/14/2021 by Chris

A very simple site to use, step by step, never fails, been using for 3 year's now

2/14/2021 by Georgia A

This service is AWESOME !! I have been doing my own taxes for years and this was by far the easiest and most user friendly method I've used. I will be using ezTaxReturn from now on and have been recommending it to everyone!!

2/14/2021 by Gala

Third year and just great, easy & terrific customer service. Try it, you will NOT be disappointed.

2/13/2021 by Lilia Castro

I am Happy to have you help me with my taxes.

2/13/2021 by Darryl Paige

Everything was really simple, first time user, I will tell others about your service. Thank you very much.

2/13/2021 by L S

Very easy to use, I like that it asks the questions step-by-step and helps you prevent omitting anything, or any errors.

2/13/2021 by Lisa

Easy to use.

2/13/2021 by Howard Waldrup

Great product, great price, very user friendly!! A perfect scenario!! Highly recommended!!! ?????

2/13/2021 by Alan

Program gets better every year. Great.

2/13/2021 by Pamela Stewart

Great job! Made filing fast and easy.

2/13/2021 by Louis

Fast easy to understand

2/13/2021 by N Payne

Used another tax program in the past. This is so much easier. Easy to follow directions. Definitely user friendly.

2/13/2021 by James E Dailey

Excellent way to file, easy, helpful and accessible. I like that it notifies you as promised.

2/13/2021 by Wendy Lockwood

Outstanding. Walked us all the way through the process. I have recommended you to our family and friends. Thank you so much for all you did for us.

2/13/2021 by Elizabeth Chcon

I have used you for the past 4 years and received excellent sevice.

2/13/2021 by Kumar Weerasinghe

Very easy to file tax Return. Outstanding Customer Service after return was made. Replied for my questions promptly and very helpful. Give 5 Stars.

2/13/2021 by Paul Murphy

The name ezTaxReturn is correct. It was easy to complete my tax. This is my 2nd year with this tax program and I intend to use it in the future. I am 93 years old and just sailed right through the program.

2/13/2021 by Linda M.

I've filed with ezTaxReturn for 3 years, and always feel confident that my taxes were done right and on time! Thanks, ezTaxReturn!

2/13/2021 by Bris

I really enjoyed filing our taxes using ezTaxReturn. I feel it was very accurate.

2/13/2021 by Shannon W.

Lighting fast and simple! Highly recommend.

2/13/2021 by Paul and Jean Lapidus

This ezTaxReturn place is super. As low-income people, they allowed us a free return, but having used their service, would gladly paid for it, These folks are the best, just followed the step by step instructions they gave, and they did all the work. The whole thing done in an hour, and only that long because I didn't have my paper work immediately at hand. Again, thanks so much, and wishning the ezTaxReturn company success in their work.

2/13/2021 by Darwin

Fairly easy to follow. Almost tripped up on EIP payments. but like Arnold said, "I'll be back"

2/13/2021 by Chuck B.

Been using this service for several years. I think this is a very good avenue for filing Federal taxes.

2/13/2021 by Tianna Bicknell

I had a wonderful experience with eztaxreturn. I, like many of the people didn't realize that only the federal return was free until I got to the end so I just said I wanted to put my state on next year's tax return and it was free. It only took about 3 days for them to send it to the irs and then less than 24hrs for the irs to accept it. Wonderful experience. They walk you through all the steps if it's your first time and let you go quicker if you've done it before. All around great service will definitely be using next year.

2/13/2021 by Delmer Parker

Very easy to use. Kept us informed. 5 stars ?? recommend highly

2/13/2021 by Brenda H

Easiest return I've ever done. Walked you through each step. Was able to leave and come back where I left off. Even though I had to pay the fee was small compared to others. Will definitely use again.

2/13/2021 by Jose

very easy and fast filing thank you

2/13/2021 by Marie Finocchiaro

Great site step by step very pleased with this app.

2/13/2021 by Blossom Sanok

It is so convenient and reliable. Thank you much.

2/13/2021 by Edward Covington

Have used ez tax for years and am well satisfied

2/13/2021 by Brenda

The best tax return service in the US

2/13/2021 by Dianne Watts

This is the easiest tax return provider that I have ever used. ezTaxReturn is very thorough in its process. I would recommend it to anyone. I even use this site for anyone who asks me for help.

2/13/2021 by Peta

Easy to follow steps and navigation is excellent

2/13/2021 by Greg Smith

Excellent and very easy to do your own taxes. Have been using for 4 years now- and have had 0 issues. I highly recommend. Thank You!

2/13/2021 by Gerald Ricketts


2/13/2021 by Carmelita

WOW!!! I never thought I can do tax filing myself until I discovered eztaxreturn, quick and easy. I will never pay someone again to file my tax.

2/13/2021 by Greg

First time using the application found it convenient and easy would recommend it to a friend

2/13/2021 by Betty J King

Thank you for e-filing my federal return to the IRS. You were great and I couldn't be more pleased. The service is excellent. I will use your services each time I need to file my taxes. I definitely will recommend you to family and friends. Thank you for all the help and information. Keeping me updated. Excellent service. Thank you again. I look forward to using you and your service each year.

2/13/2021 by Angelica

Excelente service , I highly recommend it.

2/13/2021 by Linda

Very thorough but good instructions to guide you through. I will use this again.

2/13/2021 by Carolyn R.

I could not believe how fast and easy it was to file my taxes online using your software! Thank you.

2/13/2021 by Wiley Henry

Very quick and easy to use!

2/13/2021 by Melissa Wade

It was so easy even when I forgot my password. Awesome

2/13/2021 by C. Gregory Slothower

Outstanding!!!! Very easy. All i had to do was select from a list of possible answers, and voila!!! Thanks eztax!!!

2/13/2021 by Michele Price

Great easy to use program and I've used almost all of the !!! Thanks for ease of taxes!!

2/13/2021 by Michael W Tschannen

Excellent and easy service.

2/13/2021 by Lola Thomas

The only tax service I have used for the past 10 yrs. That's how great you are. Thank You.

2/13/2021 by Martha

I have used for many years. They make it so quick and easy to understand. I have 4 friends that use it because I told them even the computer illiterate can do their taxes here. Please don't go away!

2/13/2021 by Vic

Easy to use and covered everything I needed. Will use again next year.

2/13/2021 by Ferdinand Wieland

Exceptional, easy to use tax service. A gift from heaven!

2/13/2021 by Destany

Super Quick, and Easy, very nice for beginners.

2/13/2021 by Jerome L Wojtecki

EASY and SIMPLE steps in completing my tax return. ENJOYABLE and no SWEAT.

2/13/2021 by Jim

Did everything they said they would and on time. See you next year Thanks.

2/13/2021 by Rosemary Walton

Great service to the community. Easy and quick! I have my son using it now. Thanks EZ Tax.

2/13/2021 by ROLAND CORONADO


2/13/2021 by Ashley

So grateful for this website. This was my first time preparing my taxes alone. I thought it would be hard but they walk you through every step so it was easy. Too easy. Thanks so much!

2/13/2021 by Brian

Been using for years. Always great service.

2/13/2021 by Gertrud

I needed to file taxes, even though I don't have to file with just social security as income, But to get the $ 600 stimulus once again needed to file. Very easy to follow instructions!

2/13/2021 by Lauren Young

Over priced for basic tax forms price not disclosed til very end of filing

2/13/2021 by Lawrence Moody

Best income tax software I have ever used quick and easy, my taxes are done and my return was accepted by the IRS in less than 24 hours

2/13/2021 by Rick Westbrook

Very easy to use. Step by step instructions, Will use again next year.

2/13/2021 by Vladimir Zaytsev

Fast and easy. Thanks

2/13/2021 by Jesus Maldonado

You guys are best there is,see you next time. Thanks guys

2/13/2021 by Sonny Truong

Easy and secure. Thank you!

2/13/2021 by Tammy Timbs

Quick and easy.

2/13/2021 by Rogers

Unlike some Other services and software packages, making changes to my return after finishing but before filing was no problem was able to do a superseding return with no hitches. No problem with anything at any time in the last several years of using ez tax.

2/13/2021 by Rhonda

Thank you for providing this surface that is verified by the IRS. My demographic information was stored securely from my previous return and made the process even quicker. I trust this service and will keep using it.

2/13/2021 by James H Peppers

I have used EZtaxreturn for years. I have always had a good experience. I have referred several people to this service.

2/13/2021 by Robert Devine

Fast Easy Excellent Great job

2/13/2021 by Sanjae MeadleyHouston

Very easy, explanatory, and help

2/13/2021 by Norman Allan Piira

Excellent service. Easy and fast. Especially after the first year. Will use again.

2/13/2021 by Share

Always my choice for easy, accurate tax preparation.

2/13/2021 by sid Goodman

Easy and complete.

2/13/2021 by Mike Dericks

First time user. Free, Fast and easy except for charity deduction. I would have saved a lot of time skipping this deduction instead of itemizing many charities only to find the standard deduction was much better. I would suggest some simple questions that would have helped me avoid this stumbling block.

2/13/2021 by Galen

Efficient and ez to isr

2/13/2021 by Rosetta Griffin

eztaxreturn. com is an excellent website to your free taxes

2/13/2021 by Rosemary

Love everything about this company, it's simple and easy.

2/13/2021 by Cheryl Pace

Easy & awesome!

2/13/2021 by Meredith MacKusick

Thank you for your easy and quick service. I will spread the word about your excellent tax preparation help.

2/13/2021 by Louise

Very easy to use, & they got me a better refund than other online services.

2/13/2021 by Mary Tibbs

The step by step guidance was very much appreciated

2/13/2021 by GP

Excellent and very easy. Thank you

2/13/2021 by Vinessa Rentie

So easy to do love this tax service

2/13/2021 by dbrew

Easy to use and trustworthy site.

2/13/2021 by Nancy

As advertised, very easy

2/13/2021 by LP

Easy to navigate. Great customer service.

2/13/2021 by Bev

Excellent service! Prompt reply to my emailed question.

2/13/2021 by Jeremey

This was my first time filing taxes I didn't know what to do and guided me through every step, everything was process fast like they said it would be...I will recommend eztaxreturn to anybody!!!

2/13/2021 by William Carroll

I have used Ez Tax Return before, they are accurate and easy to use.!

2/13/2021 by heidi

Was so easy

2/13/2021 by John Mantz

This was my second year of filing my taxes with and I highly recommend it to anyone. They have it set up so that they can offer help if you need it and it will catch any errors you make. I had always depended upon a tax service to file my taxes in previous years but am so satisfied with this format, I will continue to do my own taxes in future years.

2/13/2021 by Ulisrs

Been using this service for several years now. Its easy to use and understand. Awesome!!!

2/13/2021 by Daniel Rymer

Super easy. Dealing with government forms should always be this simple.

2/13/2021 by Dainna Counce

They r great i have been using them for tbe past 5 yrs now. And im goung to keep using them.

2/13/2021 by Mario Ramirez

Fácil y sencillo, muchas gracias.

2/13/2021 by C Slazyk

Fast and easy.. would recommend..

2/13/2021 by Vincent C Mielnicki

It seems that everything is in order now that the IRS has accepted my 2020 tax return. Your team made prompt responses to some questions that I sent which I do appreciate. Also , the information that you provided was correct information not erroneous and again I thank you for being honest.

2/13/2021 by Caroline Rado

This is the second year I have used EzTaxReturn and its been stress free. I wish I knew of this service earlier. Every year I have struggled to figure out my taxes...not so these past two years.

2/13/2021 by Rob

great job,will use next year

2/13/2021 by Vicki Strickland

So easy to follow step-by-step instructions and so reasonable in fees.

2/13/2021 by Anna Gallagher

Easy, quick way to do taxes.

2/13/2021 by Ruth

The best service easy to use Web site just great

2/13/2021 by Kathleen

Five star rateing

2/13/2021 by elly

excellent and easy to use

2/13/2021 by David

Very easy and professional 2 years in a row!!

2/13/2021 by Edwin Mrozinski

Outstanding customer service. ezTaxReturn online tax return filing made filing my taxes easy to fill out and without any problems.. I will notify other members of my family to use your tax service. Thank you. Eddie

2/13/2021 by Sherry

So easy to use!

2/13/2021 by Joan Eshleman

Easy and seamless Quick response to my questions

2/13/2021 by Barbara McGlynn

Outstanding. This is the first time I used this service. I found it easy to use. Most importantly, I had several questions which were responded to quickly and clearly.

2/13/2021 by Barbara Garrett

Filing the taxes was an easy and efficient process. Thank you for making it a smooth task. I recommend it to anybody


Easy, clear process to use even for a senior citizen confused by it all.

2/13/2021 by Lip funk

Super easy!

2/13/2021 by WIBadgers

I LOVE this service! I've used for the past three years. It's simple to follow and I receive my return directly deposited into my checking account. Thank you for offering help to those of us who can not afford a professional tax representative.

2/13/2021 by David

Easier than I would have thought. Questions answered promptly. How often can you say that these days ? Stay safe and well everyone;-)

2/13/2021 by Ronald M

Easy and quick will use again

2/13/2021 by Ruth Trosclair

Was very easy and the communication was a 10 The only negative was it was my understanding it was a referral from IRS.GOV that was supposed to be free but the charge was minimal I think that for Seniors it should be free

2/13/2021 by Karen

Fast, easy and excellent customer service!

