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Tax Facts and Money Matters
April 2019
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Last-Minute Tax Filing Tips
Listen up procrastinators, you’ve avoided your taxes for long enough. But don’t worry, we have some tips that can make the process as painless as possible.

How to Protect Yourself at the ATM
Flipping your PIN number won’t work but here are several real world strategies you can use to better protect yourself when using the ATM.
Everything You Need to Know About Tax Refunds
During the year taxes are withheld from your pay. If the amount withheld is more than your liability you’ll receive a refund. There’s more you need to know.
12 Ways to Get Out of Debt Faster
To eliminate debt, you just need to make a plan and follow through. Here’s how you can pay off your debt quickly and regain control of your financial life.
What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Taxes?
Tax Day is April 15th. If you owe the IRS and miss the tax deadline there will be consequences. Not just the typical penalties and interest either.
21 Must-Watch Tax Movies
We’ve come up with a list of 21 must-watch movies that involve taxes in some way, shape, or form. Have you seen any of them?
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6 tax credits that can save you thousands
Tax preparation checklist
5 things you didn’t know were tax deductions
Eight Facts to Help Determine Your Correct Filing Status
4 great reasons to e-file your taxes
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