Tax Tips


Tax tip 1: Investment income includes interest and dividends. This article will focus on these two important types of taxable income as well as ways to minimize your tax liability and maximize your tax refund at tax time.

The Ins and Outs of Taxes on Investments: What You Need to Know


Tax tip 2: A crucial part of doing your taxes is understanding what is deductible, so you don’t pay more taxes than you should. In this guide, we will explain what tax deductions are, how they work and what’s available to you.

The Complete Guide to Tax Deductions


Tax tip 3: Distinguishing what income is taxable and non-taxable impacts your taxes. With a lower taxable income, you pay less income taxes. There are several ways to reduce your taxable income.

Taxable and Non-taxable Income


Tax tip 4: Understanding how tax audits work and how to prepare for one is a critical first step to solving the mystery of getting an audit letter from the IRS. Knowing this gets you on the right track to getting the right help.

Choose the Right Tax Audit Help


Tax tip 5: Updating your address of record on your tax return depends upon the status of your tax filing. Here is the information you need to change your address.

Change Home Address on Your Return


Tax tip 6: Whether or not a college student needs to file their taxes depends upon certain IRS requirements such as their earned and unearned income thresholds.

Tax Filing Requirements for College Students


Tax tip 7: What documents and files do retirees need to gather before they start their tax filing. To further reduce any tax time stress, we have your answers here.

Tax Filing Requirements for Retirees


Tax tip 8: To know whether or not a dependent needs to file their taxes depends upon them meeting certain income criteria and specific circumstances.

When a Dependent Must File a Tax Return


Tax tip 9: For those who need to file by mail, you can find a helpful list of mailing addresses here with our expert resources at today.

Where to mail a state tax return


Tax tip 10: Want to know how to file your state tax return only without having to file a federal return? We provide an explanation to e-file your state return online only.

How to file a State Return only


Tax tip 11: You may be ready to file your taxes and get your refund but you may be wondering where is my W-2? We are here with the information you need to find that answer.

What happens if you're missing a W-2?


Tax tip 12: You live in Colorado and filed your taxes, now you want to track your state refund. We have the resources you need for that right here at today.

How Do I Check on my Colorado State Refund?


Tax tip 13: Want to know how to track your California State Tax refund? Learn how to check your refund status online and find answers to FAQs about refund processing times, delays, and unexpected changes. Plus, get details on requesting a replacement refund check if needed with this article on today.

How Do I Track My California State Refund?


Tax tip 14: Curious about tracking your Illinois State Tax refund? This guide shows you how to check your refund status online with the IDOR. Find out about processing times, what to do if your refund doesn't match your return, and tips for getting your refund quickly through e-filing thanks to the team at

How Do I Track My Illinois State Refund?


Tax tip 15: Want to know how to check the status of your Maryland tax refund? Our article will show you how to use the Maryland Tax Refund online tool. Find out about processing times, reasons for refund adjustments, and tips to avoid delays in receiving your refund. We have the answers for you when you need them, at

How Do I Check the Status of My Maryland Refund?


Tax tip 16: Looking to find the status of your Arkansas State Tax refund? This resource article explains how to check your refund status online using the Arkansas Tax Refund tool. Discover processing times and the reasons behind potential delays in receiving your refund. Find the help you need at

How Do I Check My Arkansas State Refund?


Tax tip 17: Need to change your address with the IRS for your tax return? Discover the step-by-step process to update your information, including filing your return with your new address, completing IRS forms, writing a letter, or contacting the IRS by phone. Ensure you stay connected with the IRS and receive your tax refunds and notices at the right place. The help you need and when you need it at

How Do I Change the Home Address Associated with My Return?


Tax tip 18: Want an update on the status of your Arizona state tax refund? It's easy! Visit and follow the simple steps: enter your Social Security Number, choose your filing status, enter your zip code, and select the tax year. Click 'Check Status' to get the latest on your refund. Learn more about processing times, possible delays, and why your refund amount might differ from your expectations in this helpful article on

How Do I Track My Arizona State Tax Refund?


Tax tip 19: Here’s a hassle-free way to track your Alabama state tax refund online with ALDOR. Just visit the provided link, enter your social security number, tax year, and expected refund amount, and you're on your way to checking your refund status. Find out how long it takes to process refunds and what to do if your refund is delayed or taken by another government agency in this informative resource article found at

How Do I Track My Alabama Tax Refund?


Tax tip 20: Having earned minimal or no income last year? Find out why you can't e-file your federal return and learn the simple process to add $1 of income, allowing you to e-file without any hassles. Get started now!

Why Can’t I E-File My Federal Return?


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