2/13/2021 by Jeff Bringle

One of the quickest, yet most detailed returns you can file. Thank you!

2/13/2021 by Roberta Arden

This is a great service with prompt and wonderful customer service. I will certainly be back next year to get my taxes done here. Thank you!

2/13/2021 by Phipps

Pretty easy to use. Nothing fancy or overwhelming, especially for people who are new to doing their own taxes.

2/13/2021 by Timothy J Gordon

I have used eztaxreturn before and am very happy with the site and the service.

2/13/2021 by Chris Linker

Quick easy to complete

2/13/2021 by A.Rubio

You where fast and very easy. I would recommend to anyone.

2/13/2021 by Cathy

This is so easy to use . All questions answered Amazing!

2/13/2021 by J Williams

Very helpful & They have options to help you, All the way through, While filing...With there web site, A 5th Grader can file, That's how Commtted They are to take you, Step by Step...Just like a Tutor

2/13/2021 by James Kimbrell

I've used several different tax filing services. This one was by far the easiest and quickest that I've used. Thank you!

2/13/2021 by Brenda Reiser

I have been using ezTaxReturn for many years. Their website is easy to use and quite thorough. If you need it, their instructions will walk you through each step. I won't use any other service.

2/13/2021 by Antonio reyes

I am very satisfied and happy with you it is very easy to apply and you always kept me informed thanks to you I was able to receive my stimulus payments that I had not received thanks .tony

2/13/2021 by Ajmal

I filed my Federal & State Tax for 2020 through ezTax Return easily. There was no problem, I strongly recommend them to use their services without any fear.

2/13/2021 by Karen Huff

I tried using other programs and they were very difficult to get what I needed. And it took a lot longer to complete the process. I came to EZ TAX, registeref, filled out all of the information, answered the questions and it asked one that two others never asked, DID YOU GET YOUR STIMULUS. This was the only resson we needed to file. I answered the questions and I was done. I highly revommend this program for it was easy to navigate and it did not take any time to complete...

2/13/2021 by Anne Baum

Very easy and free best ever

2/13/2021 by Raymond

This was my 4th year and it so nice to be able to transfer prior years information to the new current year return. I would recommend to anyone looking for a thorough and complete return

2/13/2021 by Alex Stoddart

One of the easiest tax filings that I have used. I would not think of using any other. The Help Guide is just what I needed. Thanks ezTax; you're great!

2/13/2021 by Tammy

Totally fast and easy. Best way I know to get taxes done.

2/13/2021 by Ann

Excellent service! Ez tax made it so easy to file our tax return. Thank you so much for helping us.

2/13/2021 by Beverly DeWitt

Very easy to file taxes!

2/13/2021 by Stanley L. Allen

Excellent and very easy to file taxes!!

2/13/2021 by Robert Reid

Excellent and easy to do!!

2/13/2021 by Joy Ready

8 year Customer and many more to come.

2/13/2021 by Jerry Stankovich

It was so easy to use, thank you

2/13/2021 by Anne

Super easy, quick, and the "help" option guided me through the whole process. Super pleased.

2/13/2021 by Justin

They deserve 10stars! They walk you through the steps. Quick easy and accurate!!

2/13/2021 by Anna Caudke

Very simple

2/13/2021 by Johnny carlino

Was very easy to use, computed everything, actually fun filling out your taxes especially when you see a big refund!!

2/13/2021 by S bennett

Very good,

2/13/2021 by Customer

I have been filing with this company for 4 years now. It is so easy and straightforward. I am very satisfied.

2/13/2021 by Linda A

EZ to use and great customer service.

2/13/2021 by Eric Spears

Easy to do. Loved it.

2/13/2021 by Kristina

Super simple! This was my first time filing myself and eztaxreturn made it really simple considering I had no idea what I was doing! Will be using again in the future!

2/13/2021 by Wayne

Very easy to use and no software required. I completed my return a month ago and just had to wait for the IRS opened efiling and my return was accepted

2/13/2021 by Abigail Pearman

I have been filling my own taxes for year's and have never found any program as easy as Eztaxreturn. I will forever use this program to file. I love the way it walks you step by step to make sure everything is filed correctly. Wonderful service and highly recommended.

2/13/2021 by Carl Cowan

A Great place to file income tax! It is easy to do and most all is automatically. I love ezTaxReturn.

2/13/2021 by Edward

Found the taxes pretty easy when i file doing the standered deduction.

2/13/2021 by Richard

Your services worked excellent for me to file my tax return. Thanks.

2/13/2021 by Lillie

First time user very happy with there service's very professional.

2/13/2021 by Doris V. Harrington

Your services are par excellent. I've used them for 5 or 6 years. I am happy that I found yo.u. As always, thank you very much for what you do. Doris Harrington

2/13/2021 by Felipe Gregorio

Easy and simple to follow. Not complicated at all.

2/13/2021 by Cathy vogel

Have been doing taxes with you guys for years. Never had a problem and taxes wete always right.... thank you eztax

2/13/2021 by Richard Harkins


2/13/2021 by Sandra

I have tried several online tax services and this (ezTaxReturn) is the easiest to use!

2/13/2021 by JOHN PAULUS


2/13/2021 by Michael

This is soooooo easy to use They help every step of the way.

2/13/2021 by Pleased

Quick, very easy and instructions are understandable, Excellent!!!

2/13/2021 by Sandy

I usually don't make enough to file taxes. 2019 I let my fiance claim me and I didn't get any stimulus money. I filed here for 2020 and now I can get the stimulus. Easy to follow directions and fast service. Thank you much appreciated!

2/13/2021 by Melissa Nyquist

I love them. So so easy and affordable...

2/13/2021 by Douglas

Fast and easy, as promised.! Will definitely recommend Thank you!

2/13/2021 by Mike

Excellent service, user friendly. Thank you.

2/13/2021 by Bob

Super easy!

2/13/2021 by Assunta

Fast and easy

2/13/2021 by Joe Clark

Easy and fast and they were very helpful

2/13/2021 by MP Wilson

Oh my, I cannot say enough positive about EZ Tax Return. We had our taxes done professionally in the past. So it was with nervous trepidation that I filed our tax return myself. I love that EZTax return held my hand and walked me through the return. We have never returned to professional tax preparers. And, I can quickly file my state tax return as well.

2/13/2021 by Samanthea Jones

I used EZ Tax for several years and I am a satified customer every year!

2/13/2021 by William Lawson

This was fast and I would recommend this service to anyone. Outstanding

2/13/2021 by PRamirez625$

Its so easy i did it my self i dont pay a soul to do my tax's the only down fal is that during the excitement of me completing my tax's i forgot how much i am getting back so now im unable to check the status of my return. Ill do better next year !!

2/13/2021 by Robert simpk8ns

Very user friendly .easy to follow directions and my return was bigger than on ma competitor i tried first . glad i switched . 100% would recommwnd

2/13/2021 by smvs

Easy, fast, and just great. I am a returning customer

2/13/2021 by geneva

Fast and easy.

2/13/2021 by Mona Tabbara

Fast and Easy!

2/13/2021 by Carol A Doucette

Im a retired CPA so I had to do my return for the first time individually and not with my firm. It was easy to follow and find where I needed to input information. I think even those without tax return knowledge would be able to follow the forms with no problem.

2/13/2021 by Paul

Very easy file.

2/13/2021 by David Bieberitz

It's very easy and it helps you step by step. This is my 2nd year using it.

2/13/2021 by sherri donahue

ezTaxReturn online tax return filing made filing my taxes easy to fill out and without any problems. IM NOT ELECTRONICALLY INCLINED AND I DID IT SOLO!

2/13/2021 by Rodolphus Horton

Great service.

2/13/2021 by Carol

Super easy. Makes tax filing painless

2/13/2021 by Carol

My second year and I've come to love this service! And you allow Schedule C which is so rare for free online filing. Thank you!

2/13/2021 by Dan Schutte

Very easy for me

2/13/2021 by Barbara A Maley

perfect & fast

2/13/2021 by Samantha day

Smooth fast. Loved the step by step help. Thank you

2/13/2021 by Gina Mayfield

It went pretty smooth.

2/13/2021 by Jim

Easy and fast

2/13/2021 by Mary Hubert

I have been using them for years and will continue to do so. ! So Easy and excellent support when you need to ask a question.

2/13/2021 by linda zeman

Easy to follow for a tax dummy like me. Glad I found it. It saved me some money in this time of hard times. They followed through with notification when the IRS accepted my return so now its just waiting for my return. If available I will look for them again next year. Good job!

2/13/2021 by Larry Varner

Fast, easy and very professional!

2/13/2021 by KP

Very easy to use.

2/13/2021 by Al

Easy to fill out form and fast filling.

2/13/2021 by Ryan Kuecker

EZTAX Return was just that, EASY. Very easy t follow however some explanations like the EIC needs more verification instead of emailing the company for explanation while youre online finishing the return.

2/13/2021 by Patricia

Very easy to complete my taxes.

2/13/2021 by Margie Jackson

Very easy and simple process. Will not hesitate to use again Highly reccomend.

2/13/2021 by Carlos orozco

Very happy with their over all tax filling systenm. High five.

2/13/2021 by PHILIP


2/13/2021 by Anne

First time doing my own taxes and they made it so easy. Was a very good experience!

2/13/2021 by Colene Olsen

very easy to use, no problems

2/13/2021 by B Racer

This was a great service. Easy to use, very intuitive, and sure beats sitting in somebody's office for two hours. Thank you!

2/13/2021 by Janice Kreuzburg

This was my first time e-filing and i couldn't be more pleased.

2/13/2021 by Martha lopez

I love it fast And easy! Step by step is really helpful love it

2/13/2021 by Larry L

Great site. Easy to use. Breezed thru the instructions with no issues. I'll be back again next year.

2/13/2021 by Karen

My experience using eztax was very good.

2/13/2021 by Rick Campbell

Easy,, accurate and very professional

2/13/2021 by Jack bethel

Fast service and customer service was very excellent with questions

2/13/2021 by David Rock

Took just minutes to complete. Notification of Fed Gov't acceptance received! Very efficient service. Will use again next season.

2/13/2021 by Bernice. Kau

Fast and Easy

2/13/2021 by elliott verner

amazing speed and info always available

2/13/2021 by James

Super easy and correct!

2/13/2021 by Nick

Awesome service as always

2/13/2021 by Jose queiruga

Excelent job!

2/13/2021 by Clare

Easy peazy to do your taxes thru eztaxreturn!!

2/13/2021 by Marjo

I had lots of questions and they were answered quickly and pleasantly.

2/13/2021 by GypsyJ

Super fast and easy!

2/13/2021 by SHJ

Fast and easy!

2/13/2021 by John f Principe

Excellent service,very proffesionaly done.

2/13/2021 by Diana Riddle

Fast and simple!

2/13/2021 by Deb

First time user and great experience. I like the option to use help in answering information. I'd use again.

2/13/2021 by Tom Burchfield

Outstanding service.

2/13/2021 by Mack VanOsdell

So easy and fast!

2/13/2021 by Rafael Trinidad

Fast and helpful . great.

2/13/2021 by Tristan

Very easy to file on your own. Speedy service and excellent updates when any thing changes

2/13/2021 by R backlund

Ez and straight forward to use.

2/13/2021 by Russ

3 years now and just as easy and fast Very pleased

2/13/2021 by Peggy

Very easy to follow. All phases explained simply with chances to ask further questions if needed. I will continue with this company.

2/13/2021 by wayne

I have been getting my taxes done by e z tax for many years now and it couldn't be easier, faster and accurate. Never have a problem or audit because they go step by step so there isn't any mistakes or confusion. I couldn't be happier by getting my taxes done there. Don't forget the savings ! All the info you need in one little convenient web site. Just love it that's all.

2/13/2021 by Beth Watson

very easy. Thanks

2/13/2021 by Vicki

Fast, Easy, Didn't even have to Contact Them to see when it was Accepted They Contacted Me!

2/13/2021 by Dawne W

East to understand, quick to navigate through, by far the best e-file option.

2/13/2021 by Susan Strunak

ezTaxReturn took the anxiety out of filing a return. They were friendly, helpful and quick to respond to my tax questions. Thanks!

2/13/2021 by mary livingston

easy to use and excellent service

2/13/2021 by Jerry

Very easy to navigate and complete! Thank you!

2/13/2021 by Michelle

The ease and accuracy of this program is exceptional. This is my second year using it. I truly appreciate the proficiency of it.

2/13/2021 by Robert

Very helpful.

2/13/2021 by k.eith

everything went smooth and was easy to do.

2/13/2021 by Kenai jim

Great and easy. Any one can use this service

2/13/2021 by Alfred J Hanks

Excellant and easy to work. I am very happy with it.

2/13/2021 by Wesley Williams

Love you guys see you next year

2/13/2021 by Glenn martin

Thank you very much a great tax preparer

2/13/2021 by M. Pearson

Very easy, guide works well.

2/13/2021 by Aengland

Filing our taxes went smooth as silk :) Thank you!

2/13/2021 by Jaime Schatz

This,,ezTaxReturn is the easiest site! Im not an accountant nor could i afford one. I am horrible at math. This site walks you threw ,step by step! I havent filed taxes, in a couple yrs . Because, i collect Ssi. But, i am really glad i did and should of done it soooner knowing, it was that simple. Thank you Extaxreurn!

