Video: What Is a W-2 and How Do I Use It?

Video transcript:

ezAngel: Now that the holidays are over, I could really use an extra chunk of change! I can’t wait to get my W-2, so I can file my taxes and get my refund.

Amira: What is a W-2?

ezAngel: A W-2 is a form that you get from your employer that summarizes your income, and the taxes they already paid to the government. It also contains all the important information you need to fill out your tax return.

Oh yes, that form! I got that in the mail the other day.

That’s great! It’s only the middle of January so your employers are on top of things! Employers usually have until January 31st to send employees their W-2.

Amira: Does everyone get a W-2?

ezAngel: If an employee has worked and earned more than $600 for the year or had taxes withheld from their pay, then yes, they should receive a copy of their W-2.

Amira: Will I get a guaranteed refund?

ezAngel: Most people get a tax refund, but it isn’t guaranteed. If you did not advise your employer to pull enough taxes out of your paycheck, you will owe money.

Amira: How do I file my taxes?

ezAngel: There are 3 main ways to file: Hire a tax preparer, fill out Form 1040 or 1040-SR by hand or file online using tax software like I do.

Amira: I’ve never used tax software before, is it easy?

ezAngel: Yes, you just enter your W-2 information on the corresponding lines in the program. Make sure you round the change to the nearest dollar and always double check your entries.

Amira: Where do you do yours?

ezAngel: I go to It’s fast, easy and I get the biggest possible refund, guaranteed.

Are you ready to start your return?