Video: Made Payment for Your Returns? Careful! You’re Not Done Yet!

Video transcript:

Sabeena: Honey, I think I finished preparing and filing our taxes, I just made payment!

Greg: Are you sure? Let me have a look, I prepared them using ezTaxReturn and filed for us last year.

Sabeena: I paid! Aren’t we done?

*ezAngel appears*

ezAngel: Did you hit the “e-file My Return Button” at the very end?

Sabeena: The what button?!

ezAngel: Even after you paid, you still must continue to the very end of the program until reaching the “Final Step!” page! You will know we are done once the Continue button changes to the “e-file My Return” button and you click it!

Sabeena: That’s all?!

ezAngel: While going through to the end of the program you will also be asked to enter a License or State-Issued ID. The IRS requests this information to help combat fraud.

Greg: That’s careful of them, makes sense to me!

ezAngel: Before being able to click the “e-file My Return” button the program should ask you to pass a quick “I am not a Robot” reCAPTCHA Test.

Sabeena: I’ve done those “I am not a Robot” tests before, sounds easy (ez) enough! Thanks ezAngel!

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