2/13/2021 by eric benton

great job

2/13/2021 by Jessica evans

Amazing fast and reliable

2/13/2021 by Ann Marie Morse

Awesome.. One word.. Thank you..

2/13/2021 by TB

Simple..2 Da point!!

2/13/2021 by Mary E Ward

Fast, simple, easy to navigate. Had a question and my email was responded to in less than 2 hours.

2/13/2021 by Diane

Very easy to use. Will use again

2/13/2021 by Teresa white

One of the easiest forms ive used

2/13/2021 by Janet Evans

Guide was very helpful. Very satisfied with the whole process.

2/13/2021 by John

easy peezy

2/13/2021 by Cory

Super Ez! Second year working with them and Ill keep using them in the future.

2/13/2021 by Michael Riggs

This efile was the easiest tax file I have ever done. They go step by step.

2/13/2021 by Cathy

I've used ezTax for about 7 years... I love how fast & easy filing my taxes is! My beau couldn't have his done where he normally does so I got him to use ezTax... he loved it!

2/13/2021 by matt

It was simple accurate and fast

2/13/2021 by Jason harper

Easy to use

2/13/2021 by robert d coleman

clear instructions and easy to follow-very satisfied

2/13/2021 by Todd

Easy to understand filing process.

2/13/2021 by Kim

Consistently Easy and convenient year after year

2/13/2021 by Rose griffith

First time user. Very easy.They walk you through the return step-by-step if desired. I would recommend this site to anyone.

2/13/2021 by Demetrious


2/13/2021 by vince

so easy to file your tax here

2/13/2021 by Karen

I have used other online tax services, and thought feeling frustrated with taxes was just part of the deal. Not with this site. Thanks for significantly reducing my stress ez tax people!

2/13/2021 by Adela

Fast, good customer service !!

2/13/2021 by Debra Hazelwood

Very easy to use.

2/13/2021 by William E. Megneys

Very professional and easy to file website. I highly recommend ezTaxReturn!

2/13/2021 by Diana

Quick. Super easy.

2/13/2021 by Lee A

Very easy abd quick!!!

2/12/2021 by Robert utt

Great service

2/12/2021 by Laurel

This is the 8th year that I have used this site.. I have been very happy and it makes tax time so easy.

2/12/2021 by Charles Noll

A relatively inexpensive way to file tax return compared to other services. Lacks certain features such as going into say a 401k plan and extracting required information automatically.

2/12/2021 by Sharon

Very easy

2/12/2021 by Norm

Have used EZ for a few years now and they are great!!!

2/12/2021 by william brown

Guided me through the process with ease. Program covered all my concerns on the return and didn't cost hundreds! Highly recommended.

2/12/2021 by Gena

quick & easy

2/12/2021 by Tom Landers

The program guided me for all inputs. It mad it easy to get my info into the program. I will continue to use ezTaxReturn.

2/12/2021 by Raymond Franklin

Your website was professional and easy to understand. Thanks.

2/12/2021 by Jan Edwards

First time ever using system and was pleasantly surprised. Easy to understand and easy to navigate.

2/12/2021 by Olivia

Extremely satisfied with exTax. Highly recommend. Simple to follow. Immediate updates. Couldn't be more pleased.

2/12/2021 by Dianne

Easy to use

2/12/2021 by Julie Payton

I only filed to get my $600 stimulus check because i had changed banks. I have since gotten it in the mail now

2/12/2021 by Reginald and Nancy Parker

Very easy and accurate online filing. Secure and safe.

2/12/2021 by Richard Mark Jeffrey

Thank you so much!

2/12/2021 by Gina Lax

First time using this company and I'm very pleased with them, they did an amazing job. Will be using them more

2/12/2021 by Jacob

Great tool very helpful

2/12/2021 by Christine Vollert

I've been doing my taxes on ezTaxReturn for many years with absolutely no problems! It's easy, fast efficient and help is available readily if needed.

2/12/2021 by MICHAEL

Customer service was the best, they helped me thru it all like it was nothing. See ya next year

2/12/2021 by Charles

Great help! Thanks

2/12/2021 by Guadalupe Rivera

Have been doing business with ezTaxReturn for years and I'm very happy with their service. Great service and very easy to file and very dependable. Fast results !!

2/12/2021 by Arthur Dinkins

We have used ezTaxReturn for a few years! Very easy to use.I have asked questions and they always get back to me very quickly. always will use them. Thank You ezTaxReturn !!!!!!

2/12/2021 by Ellen Achnick

Extremely easy to use for a first time user. Thank you! Great experience.

2/12/2021 by Carole

Second year using EZTaxReturn. Very simple and user friendly.

2/12/2021 by Romunda Person

Happy Customer Year 2020

2/12/2021 by Ralph Kozlowski

I like doing this stuff, and my experience was more satisfying than I expected. On the other hand, the fee for state seems a bit high.

2/12/2021 by Denise Edwards

Very easy instructions to follow and very professional.

2/12/2021 by Liz Kuecker


2/12/2021 by Omana Philip

Thank you so very much for making this process easy to navigate and file my taxes. I am now t a tech savvy person and so was very reluctant to try. Also appreciate the support you provide. Was very helpful as the response was very quick and got answers to all my questions in no time. Thank you again

2/12/2021 by Yannis Piotoyannakis

Retired and living in another country. If you cannot imagine how stressful Tax time is, let me tell you; it is very stressful. I tried several tax companies over the years including the most famous ones. Bottom line! ezTaxReturn is the absolute BEST! Take it from me NOBODY EVEN COMES CLOSE

2/12/2021 by Giant

Great fast and easy

2/12/2021 by Ginger Osborne

I've used this company for several years now. They make things so easy that I'm sure I'll continue to do so. I highly recommend them.

2/12/2021 by Amanda Huber

Easy, and fast

2/12/2021 by Christine

I've been doing my sons taxes with ezTaxReturn since 2008! It's easy, step by step, or you can zip through it. And it's reasonable to file. Thank You ezTaxReturn for another successful year.. see you next year. A happy customer.

2/12/2021 by rbkennedy

Very fast and very easy!

2/12/2021 by Deirdre

Easiest way to do taxes! Thank you!

2/12/2021 by Judith Zuehlke

Easy to follow directions.

2/12/2021 by Joseph

I know very little about filing taxes and ezTaxReturn has a guide me step by step option that is a life saver

2/12/2021 by LuciaRose Guerrero

Was real easy to use and understanding as well thank you ezTaxReturn for coming out with the best tax filing system in world history this far!!!

2/12/2021 by Mike

I've been issuing EZtaxreturn for about 13 years.. Easy to use, secure web site. Always happy every year.

2/12/2021 by Alvin

I have been using ezTaxReturn several years, it's easy fast and always on time. The best tax service you could ask for!

2/12/2021 by Margaret

So easy. Thank you.

2/12/2021 by Cynthia O'Dell

Application is user friendly. No issues. I would recommend ezTaxReturn.

2/12/2021 by Tommy

Fast and easy

2/12/2021 by KK in NYC

Quick.. Easy. Reliable. Accurate - and a heck of a lot easier than the other "supersonic" tax program.

2/12/2021 by Melissia

Fast and easy to understand. Quick replies to my inquiries. We plan to use them in the future.

2/12/2021 by Marlene Vance

Great tax service to deal with

2/12/2021 by Victoria

Been using this for 6 year's now. And I'm happy with it.

2/12/2021 by Crissie Balicki

ezTaxReturn is just that, easy. You are literally walked through each step and offered explanation when needed.

2/12/2021 by Lora Everette

Easy tax was awesome they helped me all the way through it guided me and taught me how to do my own taxes this is the first time I've ever done my own taxes not taking it to someone else to do everything went very well and they taught me how to do it online and I didn't have to pay nobody it was free excellent excellent excellent thank you so much

2/12/2021 by L Galloway

Is a convenient and easy way to do taxes with the step by step help. And, cost a fraction of what other tax services charge. Will definitely keep using .

2/12/2021 by Laura Mack

Thank yall so much

2/12/2021 by Gary & Roberta Corn

Very easy to use. They walk you through step by step. Will definitely use again. Extremely pleased.

2/12/2021 by Roberta

Love Ez tax! Website is awesome! Easy to navigate!

2/12/2021 by John MacKenzie

the filing was easy but I expected my state return to be free also, There should be something upfront that indicates state filing is not free, I do not like hidden surprises.

2/12/2021 by M Jones

EZ Tax return is always thorough, prompt, and very easy to use. Never had a problem. Will continue to use their services. Get rid of your tax time anxiety, and let EZ do an expert job for you; you won't regret it.

2/12/2021 by Karen Brown

I have used them a few times and very happy with their service

2/12/2021 by Sandy

Easy and very helpful!

2/12/2021 by Daniel

The step by step instructions were really helpful. Made filing easy.

2/12/2021 by Ms. Powell

Filing my taxes was very easy and fast with ezTaxReturn.

2/12/2021 by Frank Hensley

On a scale of 1 to 10 i give it an 11 for ease of use and reliability. Cant praise enough.

2/12/2021 by Pat

ezTaxReturn makes filing taxes so easy.

2/12/2021 by T Johnson

Process was very, very quick and easy! Thanks.

2/12/2021 by Gwen

Very easy and concise.

2/12/2021 by Brenda Creech

Filing my taxes was so easy! Anyone can use ezTaxReturn and get their taxes filed quickly and without error!

2/12/2021 by Lois Nicolai

I was pleasantly surprised and happy that I could do my taxes by myself. The instructions were excellent and helped me all through the process.

2/12/2021 by Pamela Wise

This is the first time l used ezTaxReturn, and the first time l ever filed on my own, let me tell you it was easy, fast,and helpful while l was filing, l will recommend to others.

2/12/2021 by Cheryl

This was the first time I used this product. It was easy to use.

2/12/2021 by Marie F

Loved how ez it was to use! Will recommend you to others!

2/12/2021 by Scott

Very easy. Very quick! Thank you!

2/12/2021 by L Campeau

I tried a couple of other online services before completing our tax return with EZ Tax Return. The site is easy to navigate, a much better layout compared to the others. I completed our return in no time, for sure I will use them again.

2/12/2021 by William Crow

The process is fairly easy. I had to make one change to my return and it was easy to go in and update it. Since my phone had two versions of my return, I contacted ezTaxReturn to make sure that the corrected return was the one to be submitted to the IRS. The response was very fast, clear and polite: The correct version was the one scheduled for submission. Even if I had not reached out, everything would have been correct. You guys are on point! Thank you.

2/12/2021 by Dale Dufloth

Excellent service

2/12/2021 by A Ransom

It was nice and easy and I was very satisfied

2/12/2021 by K. Davis

ezTaxReturn made filing very easy and my return was accepted right away..thank you so much!!!

2/12/2021 by Keith K.

Great software and easy to navigate.

2/12/2021 by Peter

Easy to use ! Excellent Service ! Will use in the future !

2/12/2021 by Jon

Outstanding customer service. ezTaxReturn online tax return filing made filing my taxes easy to fill out and without any problems.

2/12/2021 by AGP

Fast, easy, correct and secure.

2/12/2021 by Juanita Howell

Very easy to file taxes.

2/12/2021 by David Troglin

This is the first time I have used this system and I would recommend it for was extremely simple and easy to use.

2/12/2021 by Rosalba Garcia-Andrade

Excellent and easy to do. Thank you!

2/12/2021 by R. Evans

Best tax service on the planet.. Thanks for doing such a great job.

2/12/2021 by Dale Thomas

First time user with ez tax, What a easy way to use & very satisfy Professional at what they do. Thank You

2/12/2021 by Erica Manor

Love love love thank you so much

2/12/2021 by Betty

I was very happy with my experience

2/12/2021 by M Y Foater

Very easy and helpful.

2/12/2021 by Marilyn butler

Wow my first time using ez tax return,im satisfied. !!!!

2/12/2021 by Monica

I want to thank this company for their help during the stressful time for me. Be elderly and disabled from many strokes. They made my experience easy and pain free. Many thanks to them.

2/12/2021 by Theresa

OMG would not know what to do without you! Thanks!!

2/12/2021 by Anonymous Happy Customer

I've been using eztaxreturn for many many years! Very affordable, and if I have any question whatsoever, eztaxreturn gets back to me far more quickly than my CPA ever did. Thanks!

2/12/2021 by Pamela K Houser

I'm a 68 yr old disabled senior who has many possible deductions. I used ezTax service, because with my low income status I'm uncertain of what the new laws are. You flew me right through with no hesitation. Thank you! BTW, other services wanted $100++ to complete the taxes. I only paid state tax fee with you.

2/12/2021 by

Very easy to use

2/12/2021 by Della Varney

Fast and easy

2/12/2021 by Jay T

So EZ to file & a very user friendly website! Highly recommend!! :)

2/12/2021 by Lavanna Harmon

Very Easy website to use. Way better than Turbotax. Easy to understand. Good Job eztaxreturn

2/12/2021 by Tim

Fast and easy

2/12/2021 by teresa

Very easy and they walked you through all the wasy!! Very satisfied!!

2/12/2021 by Michael Wood

Excellent thank you

2/12/2021 by Max

Very good

2/12/2021 by MELISSA

Fast and Easy

2/12/2021 by Joe F Rodriguez

It was easy, helpful and fast. Thank You.

