Video: How to Find Your Prior-Year Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)

Video transcript:

Sadia: Looking at page in program in Signature Section: honey, looks like we need to provide our prior-year Adjusted Gross Income(AGI) when e-filing our return. Do we have it?

*ezAngel appears*

ezAngel: Yes, you have it, see it on Line 11 of last year’s tax return (1040,1040SR). Let me give it to you, make sure that you enter it correctly because if you make a mistake, your return might be delayed in filing as a result.

Sadia: I’ll be sure to enter it correctly.

ezAngel: Please make sure any change amount is rounded to the nearest dollar.

Sadia: I wonder what happens for people that don’t have last year’s tax return?

ezAngel: You can obtain your transcript directly from the website. It’s free too!!

Sadia: I also heard that the IRS has had delays in processing mailed returns in the recent past.

ezAngel: Yep, that is correct. If anyone filed late, paper-filed, or are still waiting for their return to be processed or they didn’t bother filing at all last year, they should just enter $0 as the AGI.

Sadia: I will tell my friends about the three options: - Find it on Line 11 of last year’s tax return (1040,1040SR). OR - Go to the website OR - Just enter $0 as the AGI

Sadia: Ok, we are all set, I e-filed our return on

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