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Online tax filing seems simple enough. The taxpayer chooses an online tax service, gathers his tax documents, and starts answering questions that will guide him through the entire tax filing process. All answers are placed on the right forms and schedules, calculations are automatically done, and any tax credits and deductions that apply to the taxpayer will be claimed. Furthermore, the error-check feature in the online tax software will guarantee an accurate return with less chance for an audit. Refunds can be delivered in as little as 8 days with e-filing and direct deposit.

However, not all online tax programs are alike. Hidden fees can quickly add up if the taxpayer initially chooses the wrong product. The first hint of trouble comes on the company’s homepage where a variety of different tax packages are offered. Will it be the Free or Basic package or will it be the Deluxe, Premium, Home & Business, or Business package? If that wasn’t confusing enough, some online tax programs tout their free federal filing without mentioning on the web page that there is an additional charge for a state return or what that charge will be. Other fees can be incurred if the taxpayer started with a basic package and later on decided to itemize deductions, claim tax credits, report investments or claim business expenses.

At some tax preparation and e-file websites, like, there are no additional fees for more complicated returns. There is a set price for a federal return, a state return, and for both federal and state returns. This is the price the taxpayer pays when he is ready to e-file regardless of how simple or complicated the return is. Best of all, there is no need to choose a package, download any software or purchase a CD. The taxpayer just goes to the website and clicks on a button to start a return. It’s fast and easy — there are no hidden fees, there’s no bait-and-switch, and no surprises. is one of the online tax preparation and e-file websites designed to reduce the hassle, stress and high cost of filing taxes. was created by economists and communications professionals to make filing taxes fast, easy, inexpensive and stress-free!