2/12/2021 by Tony Widemon

Very good!!!!!

2/12/2021 by Linda Sloter

Used ezfile the past 3 years! Will usr them from now on!

2/12/2021 by John Bohnarczyk

Very easy and user friendly.....

2/12/2021 by Robert walker

This was a very smooth process to understand. I recommend eztaxreturn.

2/12/2021 by Brian Nozkowski

Wonderful tax service, their exactly who they say they are, quite refreshing, definitely use again next tax year.

2/12/2021 by Kim K

First time using, super easy with step by step instructions! I will definitely be using it again!!

2/12/2021 by betty green

very helpful and easy to do for a senior citizen that is not very computer literate....thank you ez tax

2/12/2021 by Dustin Brown

I've been using for years. I would say, just my opinion, it's one of the easiest and most affordable tax return compilers on the web. My info has never been breached and it's been on their servers for years. Great job EZTAXRETURN!

2/12/2021 by Beverly Kennedy

I have used EZtax for years and have always been pleased. I wouldn't change fir anything. Great company!!!!!!!

2/12/2021 by Jennifr

Very easy to use. Thanks

2/12/2021 by Stephen Shine

Good,easy to follow layout to submit tax info.

2/12/2021 by Laurie Goss

Very fast back info.. thank you

2/12/2021 by Roosterman

As one who is not the brightest bulb on the porch I had a few navigation issues.. All in all my taxes were very simple.

2/12/2021 by Steve

Thanks for the service you provide

2/12/2021 by Kevin Sherlock

Very easy and smooth service. Walks you through the process quickly and efficiently. I very much recommend this service.

2/12/2021 by C Moore


2/12/2021 by howard

very good service I have been using them for years

2/12/2021 by Christine

Very good

2/12/2021 by Surender

I amusing since last 7 to 8 years and Very satisfied

2/12/2021 by Rebecca Handmore

This makes taxes easy to do at an exceptional rate!

2/12/2021 by Dwayne

First time using eztaxReturn very pleased would recommend to anyone

2/12/2021 by Les Fletcher

I was very happy with eztax everything went smooth. I had no problems

2/12/2021 by John B

Unlike TacAct EZtax did not mislead you as to the cost of using their service. It was easy to use and affordable.

2/12/2021 by Chrisitina

I have used EZtaxreturn many years Its a very easy program to follow and trusted too. Thankyou

2/12/2021 by Barbara Wilber

I have used this service for several years and have been very satisfied. Highly recommend.

2/12/2021 by Jaszinia Edmee

Easy, simple, fast!! Four years no problems!!

2/12/2021 by Lorene L Roberts

I am very very happy the ezTaxreturn, this is my 3rd year with them and I will continue with their service.

2/12/2021 by India

This is my second time using them, and it's a very excellent tax service. I would recommend ez tax to everyone I know.

2/12/2021 by Jeanette Frescholtz

this was quick and easy, and cheaper and knowladgeable then other places, that did our taxesbefore and you explained everything,

2/12/2021 by Wamo

2nd year very ez. I will always use and reccomend to others.

2/12/2021 by Ann G

Very easy to use. Have used it for many years and have never had any issues.

2/12/2021 by Margaret Koenig

I have used EZTaxReturn for at least the last half dozen years. I highly recommend this service. They make the process completely painless simple. I highly recommends EZTaxReturn!

2/12/2021 by Shawn Caldwell

Love this program

2/12/2021 by Angela Gill

Very satisfied, it was quick and Ez

2/12/2021 by john p

this is a very good tax service. i've been using them for years.

2/12/2021 by Susan

I have found itto be so easy and relaxing to use EZ Tax. Thank you for making it so easy and relaxing to file my taxes every year

2/12/2021 by Pauline

The step-by-step instructions were so helpful. I feel safe in using ezTax Return.

2/12/2021 by Robin

Have been using ezTaxReturn for about 10 years now. Extremely easy and love the service

2/12/2021 by Charlene

Former Intuit Turbo Tax. I am sold on EZTax return. Easy, simple, clean

2/12/2021 by Frank

My first time using it an my experience was very well laid out an easy to use! I will definitely use it again.

2/12/2021 by ronald rodrigues

love your cite ti is very user friendly

2/12/2021 by Donald

Have been using ezTaxreturn for years. Never a problem. Great tax preparation service. Priced very well. Keeps you informed with udates to you tax return. .Receive my refund as fast as possible.

2/12/2021 by Darryl K

First time using this service. I found it to be much better than Turbo Tax!

2/12/2021 by Thelma Owens

Was really easy to use for me

2/12/2021 by Taisa Hargrove

Easy process and excellent service. I will return to use again next year

2/12/2021 by Mary

Easy to use. Takes a lot of stress and worry off to do your taxes this way. Quicker refund.

2/12/2021 by JASON AMEDICK

have been using them for quite a few years always simple easy procedure

2/12/2021 by Rose

First time using EX Tax Return, easy to use.

2/12/2021 by Rosemary chakabarika


2/12/2021 by A Carroll

Had service last 5 years very pleased

2/12/2021 by Jerome Anderson

Been using eztaxreturn for about 6 years and their service has been easy to use, helpful, and perfect every time. Keep up great work.

2/12/2021 by John Gonzales

I would have rated you higher, if i would have had a phone number because i had questions when i was doing my taxes and i couldnt reach anyone iy took me over 4 hours to do a simple federal tax, i had to wait until someone answered my email, you guys should have a number we can call when you have a question.

2/11/2021 by Audra

I have been a user of Eztax for years it is easy to use and I have never had a problem

2/11/2021 by John Skiavo

I was very satisfied and pleased with using EZ Tax Return. I will definitely use them next tax season.

2/11/2021 by Kathyv

Easy to use the updates

2/11/2021 by Barbara olivares

I have always used turbo tax for years. I thought i would try someone different this year. I was surprised at how uncomplicated it was to complete.

2/11/2021 by Tom Fien

I've been using EZtaxreturn for years and I love the simplicity and never have had any problems, and the price is always right.

2/11/2021 by john

fast and easy with simple directions anyone can do it.

2/11/2021 by Mary turnow

The best, what I like about you all is simplicity!!

2/11/2021 by Donna Darling

This is my second year using ezTaxReturn and the name says it all. EASY! It is very user friendly and I am confident my return will be accurate.

2/11/2021 by Vivian Sellers

Very user friendly. Ezra walked me through every step. Will recommend to my family and friends.

2/11/2021 by David F. Klem

excellent easy to use

2/11/2021 by Carolyn Watson

Always a good experience using ezTaxReturn.

2/11/2021 by David Nigh

EZ indeed and will utilize your product next year as well!

2/11/2021 by Richard Oudette

so far all the years 5 i have used it its been great and easy

2/11/2021 by Joseph Charewycz

I've been doing my taxes with for many years now, and I have always been completely satisfied with the service.

2/11/2021 by Rochelle McGee Yardley

Very helpful!! Thank You

2/11/2021 by thad P hurd

I have been using EZ for several years, very pleased with the service.

2/11/2021 by Paul

Fast and EZ

2/11/2021 by Debbie

Was half the price than turbo tax! Very thorough !

2/11/2021 by Dora

ezTaxReturn made it easy to file my taxes. I would highly recommend it.

2/11/2021 by Gary McBrayer

Super easy Thanks!

2/11/2021 by Margaret Rutherford

Quick and easy.

2/11/2021 by Perry Jones

Very easy to use except whenever I got out of the program or had to re-sign in it didn't take me back to where I left off. I had to re-answer the questions to get back to where I had left off.

2/11/2021 by Tina Aguilar

Been using since 2014 NO Problems at all.

2/11/2021 by Robert Marek

Very easy and good easy process

2/11/2021 by Charles

Very fast and user friendly

2/11/2021 by Quintin

I am very happy with Eztax Return. This my second time using it, and I will use Eztax Return again.

2/11/2021 by Teddy Wallace

As Always, excellent service.Highly recommended.

2/11/2021 by James D.

Very Ez been using for several years.

2/11/2021 by Nicole

10 years strong, never any problems.

2/11/2021 by Victor Hernandez

Great and easy to use, Pleasant experience for the last two years i have use it.

2/11/2021 by Randy

I've used this online service for federal and state returns for several years with great success. Easy, well thought out process that takes minimal time.

2/11/2021 by Janet

Been using your service over 10 years keep up the great work

2/11/2021 by Jeanne Murray

Easy with plenty of guidance.

2/11/2021 by tony

great tax service for 3rd year

2/11/2021 by Michelle

Thank you ezTaxReturn, you have simplified filing my taxes each year, A friend recommended you and I believe I owe my friend dinner Lol Highly recommended, see you again next tax season. Thank you

2/11/2021 by Barbara G.

Easy to use. Have filed with them for 3 years!!!

2/11/2021 by John Monds

Every thing went great as usual.

2/11/2021 by Robert Kubichek

I've been using this service for the past 3 or 4 yrs its great, easy to understand and well worth the cost. I highly recommend it

2/11/2021 by Brenda Neofotis

Very good experience

2/11/2021 by John

Very Easy....I am 73 and have done my own taxes on ezTaxReturn for the last 3 years. Before I used a CPA that charged me a small future. Found out my CPA did not even know what a non-qualified account even was!! Very happy now...:) It says under this form, check this box if you are a human......what do they think I am a cow???? :)

2/11/2021 by Stacey Van Rossum

Good app and easy to use. I'm satisfied with the experience.

2/11/2021 by Donald Staczek

I have been using ezTax for several years now and it is very easy to use. Never any problems.

2/11/2021 by Michael G Apple

So easy and so worth it. I love the satisfaction and ease of mind.

2/11/2021 by Anthony Lamar

This so easy and hassle free. Will definitely recommend this service.

2/11/2021 by Allen S

I've been using ezTaxReturn for years and I love it! They have truly made it EZ to file taxes.

2/11/2021 by Dave

Friendly and skilled

2/11/2021 by Marilu Aguilar

I've been using ezTaxReturn since 2015 and my experience has always been positive. They are professional and provide excellent customer service and reply clearly and prompt to any questions I have. Using their program is easy and I like that so much is self-populating, saving me lots of time. They are good at communicating the status of my return. They are good at follow up. I would recommend them to anyone.

2/11/2021 by Deseri Albright

Excellent service and very easy to complete. The prices are great. Thank you

2/11/2021 by Kye Bennett

I am very satiisfied with Eztax Return and I would use them again.

2/11/2021 by Timothy and Joan Tacey

Very quick and easy. They guide you along every step of the way. Communication is the best. Any questions I had were answered within 24 hours. I would recommend eztaxreturn to everyone.

2/11/2021 by

I have used others but this is the best

2/11/2021 by Audrey

Very ez'!!!

2/11/2021 by J Jacobs

Fast and easy. Been using for six years and still not in jail.

2/11/2021 by Wendie W

I have been using them since 2013 without any problems. Simple to use with step by step instructions. Kept me up to date with filing status.

2/11/2021 by Patricia

I have use this service for six years. This year after reviewing what I did I realized I made a mistake. I contact you service department, Manny. He was very helpful as well as supportive. I ultimately corrected my mistake myself but he took the time to get back to me and say that it was correct and then if there is anything else he could help me with he would. I am never disappointed.

2/11/2021 by Jana K.

This is the 2nd year I've used the service and I've have been very pleased with the process and outcome. If you're looking for an uncomplicated way to file your taxes, I happily suggest this format.

2/11/2021 by Howard Jackson

Great performance

2/11/2021 by Notsreeah Edwards

I didn't know I had to pay anything. I thought it was free until I got to the end.

2/11/2021 by Carlena White

The process was very easy, but the customer service could have been better

2/11/2021 by Christina Guadalupe

I filed by myself for the first time and, using Ez tax was simple. I will use it again if I have to file and I recommend it with many stars!

2/11/2021 by Reginal P

2nd year using them made it very easy to file their retention of critical information was central to trouble-free filing

2/11/2021 by Chris

Great service and easy to use

2/11/2021 by John Goodison

Quik and easy

2/11/2021 by MW

ezTax was just that.....EASY! U=It was full of useful info. It was quick. The site was efficient. I had no troubles! Thanks much

2/11/2021 by Katharina Greenberg

1st year doing my taxes in over a decade. I liked the step by step questions as it clarified my information and made my taxes make sense. They were very responsive to my process questions. I will use them moving forward. Highly recommend.

2/11/2021 by D. Walker

Third year using EZTax, Love it, wish I had found them sooner!,,,

2/11/2021 by Marilyn

I highly recommend EzRaxReturn. I have been using them for several years for my personal and business tax preparations. They have excellent customer service and I have never had a problem with my taxes. At such an affordable price, why would you go anywhere else to get your taxes done!

2/11/2021 by Angel

It was so easy and they walked me right thorough it. Thank you so much

2/11/2021 by L Bryant

Excellent way to file taxes. Fast and easy. We used it last year as well.

2/11/2021 by Keith

Wonderful experience! Couldn't get anywhere with Turbo Tax.

2/11/2021 by Ron M

Used to spend hours doing tax returns.. If it takes me more that an hour now I would be disappointed.

2/11/2021 by David Goda

Easy, concise; quick response. Excellent Thank Uou

2/11/2021 by Sandra Ritch

I've been using EZ tax for years. it is simple and easy to use is the best thing I found I really appreciate how they made it so easy to use.

