Taxable income we support

We support what most Americans need.

If you have income like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates; go to an expensive tax professional for help. Otherwise, ezTaxReturn likely supports exactly what you need. Our program was designed to make doing taxes quick and easy for the vast majority of American taxpayers. ezTaxReturn supports the following types of income:

Income we support.

  • wages and salaries
  • tip income
  • interest income (taxable and tax-exempt)
  • dividend income
  • refunds of state and local income taxes
  • alimony received
  • self-employment income limitations
  • capital gains and losses limitations
  • IRA distributions limitations
  • pension distributions limitations
  • real estate investment income limitations
  • unemployment compensation
  • social security benefits
  • scholarship and grant income
  • gambling winnings
  • jury duty
  • prizes and awards
  • cancellation of debt

What customers say about ezTaxReturn...

I just completed your federal and NC state returns online. Thank you for an easy to use product. I used TaxACT for previous 2 years and TurboTax before that. This was much easier.

Charity Chriscoe

Garner, NC

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