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Doing your taxes may not be fun, but it can be quick and easy at The online tax filing service has a step-by-step interview process that guides the user with simple language, no tax jargon and no math requirement to get the biggest possible refund. Questions about changes in the taxpayer’s life – such as marriage, children, education, a home purchase or a job change – help to reduce the tax bill and increase the tax refund. Expert guidance probes for forgotten expenses and helps to remind the taxpayer of credits and deductions that may otherwise be missed. By maximizing credits and deductions, the taxpayer lowers his tax bill and gets the biggest possible refund, guaranteed!

According to IRS, using an Authorized IRS e-file Provider is the fastest, most error-free and most secure way to file taxes. And at, there are more options for receiving a tax refund:

  1. Get a refund in as little as 7 days by using direct deposit into a checking or savings account. This is probably the fastest and most efficient way to get a tax refund.  The taxpayer can divide and direct his refund into multiple accounts like a checking, savings or retirement account.
  2. Don’t have a checking account? By using, taxpayers can get their refunds on a new or existing debit card. has partnered with leading debit/prepaid card providers to give taxpayers a convenient and easy way to get their tax refund fast, also in as few as 7 days.  And with a Visa debit card, cash withdrawals and purchases can be made wherever Visa cards are accepted.  Other benefits include online bill payment, direct deposit of paychecks and benefit programs, and card-to-card transfers.
  3. If the taxpayer e-files his return for speed, convenience and safety, but still prefers to receive a paper check by mail; according to IRS a refund check can arrive within three weeks (on average).  If a paper return was mailed to the IRS, expect a check to arrive approximately six weeks after mailing the return.

According to IRS, “e-file is the safe, easy and most common way to file a tax return”. This year, 152 million people used IRS e-file.  And direct deposit is the fastest and most popular way to receive a refund! However, direct deposit to a debit/prepaid card is gaining popularity for many taxpayers, particularly those who don’t have a bank account, or don’t want their refund commingled with the funds in their bank account. Direct deposit to a debit card is a fast and easy way to access tax refund dollars. offers all these choices…and more.