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Tax preparation used to be a task most people just left to the professionals.  But over the years, tax software has made it easier than ever for taxpayers to prepare their own returns.  In fact, over 71 million people did their own taxes in 2020.  Here are some great reasons to make the switch.

It’s easier than you think

Many first-time filers rely on their parent’s accountant to do their taxes due to their lack of experience.  However, using most tax software requires no prior tax knowledge. makes the process super easy by using simple language and providing step-by-step guidance.  They ask basic questions about your income and expenses, then prepare the necessary forms and calculations.  All your answers come straight from your tax documents.  It’s almost like taking an open book test.  Even those who know nothing about taxes can file with confidence. 

File whenever you want

When you’re paying someone else to do your taxes, you’re on their time.  This means you’ll have to call and make an appointment then wait your turn.  If they’re in high demand, you may be waiting a while.  Doing your own taxes is convenient.  You can file whenever you want from the comfort of your own home.  All you need is your phone, laptop or mobile device to complete your return.  Best of all, you’ll receive acknowledgement from the IRS within 24 hours.  Then you can begin tracking your refund.

Save yourself hundreds of dollars

Hiring a professional to prepare your tax return is much more expensive than using tax software.  The average tax preparation fee for a federal and state return with no itemized deductions is $176.  If you do need to itemize, the price jumps to $273.  Taking matters into your own hands can save you a lot of money.  Most ezTaxReturn customers qualify for a FREE federal return.  Visit for qualifying details.

Learn more about taxes

The best way to truly understand something is to do it yourself.  Preparing your own return will teach you which credits and deductions you can claim to lower your tax bill.  When you use ezTaxReturn to do your taxes, you’ll see exactly how your refund or tax liability was calculated and why you didn’t qualify for certain tax breaks.  This will give you a good idea of how to improve your tax situation next year.  We suggest checking out some of the other tax articles on the ezTaxReturn blog like “What to expect when you file your taxes in 2021“, so you’re informed about the latest tax news.  And if you aren’t already, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.