February 2018 Newsletter

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7 tips for becoming a better saver
Having a healthy savings account is essential to avoiding debt and achieving your financial goals. If you’ve tried and tried and still find it impossible to save, we have some simple tips that can help.
9 travel apps you need to download before your next trip
Traveling is a great way to relax and rejuvenate but you can run into a few hiccups if you don’t plan accordingly. This is where your handy dandy cell phone comes in. By downloading the right travel apps, you can ensure your trip goes smoothly.
How to completely ruin your Valentine’s Day date
Not everyone hits a home run on their Valentine’s Day date. It’s very possible that you’ll strike out because of something you might say or do. Here are some ways you can accidentally ruin your date and how to avoid making a mistake again.
What are the best apps for first-time investors?
Dipping your foot in the investing pool for the first time can be nerve racking. The good news is there are some apps on the market that make investing easy for beginners. You can start small and learn along the way. Here are our top picks.
4 ways to get a faster tax refund
Uncle Sam has held on to your money long enough. Get the fastest possible refund when you do your taxes this year. We have 4 tricks that are guaranteed to speed up the refund process.