2/11/2021 by Crisdy0

Fast and easy

2/11/2021 by Elizabeth

I've been using ezTaxReturn for over 10 years now and I look forward to filing my taxes every year. ezTaxReturn is always straight forward and has explanations for what information is needed. I love this site and will be continuing to use and recommend it as long as I can. Thank you ezTaxReturn for being awesome and pulling forward some of the information from the previous year, it makes filing so much easier!

2/11/2021 by Hal

I have been using EZ Tax Return for a number of years. I could not ask for more with this service!

2/11/2021 by Frank Marino

No one can do a better job

2/11/2021 by Pam L

Excellent service for years

2/11/2021 by Jenny

This is my second year using ezTaxReturn and I've found it very easy and self explanatory. Step by step directions. I receive my refunds quickly with no issues. Would definitely recommend

2/10/2021 by Fred

best service ever..i use them every year, fast and easy..max refunds,and a great price

2/10/2021 by Brenda Owenby

Have never had any problems would recommend to other people

2/10/2021 by Edward Herman

Easy to use. Always thorough and well organized.

2/10/2021 by Addie


2/10/2021 by Douglas Nunn

Easy and Fast!

2/10/2021 by Louise Alston

I found the tax program very efficient and thorough. The program was easy to use.

2/10/2021 by LUIS NIEVES


2/10/2021 by MARY

Easy to use and for me that is the most important thing.

2/10/2021 by Dalmain Wood

Most relaxed preparation I've ever experienced, thank you.

2/10/2021 by Deborah Foy

Easy to use.

2/10/2021 by Rick B

First-time user of service. Clear instructions, Quickly able to fill out needed info. On-line form for data input user-friendly. E-mails received updating tax return status very helpful. ezTaxReturn is a very good product. A+

2/10/2021 by Robert

I have been using ezTaxReturn for a few years. Their service and expertise is some of the best around. I would definitely recommend them to anybody.

2/10/2021 by Maggie

This is my second year filing with ezTaxReturn and it has been outstanding each time! I really enjoy the email notifications with updates regarding my return. I never write reviews but this company deserves it!

2/10/2021 by Ronald Maki

I have used ezTaxReturn for many years now, so does my family. I have always been very satisfied experience using this tax service...I have never had any complaints.

2/10/2021 by Beth Griffin


2/10/2021 by Jason

Fast, easy, and free got to like it

2/10/2021 by Steve Shimel

Always a pleasure

2/10/2021 by Allison Payne

Used every year for 6 yrs. Perfect experience. Always.

2/10/2021 by Joseph Schichl

I've used ezTaxReturn for many years and I have always got a refund also I emailed them when I've had a issue with my return and always got a answer. They were always helpful they are a+ in my book.

2/10/2021 by Debra Willis


2/10/2021 by Cynthia Sinclair

Super simple and fast.

2/10/2021 by Cheryl A Cox

Awesome! I haven't had to file in a long time. They made it understandable and guided me along. Absolutely fantastic!

2/10/2021 by Dana M

Thank you for an easy experience doing my taxes by myself, it was my first time and you made it simple and quick.

2/10/2021 by James Keesler

Have used ezTaxReturn for several years now. Always happy with your service.

2/10/2021 by Angela C.

This is the second year I used this service. Its unbelievably easy and they provide you with step by step instructions. The process was extremely fast and I got my return in no time. I would definitely recommend this service! And I'll definitely be back again next year.

2/10/2021 by Bambi Rogers

First time using ezTaxReturn and I was not disappointed. Simple and easy

2/10/2021 by Darryl E Hatcher

Great Job

2/10/2021 by Aracely

Easy to use and great price!

2/10/2021 by William Russell

Tax preparation was smooth and simple!!!!!

2/10/2021 by David Totten

Really liked your service, thank you so much, I'll be sure to pass on the info to friends.

2/9/2021 by James & Ingrid Flowers

We really appreciate your fast and customer friendly service. You guys are simply the best. Thank you.

2/9/2021 by Tim

I have been using your service for years and it is great. I have recommended you to family and friends

2/9/2021 by Aileen Gutierrez Martinez

I love ezTaxReturn!! I have been using it for years and I can not think of a better peace of mind at year end. Filing my taxes is soo easy, just a very accurate and simple way to do my taxes.. I have never had an issue with the IRS.

2/9/2021 by Gencai Yue

I'm very excited for your work! You always work and respond very fast and very well! I am very pleased with your work!! Thank you very much!

2/5/2021 by Marilyn Flanagan

Thank you, thank you. You are wonderful! Too old to do this myself anymore.

1/31/2021 by Johnny Webb

I have used ezTaxReturn for several years to file my federal taxes. It is easy step by step guidance. If there are questions the information buttons supply answers. Highly recommend.

1/31/2021 by Kelly Huynh

I used TaxAct, TurboTax and ezTaxReturn,.....the one I chose to use for 3 years is ezTaxReturn. It's accurate, honest price, easy to understand. English is my second language, but I can do it successfully! Thank you ezTaxReturn.

1/24/2021 by Aaron

Easy to use!

1/14/2021 by Cindy A

Used ezTaxReturn for years. Always satisfied!

1/13/2021 by Jessica Cignarella

Easiest site to use. Been using it for years. Keeps all your records from previous years. Never a problem ever with my taxes.

1/13/2021 by Jacob

I've done my taxes with this company for the last 10+ years or so and never had any issue, if i did, it was my fault haha. Seriously this is a reliable service and is very user friendly. Thank you for so many years and more to come ??

1/9/2021 by MaryAnn

Very clear and helpful. I did have some questions but will follow up with you this year. Thank you for this service!

12/30/2020 by Edward A Kubicki

I've done my taxes with you for the last eight or nine years and had nothing but success and all of them. I even filed an amended tax form one year because of my mistake and everything went smooth. So I will stick with you ezTaxReturn I am satisfied 100%.

12/13/2020 by Richard

Very good no problems. Will use them next year.

10/29/2020 by Janet

Just like it says: exTaxReturn.

6/12/2020 by Helen

Great job, will use again.

6/5/2020 by Karen

Very easy to use and saves me money. I could not do my return without all the help.

5/5/2020 by William Rankins

Great experience.

4/25/2020 by Robbin Groom

I had never filed on line before. I am extremely happy with ezTaxReturn! They held my hand and walked me through the whole process! I am a sold customer and will do this again next year 2021! One thing that made me very comfortable is that I found you on the IRS.Gov site and it was on their recommendation that I chose you! That alone made the choice much easier to use your service!! Thank You again for all your help!

4/24/2020 by Ronda


4/21/2020 by Bailey

Quick and easy!

4/18/2020 by Kenneth

Possibly the best tax preparation service I used in years. I will be a loyal customer for as long as I have to file tax returns. Thanks for the great group of people.

4/16/2020 by Carl Stepp

It was fast and easy. Everything was covered on my somewhat complicated return. Federal was free and only 19.95 for my state return. Thank you!

4/13/2020 by Chester Kiska

Very pleased with your service. The software was accurate and nice to see your service was free, even for my return which had multiple forms and schedules. Will use again next year. Thankyou!

4/8/2020 by Laura Jolan

I waited until my refund came before submitting an excellent review! You guys gave me the biggest refund I've ever gotten! See you next year!

3/31/2020 by akyce

Very fast and efficient

3/29/2020 by Mitch

Great Service

3/28/2020 by Mary

It never came

3/27/2020 by Patrick G

I was extremely satisfied with ezTaxReturn.

3/27/2020 by Lou

I absolutely love this sight... Every year for ten years I have used these services with no complaints!

3/27/2020 by Mary & Edward Kirwan

Very easy to us and no cost.

3/26/2020 by Emilio

Great service

3/24/2020 by Kim

Very easy!

3/24/2020 by guy heller

Simple filing but does not automatically update capital loss info and no input on form for tax paid to another State. I had to refile an amended form and send it by USPS mail. Otherwise, simple tax filing is very good.

3/23/2020 by Sherman Vines

Excellent service for doing your taxes on-line and will use them in the future.

3/23/2020 by Rebecca

I always use your service, worked for IRS as CET-Correspondent Examination technician. Started in 1984, the last 16 years I was a CET, helping taxpayers solve their tax problems. I retired in 2015 after 31 years, I had already started with your tax preparation after finding your company on the website and even though at first I would do my taxes before hand I just needed them e-filed. After retirement I stayed with you because your an honest tax preparers and I will stay with you.

3/22/2020 by Lee B

We been using eztaxreturn for about 5 years easy and quick we love it so for

3/21/2020 by Denise Bale

Unbelievably easy and accurate!

3/19/2020 by Tracy

Easy, easy, easy. Step by step instructions that are very user friendly. I would recommend this to everyone.

3/19/2020 by Brad lockard

got our money fast and accurate!!!

3/19/2020 by Brian Ezell

I have used this since 2014. I love the step by step guides and the fact that you can file both federal and state at the same time as well as download your tax returns as PDFs.

3/19/2020 by donald

easy to follow guide to complete your taxes

3/18/2020 by Herbert

Great service

3/17/2020 by Nancy Mahoney

This site was very user friendly. Easy to follow & like the way you can stop & finish another day if you need to without losing what you have. Thank you for providing this service!

3/17/2020 by William peay

Yes this was our first time and it was fast and easy

3/17/2020 by Christine

I found this website very user friendly and it's extremely easy to understand and make sure you're completing your taxes correctly. I've used it for all 3 of my young adult kids and I'm getting ready to start processing their returns soon. Highly recommend!

3/16/2020 by rossb

This was the first time I used EZ. I have used 3 other e-file services including the IRS service. EZ was simple to use, clear, and fast. I filed early but they sent my return on the earliest filing date and I quickly received my refund in about 14 days. I'm planning on using EZ next year. rossb

3/16/2020 by Sonsiere Osaze

Very easy to use. Will definitely be a repeat customer!

3/15/2020 by Mark Vega

It was great everything was done just fine. I could have started earlier. Just had personal problems at home. All good.

3/14/2020 by B. Cole

Easy to use and prompt responses to questions about entering info. Price is right too!

3/14/2020 by Ray Oswald

I've used your system for more than 6 yrs, explanations were always easy to understand and have never had any problems.

3/14/2020 by Martha G Bowen

This was my first time to use your service, and I found it to be very user friendly. My return was submitted on Feb. 29 and refund was in my account in two weeks! I will definitely be using your service next year.

3/14/2020 by Tyrone

Fast easy doing my taxes and i even got my return way before I expected

3/14/2020 by Monte

Loved it and its easy

3/14/2020 by Brittany Hilton

Fantastic. Easiest tax filing I've ever done. It was quick and painless - and way better than Turbo Tax. Thank you! Will definitely use this again next year.

3/13/2020 by Nancy

easy, cheaper than the program I used to use, very satisfied

3/13/2020 by Mary-Frances Stone

ezTaxReturn is exactly that! Very easy, inexpensive, and I love the prompts. However, this year a comparison sheet wasn't generated?

3/13/2020 by Nathan Henry

Quick, cheap and easy.

3/13/2020 by Linda

Filing was so easy and my refund arrived quickly.

3/13/2020 by Robin Broughton

Very easy to use and price was great. No more Turbo Tax for me!!!

3/13/2020 by Charles Russell

Quick & East to fill out, amend & File. Filing early, I received my refund within days.

3/13/2020 by Janice Nivens

This is a great service, easy to navigate, very affordable!

3/13/2020 by Tyler Long

This is the first time I used exTaxReturn, I though it was very easy and relatively simple way to do my taxes.

3/13/2020 by Hussam

Easy to file tax with eztax. Continues support till you get your refund.

3/12/2020 by Tom & Aprelle Rawski

This is the 3rd or 4th year using ezTaxReturn... does not take long and asks the right questions and pulling up the forms... hopefully, we'll be using you again next year!

3/12/2020 by Angelika

I have been using this service for several years and am very happy, its easy to use

3/12/2020 by Sal Calabro

Have been using ezTaxReturn for years. They make tax time much less stressful.

3/12/2020 by Hal

Been using you guys for 5 years and so far, no worries, no stress and no problems just fast refunds! Keep up the good work!

3/12/2020 by Dave Pitterle

I have used this service for many years, That alone makes it easier most of my stuff is the same so it's on file and saves me time. Love this eztax system. Federal and state done at the same time. Just got my refund.....

3/12/2020 by Kelly

I use EZTaxreturn every year and I am always happy with the swift and easy filing process. I'm a loyal customer!

3/12/2020 by ANa

Went well

3/12/2020 by Diana

The system was very easy to follow and easy to exit and return to. I loved eztax

3/12/2020 by Z Dossey

Fast service with easy to use program. Short review = outstanding power point presentation

3/12/2020 by Rosa Prince

My first time using your services and it was easy and fast love it . Will use it again

3/12/2020 by lindawerntz

Needed to ask many questions. Staff responded in a very timely and caring way. You have a great help team.

3/12/2020 by Dennis R Balue

This was our 2nd year using eztaxreturn. Very easy to follow and no more stress! Thank You!

3/11/2020 by John S

Consistently happy with exTaxReturn, website is excellent and a question I submitted this year was responded to quickly.

