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According to the IRS, more than 152 million tax returns were prepared and e-filed in 2020.  72 million of which were self-prepared returns.  This growing trend towards self-preparation and e-filed returns comes with many benefits including lower cost, greater accuracy and faster refunds. Do-It-Yourself e-filers also get quick confirmation of their returns (usually within 24 hours).  Not to mention, private and secure submission of their personal information (no paid preparer needs to know your personal finances).  Plus, there’s no paper, postage or trip to the post office.

There are three ways to prepare taxes using a computer:

— Purchase a CD or DVD at a retail store or on the web

— Purchase and download software from a website, or

— Prepare and e-file directly on a secure website.

The first two methods (CD or download) are the most troublesome since they require installing software on the user’s computer.  This takes up disk space, requires compatibility with the user’s machine, and is vulnerable to malicious attacks.

If you want easy and secure tax preparation with the fastest refunds, go to an Authorized IRS e-file Provider like They’ll guide you through the process step-by-step while asking simple questions.  There’s no math, no forms and no tax knowledge required to prepare and e-file quickly and easily. Taxpayers who e-file and choose direct deposit will receive their refund weeks earlier than those who still file on paper. Aside from getting your refund quickly, you’ll also save some trees filing online instead of by paper.