How Do I File My State Return Only (No Federal)?

In order to e-file your state return only, you will need to complete the federal portion of the ezTaxReturn program first, as the information entered there is then carried over to the state portion of our program. Once you have finished entering your federal and state information and reach the "State Bottom Line" page, select the appropriate option and click "Continue" on that page. After you select the "Continue to download and e-file" option and click "Continue", you should reach the "Select Filing Option" page. Here, please choose the "e-file my state tax return only" option and click "Continue."

Once you have selected this option, please continue through the program, answering each question accordingly.

At the end of the program, on the "Final Step!" page, click "e-file My Return" to submit your return to your state.

Note: State only returns cannot be filed for the following states: Alabama (AL), Arkansas (AR), and Mississippi (MS), Arizona (AZ), Washington State (WA) and Colorado (CO). In those states, you must file your federal and state returns together to e-file your state return.

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