3/11/2020 by Carmen

Was very quick and easy , I've used other returns but this was so helpful through the whole process I will use again

3/11/2020 by Eileen A. Larry

I was happy with the service-the instructions were easy to follow and received my return with no problems. Thank you, Eileen A. Larry

3/11/2020 by J Wallace

Fast, easy and free. Began my 2019 on the Turbo tax website, however Turbo tax was telling me that in order to complete a specific aspect of my return there would be a $60.00 charge which in the end because there was also a state return turned into $120.00. I started a new return on eztax and did not encounter the same issue. Highly recommend.

3/11/2020 by kevin

first time using eztax and it was simple, I only have w2s so it is simple, got my refunds very quickly

3/11/2020 by Mary Le Clair

Filing was simple and worth doing every year now.

3/11/2020 by Toya

I would recommend everyone to file with EZ Tax return. The process was fast and simple.

3/11/2020 by Kathy

Tried Turbo. It was confusing & expensive. Thank you for being honest & upfront. Nice to be led through the IRS forms with you doing the math!

3/11/2020 by PatriciaMcMichael

I was very happy with this service

3/11/2020 by Donna

Super easy! All questions answered and very helpful!

3/11/2020 by ES

I find your site easy to use and when I have questions, I get prompt responses. It would be nice to have the option of contacting a person via phone.

3/11/2020 by Mike Carrier

Easy to use but a little overpriced.

3/11/2020 by David Montez

Easy peesy pie. So easy and quick.

3/11/2020 by Betty Wynn

I have been using eztaxreturn for several years now. I like that it is free to file the federal tax and is very easy to use. This year I decided to also file my state taxes using eztaxreturn. It was so much quicker than me trying to do on my own. I highly recommend using this site!

3/11/2020 by Simone

I have used many efiling apps yet this is far more the easiest

3/11/2020 by Azalee Turner

Very easy. Great way to file.

3/11/2020 by Dave

Fast and easy. I would use again.

3/11/2020 by Raymond

You are simply the BEST!

3/10/2020 by Tim S

Quick and easy to understand.

3/10/2020 by Patsy Irvine

Much easier than the others I tried.I was very, very satisfied

3/10/2020 by Mike Campbell

Was very easy to complete and file my 2019 return. The way filing your tax return should be. Allowed me to receive my refund in 2 1/2 weeks, nice.

3/10/2020 by njoku chid

Am grateful as eztax return was fast and easy to do federal and states taxes.

3/10/2020 by John kemp

I read the great reviews and thought I would try it . A lot of people said that my refund would get to me faster. Well it's taken longer than if I would have done a paper return. It's been over a month and I still haven't received anything. Makes me wonder if there's a mistake somewhere. I wouldn't do this again.

3/10/2020 by JP

Very affordable for my 1st time using it. Can my refund earlier than expected!

3/10/2020 by Carolyn

EZ says it all.

3/10/2020 by Christy

Best tax site I've used so far since 2018. "click on" definitions are very helpful, response time is good, and site is EZ !

3/10/2020 by Hal Kaser

quick, easy, fast returns, reasonable price.

3/10/2020 by Mike

Easy to use

3/10/2020 by J. Pulley

Fast, easy, and affordable.

3/10/2020 by David

Super , straight forward, clear, easy to use. I'll be back next season to file again. Used twice so far.

3/10/2020 by Steve T

First time at filing on-line because my tax situation is a bit more complex. However, I found the process to be extremely easy and straight-forward using EZTaxReturn. Will definitely be using again next year.

3/10/2020 by Gjane

I've been paying a tax consultant $150 a year. Paying just $19.95 for my state tax to be filed electronically saved me a chunck. Now that I'm retired with not a lot of deductions choosing the standard deduction was my best option making EZ File simple.

3/10/2020 by Freda Jackson

Very easy to use will use again!!

3/10/2020 by Richard

My return went quick and painless. My refund was more than I expected.

3/10/2020 by AL

Like that it is easy and cheaper than most on-line services. But sometime the pages glitch and when trying to go back or check a different page you have to re-enter your login.

3/10/2020 by Dorothy Adams

Fast and Easy

3/10/2020 by roland halverson

Quick and economical. Had my refund in about a week. Have been using eztax return for a few years. Will continue to use.

3/10/2020 by Betty Morris

Very easy to use and will definitely use again and would recommend to others.

3/10/2020 by Victoria Jones


3/10/2020 by Azmere Coleman

Quick easy helpful great experience

3/10/2020 by Garry Spann

Just like you said fast and easy!

3/10/2020 by Melissa

This is my second year to use eztax return and it really was easy! The system helped me through each step, and while I am not a computer wiz, I was able to do my own taxes and submit them. Being retired, this is truly a wonderful fast, helpful and easy system to use.

3/10/2020 by joseph gutman

very helpful -timely response. good explanation of issues /great product and more importantly excellent customer service.--thanks

3/10/2020 by Sheila

Fast and easy!!! Wouldn't use any other filing service!!

3/10/2020 by claude

better then I expected was scared to try filling myself

3/10/2020 by JAMES HESS


3/10/2020 by Kevin

I found the federal filing process to be simple. It was for more expedient than Turbo Tax proved previously to be.

3/10/2020 by Elda Radia

Easy, Reliable, and FREE!!!

3/10/2020 by M. Ridgewell

Very easy and helpful. Got my refund within 10 days.

3/10/2020 by Reinaldo

Super fast and easy.

3/10/2020 by Clarence

Very good!!!!!!!!!!!

3/10/2020 by Pauline Reese

This was my first time using the service. I am very pleased with the easy filing process

3/10/2020 by Larry

I have been usingfor about 6 years and no complaints. Fast and easy to use.

3/10/2020 by Don and Donna

We just followed the instructions step by step and all went well. Thank You.

3/10/2020 by Elena

I love using ezTaxReturn and hope to never have to file my taxes using any other provider. Their guide me options make quick and easy to file. It takes me less than an hour to complete both my Federal and State Returns. I highly recommend them to anyone that files their return online.

3/10/2020 by Melody Smith

I have used for years now. This site is safe, fast, easy and have had no mistakes or problems. Thanks!!!

3/10/2020 by Thad Hurd

I thought filing would be free this year for me as it was last year, however it was not. The positive side is that it was fast and easy to complete.

3/10/2020 by Kecia M

Second consecutive year that I've used ezTaxReturn. Each time the process was quick and easy to navigate. I would definitely recommend their service, you will not be disappointed.

3/9/2020 by Kimberlee

So EASY and great returns!!!!!

3/9/2020 by Jennifer

I have used several online filing people. EzTaxReturn was easy, it helped walk me through potential errors, and kept me up to date on the status. I will be returning next year! I was skeptical at first as I had not heard of them, but they were recommended to me by the IRS website. So I gave it a shot because who knows what I need from the IRS more than the actual IRS? I WILL be a return customer next year!

3/9/2020 by penny

very easy to use

3/9/2020 by Edgar S.

Did my own after retirement,started this year but did not not feel right about refund, Used eztax and got $400 difference.will use from now on.

3/9/2020 by Karen L Brunson

Really was fast and easy. Thanks.

3/9/2020 by Nancy Valente

This is my third year using eztax return. The process is fast and thorough. I use the step by step process--it allows me the opportunity to ask questions to ensure that I include the information I need to submit an accurate return. They efile my return--no worries there. I trust them so much that I recommended eztax return to friends. Thank you ez for making tax return filing the best experience ever!

3/9/2020 by Gordon Landis

2nd year using it. Not sure about some things last year, but this year was much easier. Had my return in 10 days.

3/9/2020 by ROBERT

Easy to navigate and use. Makes an otherwise unpleasant task (filing taxes) less painful, especially if you need multiple forms. Will definitely use again. See you next year! Thanks!

3/9/2020 by Donald Hassler

I have used this site for several years now and am very satisfied with it.

3/9/2020 by Kenna

As the name says: easy to file this way & way way cheaper I highly recommend it (unless your tax situation is complicated, of course) I've used this company for the past 3 years with no issues

3/9/2020 by Ruthi

Tried first time last year, I am clueless when it comes to filing but tried and it was easy so tried again this year and it was again easy and it shows how to do it step by step. I sue am recommend it to others.

3/9/2020 by CS

Very easy and quick. I think it was more accurate than I would have done on my own.

3/9/2020 by Crystal Munoz

I couldn't ask for a more easier way to do my taxes. I've used ezTaxReturn for at least five years now and plan on using them for years to come. Thanks.

3/9/2020 by VRivera

Great detail and organized and very helpful and Thoreau made it very easy for me to navigate and answer my questions and add my information

3/9/2020 by Martha Crawley

Fast, easy, and money from the Fed 3 weeks

3/9/2020 by Pat

I had a good a fairly good experience, the ezTaxReturn program was user friendly, my big disappointment was the surprise payment, I wasn't expecting to pay for such a simply return. Now I know.

3/9/2020 by Woodrow

Fast and accurate

3/9/2020 by Judy

I tried ezTaxReturn for the first time and it really was so easy. It took about 20 minutes to do. I filed my taxes electronically & got my Federal refund check in 9 days! Just when I needed it. I will definitely use this again next year to do my taxes. Not only did I get more back, but I got it back quicker than ever and it didn't even cost me anything. ezTaxReturn is amazing!

3/9/2020 by V

Tax experience was extremely simple. Very easy to complete

3/9/2020 by Brigitte

ez to file

3/9/2020 by Mary

It's really easy.

3/9/2020 by VICKIE

Easy especially for Seniors and Free.

3/9/2020 by Hollis Buring

Easy to use.

3/9/2020 by Anthony

Very quick and easy.

3/9/2020 by LK

Quick & Easy

3/9/2020 by Trina Wambold

Very easy to use. I've tried other tax services, but like ezTaxReturn the best. I've used it for a few years now and will continue to.

3/9/2020 by Scott Campbell

I am a retired CPA. Your software was easy to use and the cost was very reasonable.

3/9/2020 by jdog

everything was easy to do and step by step instructions

3/9/2020 by J. J.

Great site for accurate/efficient tax help!!

3/9/2020 by Billr920

Was thorough and helpful, smooth all the way to filing.

3/9/2020 by Brenda

3rd year using. ezTaxReturn is easy to navigate!

3/9/2020 by KAROL K

I've been using them for years and was really disappointed that I wasn't able to use them for my free-file tax return last year. I was thrilled when I was able to use them this year because it is so easy to use and takes no time at all.

3/9/2020 by Shirley Hyman

No surprises. ezTaxReturn does exactly what it advertises.

3/9/2020 by Cindy B

made me feel safe giving my personal information...........quick and easy:)))))

3/9/2020 by Karen G

Quick and easy

3/9/2020 by Rick

Was surprised how fast I got my refund, very happy with ezTaxReturn.

3/9/2020 by Elizabeth Mirabito

Very good

3/9/2020 by John Hott

I closed out a small mutual fund in 2019. I received additional 1099 forms that I had no idea what to do with these forms. ezTaxReturn asked the right questions and I was able to enter all the information correctly (I hope).

3/9/2020 by Steve Z

About as easy as it gets, thanks !

3/9/2020 by David Kesner

Excellent,easy to use and accurate. I have used ezTaxReturn for several years. Always have had a fast refund. Good product

3/9/2020 by Philly

painless! couldn't have been any easier.

3/9/2020 by Julia


3/9/2020 by Steven & Jeannine Stewart

Fast and very easy to file. Took less than an hour on 1/30/20 and IRS received on 1/31/20. However, it has now been 39 days since I e-filed and refund should have been received within 21 days. Impossible to get a live person at IRS to say why my refund is still being processed after 21 days and when we called ezTaxReturn and I was told there was nothing they could do "out of our hands". Don't understand the delay. Completely easy return with no special deductions.

3/9/2020 by Early Wright

Very simple. Took only about 40 minutes!

3/9/2020 by Tammy

Free federal tax return. easy and comprehensive. Would use again and recommend for those with low to medium income single renters.

3/9/2020 by Adam

Was the best way to do my taxes.

3/9/2020 by Cathy

I have used ezTaxReturn for at least 3 years and have been very happy with the process. They help me decide whether to itemize or claim the standard deduction. I also use them to file my state returns even though I have to pay. I trust this program.

3/9/2020 by Cecilia Medina

Excellent tax prep software. Easy to use with FAQs to help along the way. Will use it again!

3/9/2020 by C. Kuntz

This is my 4th year to file my return through ezTaxReturn. The step by step process is simple and easy to follow. I will definitely return again next year!

3/9/2020 by Mary Goodwin

This is the second year i have used ezTaxReturn and it couldn't be easier or more thorough. They walk you through step by step. I'm a senior and I don't have a terribly complicated return but every step, every box is identified and explained. My federal return was completely free but my state was not.

3/9/2020 by Chevona Carey

Very user friendly, I'm very satisfied with this product.

3/9/2020 by MARGIE


3/9/2020 by MCB

Easiest solution for filing!

3/9/2020 by Carol John

Amazing. That is my word to describe the ease and speed of ezTaxReturn. Thank You.

3/9/2020 by Carol Trainor

Easy, Fast, Reliable

3/9/2020 by Antionette Glenn

Everything was processed professionally and my return was on time and corrected as needed thank you.

3/9/2020 by Linda

I've used for several years now and it's easy to use, let's you go through step by step, and I would recommend it to everyone!!

3/9/2020 by Bill Allen

Great program, easy to use and fast response.

