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When you’re trying to save money, the dollar store can be your best friend.  Typically, you can find quality items with a much smaller price tag.  You just have to know what’s worth buying.  Avoid picking up electronics, tools and knives as they tend to be junk.  Here are some dollar store items that are actually worth your buck.

Greeting cards

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or holiday, greeting cards are a great way to show someone you care.  At many retailers you can easily spend $5 for one card, but you can save money by picking one up from the dollar store instead.  Greeting cards are 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree.

Seasonal decorations

Decorating for the holidays is a big tradition in many families.  Last year, people spent close to $70 getting their homes Christmas ready.  This year you can spend a fraction of the cost by heading to your local dollar store.  They sell lights, garlands, bows and anything else need to turn your home into a Winter Wonderland.

Wrapping paper, bows and gift bags

Giving an unwrapped gift in a plastic bag is tacky.  For about $2 total, you can spruce things up by picking up a roll of wrapping paper and a bow.  The paper may not be as thick as you’re used to, but it will definitely get the job done.  If you hate wrapping, at least pick up a nice gift bag and some tissue paper.

Party supplies

Between dishing out money for food, liquor and entertainment, throwing a get together can be expensive.  One way to cut corners is to buy your party supplies from the dollar store.  You can find a pack of plastic tablecloths, paper plates, favors, balloons and more for $1 each.

Pregnancy tests

There’s no need to spend $10 on a fancy pregnancy test when an inexpensive test will work just as well.  All pregnancy tests are regulated by the FDA and measure the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your urine.  The hormone is only produced when you’re pregnant.  The key difference between a dollar store and fancy test is that the latter may be more sensitive so it can detect a pregnancy earlier.  If you wait until your missed period, you’ll get accurate results with either test.

Reading glasses

More than a quarter of people lose their glasses at least once a week.  The good news is the dollar store sells cheap reading glasses so you can replace your old pair easily.  You can even get a couple backups just in case.

Vases and containers

Christmas and Hanukkah account for 30 percent of all holiday flower sales. Whether you plan to purchase flowers from the supermarket or your local florist, you’re going to need something to put them in.  The dollar store offers a variety of inexpensive vases and containers that can show off your beautiful bouquet.