3/9/2020 by Jonathan Fortin

I checked and started on two other sites, both wanted so much information I didn't feel they needed, so I kept looking around. No more IRS site for filing, so I checked this site out, and it was perfect. Needed an EZ form, and was able to quickly and easily file my return. I will use this site next year as well, if it is still available.

3/9/2020 by A Clark

Selected from the IRS website, great and easy experience. Will use again.

3/9/2020 by Kathy

Have been using ezTax for several years. Says it all in the name: easy!

3/9/2020 by Kimberly Hart

Made filing my taxes simple and fast. Even when I had many deductions to enter. It walked me through step by step. If I had a problem, I emailed them and they respond almost immediately. Very helpful customer service!

3/9/2020 by Charlene

Excellent, and fast.

3/9/2020 by Jeffrey Hoffman

Quick,easy and have been using it for years.

3/9/2020 by O

Easy to use and lower prices!!

3/9/2020 by Lee

Especially easy when returning each year.

3/9/2020 by MARIO

Been using ezTax Return for over 10 years. Very easy and safe with your information


I have been using eztaxreturn since 2006. Its service is very user friendly. more discounts for returns for continuance use of service should be available and easy to find. Other than that, I'm a loyal customer. And have advised others to do the same. One reason why is because i go thru the IRS and it is a secure website.

3/9/2020 by Ron Lussier

Best thing I've ever done regarding taxes. It was just too easy. Thanks..

3/9/2020 by Jack C

Have used this service for the past two years. Very user-friendly and of course, "EZ". Would highly recommend.

3/9/2020 by Allan

Worked easily and well, I mistyped an I.D. number off of a 1099 and the IRS rejected my form but these folks showed me where the error was and I fixed it and resubmitted in 5 min. I'll be using this next year!

3/9/2020 by BJ Tom

Easy to use the sight. I will use it again.

3/9/2020 by Angel Marie

Never new taxes could be stress free until I tried EZTaxReturn. I won't use the other guys no more now.

43899 by tim krumm

Good software, they will walk you through your return. My only problem is that there is nowhere to show returns from a partnership.

3/9/2020 by Kathryn lopez

I feel confident that I am in good hands. Thank you for providing the best in service.

3/9/2020 by Louise

First time user, a bit difficult to navigate the program. Used another type for years before going out of business. May use this one again since it was free and account is set up.

3/9/2020 by Diane

I've used them the last couple of years. Very easy to use their program. They walk you through the steps. I've received a refund every year.

3/9/2020 by Frank

Found EZTax after i felt i was being gouged for a 2nd year by TurboTax. My first experience with EZTax went so well it will not be my last

3/9/2020 by Kathleen Finnerty

Very easy thorough accurate and I love being able to do my taxes myself because of you thank you

3/9/2020 by Harry Parker

I had no problem till I was ready to file. Got confused on my confirmation number, couldn't find it. Didn't know I had to wait for the IRS to send it. I will use it again next year.

3/9/2020 by Erica

I have used EZ Tax for two years now. It's easy to use and i plan to continue using in years to come.

3/9/2020 by Rose

Easy to use

3/9/2020 by Anne Marie

Eztaxreturn has been my choice for almost a decade. Never an issue with using there program. When I have had questions in the past I was able to use one of their communication platforms and have answers swiftly. Highly recommend!

3/9/2020 by Timothy P. Adorjan

Very very successful, and excellent combined tax return efilings were prepared. Thank you for helping me to do my combined tax return efilings with using of my VITA volumter on my computer. See me next March, next year for efilings with my combined tax returns. See you there.

43899 by Michael McKnight

I guess your servers are at their maximum capacity on weekends. My Federal Taxes were really slow going. I was waiting on the website to respond to my request. I never got your warning GIF that I am not through with my taxes yet. Seems like the last time I used your service is when the client was able to print up their tax returns, they were finish with the process. I may have accidentally deleted your first email letting me know that I had not completed my filing. You were still sending me the type emails that implied that you would like for me to use your service.

3/9/2020 by Kbee

Easy to use, fast, and efficient!! I wholeheartedly recommend their services!

3/9/2020 by Karen

Have used for the last few years and will continue using. Very easy because you can use the step by step option and it takes you through all the questions.

3/9/2020 by Melanie

First year using, found it very easy and cost less. Thanks!

3/9/2020 by Sara clark

Quick and easy

3/9/2020 by Cheryl

Very easy to use. Have been using for a few years now. Very pleased.

3/9/2020 by C.M.

This process was simple! Easy! And saved me lots of frustration and money! Yeah !

3/9/2020 by Dr. Dave

This is the most intuitive software of all the filing programs that I've encountered. It even finds the forms that I miss completing and filing. There's been no software that ever beat the return amount that I have calculated by hand, but yours has for both years that I've used the program.

3/9/2020 by Paul

Very satisfied. Had some problems but all were solved with the people in the help section who were very nice. Have used ez Tax for a few years now.

3/9/2020 by nancyeab

Filing my return was fast and easy. The instructins were specific, easy to understand and and yielded a nice refund for me. The cost was about $250 less than what I used to pay an accountant. Thank you for simplifying this area of my life.

3/9/2020 by Candace

Excellent, have used for 5 years!

3/9/2020 by Tamera

Fast and easy to use.

3/9/2020 by WR

I have been using for several years and it is very user-friendly.

3/9/2020 by James White

ezTaxReturn was recommended on the IRS website. Approaching it with caution, the system made filing our Federal Taxes fast and easy. It helped work through some difficulties created by personal record storage. It helped correct a mistake made in the reporting of information. Pleased with the professional materials and clear process, this tax filing system is highly rated in our household.

3/9/2020 by Bobby

Quick and easy with no deceptions on cost of service. No more Turbo-tax. Their "free" Federal tax return wasn't free.

3/9/2020 by Carol J Krause

Have been using ezTaxReturn for years. So easy to use. Love them!

3/9/2020 by H. Tussing

ezTaxReturn is very easy to use. Will use again next year.

3/9/2020 by Marsha

Been using ezTaxReturn for years. It is an easy and fast way to do your taxes. I would recommend this site for anyone.

3/9/2020 by Hector

The best way to do your taxes.

3/9/2020 by Jeanette

Was easy fast and very understandable. Not to forget very affordable. Thanks, you will see me next year :)

3/9/2020 by Heather

I have used this tax service for the last several years and recommend it to anyone who wants to try to see if they could do their taxes on their own. The first year I did it I compared my refund to the year before having H&R Block do my taxes and I got a couple hundred more back with ezTaxReturn and I didn't have to pay hundreds of dollars to file. I own a home, have children, and student loan debt and ezTaxReturn walks you through how to fill everything out making it super easy and accessible to everyone.

3/9/2020 by Lauri

Have used ezTax 2 years now... happy customer, would definitely recommend!

3/9/2020 by Juan

Second time using ezTaxReturn and it worked out great, fast and easy I recommended to everyone.

3/9/2020 by Frank Marino

Great, will use again

3/9/2020 by GEORGE SIDOR


3/9/2020 by Marlene Mock

Easy to use. Will use again next year. Thank you.

3/9/2020 by Shawnta

Quick Easy and User Friendly!!!! Make doing my taxes every year quick and easy.

3/9/2020 by Sandy Myers

Best online Tax Service. Much Better than Turbo Tax.

3/9/2020 by Ron

Second time I used this site... Quick and simple.

3/9/2020 by Kathy

Very easy to use. Will use again.

3/9/2020 by Dylan

Awesome and Easy !!

3/9/2020 by Doo Pyo Hong

Wonderful! Great!

3/9/2020 by William Lester

Have been using ezTaxReturn for six year and have been very pleased, also I have always said and still say ezTaxReturn has the best customer service of any company I have worked with thank you ezTaxReturn and will see you next year.

3/9/2020 by Estherfil Seminario

This is my second year using it, and it's fantastic. Step by step process makes filling your taxes a breeze.

3/9/2020 by Joseph Fleming

EZ is the best name for this company, because I don't see how they could make it any easier. I will definitely use it next year!

3/9/2020 by Dave

Usually do my own taxes, forced to choose e-filer site this year, chose EZ Tax from the list. The process was easy, mostly self explanatory and relatively quick. My filing uses several forms, the process assembled it correctly and uploaded to IRS easily. Recommend them.

3/9/2020 by Diane Kinder

I have been using EZ Tax for years. Site is very easy to understand and operate. Would highly recommend.

3/9/2020 by Joe Mortimer

Easy and effective, Thanks

3/9/2020 by Angie Shockley

More user friendly than some I've used. First time using this one but will be back as long as you don't change it.

3/9/2020 by BCM

You should state the cost of this service upfront. I thought it was a free until I got to the very end when I was asked for a credit card. I am also a first time user and will be using again next year. Would recommend this site to others.

3/8/2020 by Lynn

Would recommend this site to others. First time user and will be using again next year.

3/8/2020 by Conrodney

Been with EZ TAX for years now. Love them

3/8/2020 by Frank Poth

Excellent! Easy questions with optional help along the way.

3/8/2020 by Barb

As always, excellent service and reasonably priced.

3/8/2020 by Bill R.

Everything went smooth as silk. Very efficient.

3/8/2020 by Josiah

Process is fast and software is easy to use.

3/8/2020 by William pabon

I haven't heard anything from my tax refund or state tax owed!!

3/8/2020 by Mike Schlueter

It was a little difficult determining when the entire process was complete.

3/8/2020 by Melanie mcVay

Pretty easy and reasonable.

3/8/2020 by Ron M.

ezTaxReturn was very easy to use . I was glad to see that I was able to have easy access to the many worksheets needed to calculate my entries.

3/8/2020 by A.S. Altieri

Super easy !

3/8/2020 by Jack B

Easy to use and costs less what could be better?

3/8/2020 by Pat

Wonderful experience.

3/8/2020 by Cliaci

Made my life easier

3/8/2020 by Pattie C

So easy doing my taxes and a fast refund.

3/8/2020 by Michelle R

Very easy to use and very reasonable cost. Have used this a number of years now and keep coming back!

3/8/2020 by Shirley Whitehurst

This was very easy to use. This was my first time using this type program and e-filing. Very satisfied with end result .

3/8/2020 by Dan M

Very easy to use. Got my refund very quickly!

3/8/2020 by Mike Coady

Great , no surprise cost after you spent time working on your return.

3/8/2020 by Eulanda

Easy as could be done from home.

3/8/2020 by Lin

First time I filed with EZ I used my age, 84, in my password. Now, age 90, I still recommend you.

3/8/2020 by Robert

All went well. Smooth, comprehensive and error free.

3/8/2020 by Franklin

I have used this program 2 years in a row. It is very easy and fast!

3/8/2020 by Shirley Wheless

Quick and easy

3/8/2020 by joseph schichl

i'm used eztaxreturn for the last 6 years, they are by far the best, if i jot a question i get a replay real fast. the irs has never question my return.

3/8/2020 by Tanya

I have used eztaxreturn for years and never had a problem. Always accurate and prices are fair.Will use them in the future and recommend friends and family to use them.

3/8/2020 by Esylvia

Very easy to use. There is small fee for filers who want to download a copy.

3/8/2020 by Yvonne Lopez

Easy to use

3/8/2020 by Vance Angle

Very easy to use. Plenty of help if needed. Reasonable prices. Finished our federa and state in less than 1 hour!

3/8/2020 by David

Easy to follow. Easy to file.

3/8/2020 by Marty Garchar

I found your software the easiest of any of the on line versions out there. Thanks

3/8/2020 by Terry

Very easy to file and most of all, it is free!!!

3/8/2020 by Roger Stoltz

Great work

3/8/2020 by Jimmie Bennett

Fast and easy

3/8/2020 by Alicia

Fast and easy. Have used for over 5 years and will continue to use.

3/8/2020 by B & R Condrey

Using for years always pleased so fast and user friendly!!! Fast refunds!!!

3/8/2020 by P Wilson

Easy to use. My first time filing on line.

3/8/2020 by Jesse Williams

I used ezTaxReturn in 2018 and 2019. Simple to use, wish I had used it before that. Will use it from now own.

3/8/2020 by Alfred Morisey

Quick and easy to do

3/8/2020 by AJP

Easy to understand, fast to use, and it is FREE.

3/8/2020 by Ron W.

First time using it, and it was easy to use. Finished faster than the one I had been using.

3/8/2020 by Percy

Fast and very easy to use.I will keep using it

3/8/2020 by James Dye

Have been using Easy Tax for many years. Always easy , quick and all bases get covered . Never encountered a problem .

3/8/2020 by Anna A

Seemingly effortless. I always choose the "hold my hand and walk me through the return" which is quick and gives me confidence that my return is accurate.

3/8/2020 by Sue

It could not have been any easier. Thank you for great service.

3/8/2020 by John S

Almost too good to be true! Instructions were very clear, easy to read, quick to complete. Completed and filed in half the time I was prepared for. Finished so quick it left me without an excuse to avoid doing housework that day. :-)

3/8/2020 by John C

No appointment necessary; returns completed in a single morning. So grateful to be able to do my taxes in the privacy and comfort of home -- an internet benefit! EZ tax's program is comprehensive.

3/8/2020 by Linda

This is the second year I have used this product. It is very simple, asks you all the questions and is easy to move through the process. Highly recommended.

3/8/2020 by Ria Armentpr

Fast and easy!!

3/8/2020 by Dick

Easy to use and REALLY free. Federal and state taxes. Lot's of other services say they are free, but they are not. This one is. I will use again.

3/8/2020 by billmcdonald

fast and easy

3/8/2020 by Victoria S.

Been using this service for many years. Absolutely recommend it. So fast and easy!

3/8/2020 by Fred Corrigan

I did my taxes and they did a great job. it was easy and it worked well. I have received the federal tax money and I'm waiting on the state tax money. thanks for a great service FRED

3/8/2020 by Mel A

Definitely 5 stars. Much simpler and more straightforward than other free-file sites I've used in recent years. This was my first year using ez and I commend them for making it so easy.

3/8/2020 by Richard

The best way to do taxes! You make everything simple.

3/8/2020 by frank g

This is my fourth year using EZ... again, they removed all the guess work for me and provided an easy step by step guide to filing. Thank You EZ!

3/8/2020 by Mary ludke

Easy to use

3/8/2020 by vet

I have used EZTax for 9-10 years both with itemized and standard deductions. Definitely easy. Only objection is that my 2019 tax return is only available without a fee until April, 2020. Seems a little short to me dince my state return is not even due until June. Seems like it should be available n/c until April 2021.

3/8/2020 by jimr929

Very handy. Have used it for 2 years now with no problems. And the FREE price is great.

3/8/2020 by Mike McPeters

We have used eztaxreturn for years. It's easy, efficient, and easy to navigate.

3/8/2020 by Susan curry

We've used eztax for several years and always are telling friends to try it! Very user friendly!

3/8/2020 by Ava F.

Fast and easy, definitely recommend using their site .

3/8/2020 by Rosezeter Mcclain

I have been using EZ Tax return for about 6 years and I will use nothing else. Its easy, accurate and very detailed. I refer all my friends and they no longer use anything else. See ya next year!!

3/8/2020 by Janet

Was done in about 90 minutes. Able to submit return and get it accepted, had refund back in less than a week. My return is simple but have to do it in order to get my refund.

3/8/2020 by Fran Rosinski

Quick and easy. I have used for two years and never had any problems. Highly recommend.

3/8/2020 by Barbara George

Very easy and fast return. Will definitely use service again. Thanks.

3/8/2020 by Kurt

Second year using them; easy, painless, highly recommend them.

3/8/2020 by A.C.

My recent experience with ezTax was the best of any online service that l've ever used. I have been filing online for over 10 years and this was the fastest (filed and received), best priced and the easiest that I have ever seen. I will continue next year!

3/8/2020 by Mary G

I have used ezTaxReturn for years. I am very happy with your service. Thank you!

3/8/2020 by Carol

Very easy program and free for filing federal but not state returns.

3/8/2020 by Robert Fowkes

easy as 3.1715926539

3/8/2020 by Melissa

Quick and easy and very prompt with an answer when i emailed with a question. Definitely will use eztaxreturn next year

3/8/2020 by Alice

Very easy

3/8/2020 by GREG

Have used this for the past 2 years- I am very happy with the results and the ease of filing. Takes the headaches out of worrying about making mistakes and or missing something. ( I pay them to file my State taxes because I appreciate the ease of filing everything together and wanted to donate anyway so they stay the way they are.) Hope you stay the same as you are currently- much appreciated. Thanks.

3/8/2020 by Judi Bergh

This is the second year I have used EZTax as I have never done taxes by myself. I had a few questions this year and they returned my call immediately and resolved my concern. It was very easy to do and I would highly recommend that you use EZTax.

3/8/2020 by Alex

Easy to use and highly recommended.

3/8/2020 by Fernando Escobar

I find the process to file simple, and effective. I've used this service for three consecutive years wihout any problems, or hassles. The return amount has always been what I received.

3/8/2020 by Anne Connors

A well designed, easy to use program.

3/8/2020 by Joe Cotta

This is the easiest tax filing ever! Have used EZTax for many years. It is the best.

3/8/2020 by Candace Kelsey

I have used you service for years. Always easy and always excellent.

3/8/2020 by David R

I've used TurboTax (they always end up charging me), then another free file service (website not well laid out making things more complicated than needed), and finally ezTaxReturn. ezTaxReturn, luckily, I found to be truly easy, and for me, free. If you wish, for ease, state taxes are just a small fee for the convenience. Five stars, truly. Thank you.

3/8/2020 by Cherokee

Phenomenal program to use when filing your taxes. It was fast and easy! I use to use turbo tax and didn't care for it, so I found this one to be better!

3/8/2020 by Nicole Taylor

So simple my teenager probably could have done it!

3/8/2020 by F O'Conlon

Been using ezTax for years, Cannot believe it could get better or more simpler but it does every year. Top Notch ezTax. How long it takes depends on how fast you can use a keyboard. Guess What! It is truly free.. Oorah

3/8/2020 by James Epps

Superb service.

3/8/2020 by Bonnie

eztax is the best I've ever used; that's why I keep returning to it year after year. No complaints - only praise!

3/8/2020 by Cindy

Quick and easy!

3/8/2020 by Sandy

Totally easy and fast. I had gone to Jackson Hewitt And they wanted to charge me $15o for a simple filing which I turned down and went home and did my own and I came up with the same amount for a refund. This is a great way to file!!

3/8/2020 by Lonnie

I have used this service for 6 years and never had a problem with my taxes. I would recommend this site for anyone who has tried other sites and have gotten their return rejected. It's cheap, doesn't take that long, and is easy to use.

3/8/2020 by Rita

Easier than the one I used before.

3/8/2020 by Blanca Colon

Very quick and easy. The system guides one through the whole process and has answers to questions. I received both refunds rather fast.

3/8/2020 by Terri

I like that it takes me step by step; queries me; and gives me time to stop, get information and return. Once you have gone through this a couple of times you are set to go for collecting documents for the next tax season. I also like that keep you updated during the year to talk about changes coming up.

3/8/2020 by Holly

Very easy to use. They were very proactive and answered all my questions quickly. I will definitely use again

3/8/2020 by Jenay S.

Fast and easy!

3/8/2020 by Mark

This is an easy way to file your taxes. The step by step instructions are so easy to follow.

3/8/2020 by David

Very easy to follow ! Definitely recommend!

3/8/2020 by NancySue

Loved the ease of using exTaxReturn. Will use it in the future.

3/8/2020 by Abby

Easy to use, clear and simple, and it imported my information from the other tax program, saving me a lot of time and headaches. My returns are pretty simple so I can't rate it for more complex needs however.

3/8/2020 by Ed Slack

Easy, effective, accurate, fast

3/8/2020 by Karen Haddock

This was quite simple which I didn't mind at all doing. I've always paid to have mine done which usually cost up to $300. I plan to use this method from now on.

3/8/2020 by Michael s FineFrock

It was very good you get your refund fast

3/8/2020 by David Curran

Second year using. Very easy to use and also efficiently processes refunds and/or payments info.

3/8/2020 by P R Downing

With the guide me through option it became very self-explanatory. Ot was easy to use.

3/8/2020 by Joyce Anderson

This truly is EZ and correct. I have used EZTax Return for the last 3 years and have found it easy and affordable.

3/8/2020 by Alan

Very simple to use!

3/8/2020 by Ann

I found ezTaxReturn last year and it made the process of filing so easy and even enjoyable, compared to the very hard process of doing it myself, not knowing if I wrote down the right number or if I made any mistakes. Easy as 1, 2, 3, DONE. I recommend ezTaxReturn highly.

3/8/2020 by Miriam Vidal

i have been using eztaxreturn since 2012 i'm always pleased with the process. it's easy, affordable and very reliable.

3/8/2020 by Rebeca

Love the process

3/8/2020 by Fred Homan

This is my second year. Great service. Took no more than twenty minutes, and it was done.

3/8/2020 by Susan H Franco

Process was easy, thorough, and quick to file. Tax refund was timely Thank you

3/8/2020 by Jenny

Absolutely will use again. So easy and quick

3/8/2020 by Vicki

So easy and helpful. Walks you step by step through the process.

3/8/2020 by Elisa

Easy and fast would highly recommend...

3/8/2020 by Stacy Senase

Thanks for being there for me.

3/8/2020 by LAN

Easy, cheap and very fast! No hidden fees like the other tax preparers.

3/8/2020 by K. Edwards

I have been filing with ezTaxReturn for about 5 years now. Not ONCE have I ever had any issues. They make it simple to fill out everything as well as they are a legitimate business with reasonable fees and you can file your state taxes as well. Amazing company

3/8/2020 by Roberta Chonko

Been using ezTaxReturn for years now and have never had any issues. The best!!!!!!

3/8/2020 by Carol Nelson

ezTaxReturn is so easy to use... and free! I'd recommend you to everyone!

3/8/2020 by S Garner

I have uses program for more than 15 years I believe and it never disappoints fast easy accurate! Aptly named!

3/8/2020 by Jim

I have been using EZ for several years and find their services to be not only excellent but very user friendly!! I intend to use them for my income tax needs for the foreseeable future!!

3/8/2020 by Nancy

Great product!! Easy to use, step by step :)

3/8/2020 by Patrick Van Eyck

Name is truly accurate - ezTaxReturn makes doing taxes simple and fast. I recommend you to all my co-workers every year.

3/8/2020 by Michele

I've been using ezTaxReturn for the last 4 years. I wish I would've known about it sooner. Great price and definitely User friendly. I even have my teenagers using it and they also find it EZ!

3/8/2020 by Karen

first timer--quick and easy :)

3/8/2020 by Joe Katz

Worked as good as TaxAct which I used for years and this is much cheaper. Only problem was not understanding when to download last years info.

3/8/2020 by Edward Mullineaux

This year was a really easy tax filing. Had my refund within a week. ezTaxReturn return was great

3/8/2020 by James

Outstanding service

3/8/2020 by Dennis

Easy to use and no worries when using your exTaxReturn service.

3/8/2020 by William Benton

I found your ezTax very user friendly and the price was unbeatable.

3/8/2020 by Debra Yanko

Year after year I keep coming back. That should explain everything you need to know, reputable, easy, fast and my records are kept year after year!!

3/8/2020 by Joe Southard

Have been using ezTaxReturn for many years always easy love using them and will continue to do so

3/8/2020 by Komlan Gbogbo

My filing process was well-detailed throughout every step. Compare to my previous eFile system used, I really do feel more comfortable with the ezTaxReturn application.

3/8/2020 by Ken Nielsen

I switched over to ezTaxReturn this year because the other site I have used for years has become too difficult to use. This web site is clean and intuitive and easy to use. The only negative that I can think of was that the price was a little higher than I expected but considering the lower stress level maybe it was worth it.

3/8/2020 by Mary Lou Hughes

Been using this service for many years. I keep coming back because it's so easy to use, and it automatically prefills standard info. I always use the option to be walked through step-by-step so I know everything is covered. Thanks.

3/8/2020 by AJ

It does not get any cheaper, faster or reliable as this.

3/8/2020 by Maria Luisa Callelero

It's my first time. My nephew introduced me on your website. He was using it for quite sometimes already and it's really a great help. My brother and I are really so thankful for your site. It was so easy to fill out all the following questions and by just reading and answering the necessary question will lead you to it's purpose. It was so fast and the charge charge was reasonable. I would say that ezTaxReturn really help a lot of people with their needs especially on this matter. Thank you so much for the great help.

3/8/2020 by Kim Blue

It was very helpful and easy it went step by step and i will definitely use again next year

3/8/2020 by Melanie

I went through the site and this was one for which I was eligible. I have used it several times. It is user friendly and free! When I needed help, the contact was readily available.

3/8/2020 by Earl

Easy, simple process. Walks you through each step needed, good easy to understand explanations along the way. Fast completion of Federal return and easy filing. Usually do my State return on ezTaxReturn at the same time, but unable to complete my 2019 State return as this site would not allow me to enter on my State return any of the 2019 estimated payments I had made over the year to the State of CA... so, had to complete my State return elsewhere this year. Otherwise, the Federal and State returns are seamless.

3/8/2020 by Mary H Dennis

I have been using ezTaxReturn for years and am very pleased. Very simple, they guide you step by step. I would highly recommend.

3/8/2020 by Tammie Duncan

Quick and easy process.

3/8/2020 by Mary Dea

It was very straight forward and done easily. I used direct deposit for my refund and received it in one week. I love the fact that I can monitor the status of my tax return.

3/8/2020 by TOM JONES

worked well and no problems at this time and was happy with the costs as the USA want taxes done on line ..

3/8/2020 by Sheila D

I have patronized ezTaxReturn for 9 years and Love IT! ezTaxReturn is reliable and stays abreast of the modified tax laws. in addition, their services are affordable! and I receive my refund promptly!! Finally, I have complete confidence in using their services and have recommended its services to my family members!

3/8/2020 by Paul Cubbage

Almost not confusing! An achievement with taxes!

3/8/2020 by Patricia H

I have used EZTAX for several years now. Their process is quite understandable in filling out my returns. I also use their state tax option and am alway quite satisfied with how easy it is . Any time I had questions they responded in a very timely manner. Highly recommend this tax service.

3/8/2020 by Anna Crose

Fast and easy to complete. Thank you

3/8/2020 by Cameton

Second time using your services. It was just as easy as the first time.

3/8/2020 by Tina Brown

Everything on this site way easy to navigate.

3/8/2020 by Jason Woods